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  1. Thanks Guys Looking Forward to it... Been reading Stereo Review/Sound and vision since I was old enough to Read haha, Always messing with electronics and enjoy all of it
  2. Hey Everyone, My current Setup 65inch Samsung LED Integra 9.9 Pre-Amp Integra Blu Ray Player Rotel 1095 Pure A/V Conditioner Direct TV HD DVR PS3 Acer Quad Core CPU Klipsch Ultra 2 5.2 Setup Klipsch Sub Amp Crown XPS2500. 2400x1 Cerwin Vega Earth Quake x2
  3. Hey Everyone My Name is Scott, I'm from Chicago and have been a huge Audio/video addict for as long as I can remember, I'm 29 years old and just looking to make some new buddies that share the same passion... Any input or comments on my current setup would be greatly appreciated... Thanks guys!! 65inch Samsung LED Integra 9.9 Pre Amp Rotel 1095 Power Amp Integra Blu Ray Player Pure A/V Power Conditioner Ps3 Acre Quad Core CPU Directv HD DVR Klipsch ultra 2 Running 5.2 Klipsch Sub Amp All Monster "M" Wiring and banana plugs "very expensive lesson learned " Also I'm running Crown XLS2500 2400x1 &4ohm Cerwin Vega Earth Quakes x2 I usually only Turn these on when I want to Crank up some Music orCertain Scenes of movies
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