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  1. Ha! No, I could never spend that kind of money on a sub! My budget is about 1k max , and that is more then I initially planned.
  2. I have never heard the sw-115 but have heard good things. I however have owned the sw-112. And to be honest as I sure you have read before. One notey, boomey, not tight at all. I can't imagine the sw-115 being night and day better. Better? Probably but huge difference, doubt it. I have owned a few Svs and while they are not my top choice anymore (diy is) they are fantastic subwoofers. I would bet money that the PB-2000 will beat the Klipsch in output at 18hz as well as being a much cleaner sounding sub in general. My two cents of course without actually hearing either subwoofer. Lol I know that's funny. I have however been around the block in the sub search over the past two years on my road to happiness in the bass department. I have seen some user reviews where they went from the SW-112 to the SW-115 and they do say it is a huge difference. I emailed Audiogurus about purchasing the SW-115 or the SVS PB-2000 from them, they have good prices and said I could get another 10% just by liking their Facebook page. They were very helpful and emailed back ; (this is just part of the email) .....the Klipsch SW-115 will be one of the most economical solutions that still play well down to 18Hz - particularly for mid-sized rooms. It will do very well for movies and games, but if the room is fairly large you may want to go with a pair of subs or one of Velodyne's Digital Drive series to get the deepest bass notes to fill a large space. Getting under 18Hz with very high power does come at a higher cost though.... .....I've heard the SW-115 in a 16' x 22' room and it performed very well...... I will say Mike at Acoustic Sound design does have good prices but he is not very helpful and seems bothered to answer any questions or help someone out, maybe he just doesn't know and just sells the things. I have had much better experiences calling and emailing other companies, they were more very friendly and willing to help.
  3. That would be a good deal - i wonder how much to ship! Why are you getting rid of them?
  4. Ok, so I was recommended the Premier Acoustics PA-150 subwoofer. I received the subwoofer and I don't know if its just me, but I don't really like it. It is loud and does a good job at mid frequencies but it seems it really suffers on the lower end from about 35hz down. When it gets that low I don't think it sounds that good, a bit boomy and muffled - almost annoying. So now I am thinking about swapping it out, I have a couple models I have narrowed it down to; Klipsch SW-115 and SVS PB-2000. My mains and center are Klipsch so I figured the SW-115 would be a perfect choice, it also got some good marks but I haven't found an in-depth review. Just seeing if anyone has any opinions or experience between the Klipsch SW-115 or the SVS. I am after clean bass that is usable in the lower frequencies (18hz to 20hz) more than I am for a super loud sub with questionable bass. I am leaning toward teh SW-115 since my mains and center are Klipsch. Mains: Klipsch RF-62 II t Center: Klipsch RC-62 II Surround: Mirage (for now) AVR: Sony STR-DN 1050 Sub: PA-150 (for now) Thanks!
  5. Looks like both the SVS PB-1000 and the Rythmik Audio LV12r has lower end output than the PA-150. My goal was to get the lowest output I could for Home Theater with a clean tight sound staying under 600.00. Hard to say without listening which would be best. I have a fairly large room to fill. I really want low output, clean and tight response since this setup is 90% movies and games (and TV). Maybe I should increase my budget to get what I am after. I would rather increase the budget and put the money toward an awesome sub the delivers clean lows than spend $400 on a sub that doesn't give me what I want. The PA-150 won't arrive until Thursday so I have time to do more research and see what the return options are. I bought the sub and the Klipsch speakers from Mike @ acoustic Sound Design. Again,he recommended the PA-150 and I did ask him if this was the best sub capable of producing the lowest frequencies for $600 or less and he did say 100% yes - maybe they just don't deal with the other subs that could do better.
  6. I did order it, got the PA-150 for 399.00 shipped. I spoke to Mike at Acoustic Sound Design and asked if this was the best sub for under $600 (the max I wanted to spend on a sub) for clean and low bass I could feel - he said 100% yes. I suppose I could return it if I'm not happy but yea, I want to feel the bass in movies. I also will still have my Infinity sub hooked up. I really couldn't find any sub for under 600 that had great db in the lower HZ. All the others on that list were >1500 dollars. I would love one that performed well in the 12-16hz - I just don't think they are under 2k. Do you know of any?
  7. Found this link that was helpful http://forums.audioholics.com/forums/subwoofers/78068-audioholics-subwoofer-measurement-data-compilation-report-4.html
  8. Yea, I did notice that it didn't much out lower than 20hz - but I didn't really see any subs better in the 600 or less price range (600 would be my max). I can get the PA150 for 399.00
  9. I think I'm also going to order the Premiere Acoustic PL-150 sub-woofer, should go nice with the Ref speakers.
  10. Yea, this forum was a big help and helped me get some great speakers while saving me a ton of money! I can't wait till they get here! Should be here next week - free delivery.
  11. Thanks everyone! I just spoke to Mike at Acoustic Sound Design! He was very helpful and answered all my questions. So now I have a pair of the Rf-62ii (2x) along with the RC-62ii on its way! The price couldn't be beat so it was a no brainer. Thanks again for the recommendation. Now I just need to return the Icons to Best Buy .
  12. Thanks for the advice, that seems like it may be the way to go and not much more than I already planned to spend. I will call Mike tomorrow and see what I can get. I will update with what I get. Dreadneck13, Where are you located?? Most would jump in and say yes, but only you know how much you can afford to spend?? I suggest you list where you are and see if a forum member with a reference system will invite you over for a listen. How big is your listening room?? Used Heritage sounds even better and can be had for even less if you have the space and your wife doesn't mind the look. Roger I am in South Florida, I have a decent size living room and it is open to the kitchen and front entrance. I have a large wall with a 70in TV and plenty of room for any size speakers. I'm not against spending some money I'd rather spend 1500 on something awesome than 900 on something that is ok. I want to make sure I am not just tossing money away though and that the difference is worth it.I want to get the biggest bang for the buck!
  13. I just bought the Icon f-28 and I was going to get the Icon center speaker (Icon 5 1/4). I can get everything for under 900.00 (l/r and Center) I watched a movie with the f-28 and it was awesome! Bass rumbled, clear highs and mids - and that is with my old center speaker. (even my wife was amazed) So now I'm thinking - is it worth the extra money to return the Icons to get the Klipsch RF-82 and the Reference center speaker RF-52. That would cost me about 1500 - 1600 vs 900 I would spend on the Icons. That's a big difference! So is the sound a big difference? So does anyone think the price difference is worth it. I haven't heard the reference, I do know the Icons sounded awesome for the movie.
  14. Thanks everyone! I appreciate everyone taking the time to offer up some advice on the topic. Looks like there is no definitive small vs large and it boils down to seeing what sounds best. I am going to try both; first setting at Large and listening to some intense movie sections then I will try small and set the crossovers to the center and rears, starting at 80 (but I think i get a cleaner dialog if I set it around 90 or 100.). I will report what works best for me. And yes to confirm - this setup is mainly for Movies and games - I'm even thinking about getting an Epson 3d projector down the road! A couple things from the responses: I didn't see a double bass option in my receiver (Sony STR-DN 1050 )but I did see something called Dual Mono with 3 options: 1) Mains 2) Mains and Sub 3) Sub - but it sounds like to me that this is for signals recorded in mono, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the bass management. On the back of my Sub there is a switch for Low Pass Filter with an option or on/off. I imagine if I switch it on then my sub is handling the crossover and if I switch it off I am letting the Receiver handle the crossover (or bass management). There is also a crossover setting knob on the sub and I have that all the way up. So, can I leave the LPF on the sub off, so the receiver handles it, even if I set the mains to large (which then have no crossover for me to set) My sub: · Frequency Response(-6dB): 28Hz-150kHz · Internal Subwoofer Amplifier Power: 400 Watts with proprietary Bass Optimization System · Crossover Frequency(ies): 50Hz-150Hz; continuously variable. · Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms · Low Frequency Driver: 10" (250mm) CMMD, Dual 10" (250mm) CMMD passive radiators
  15. Awesome, thanks for the help. Yes mainly Movies and Games. I have the KF-28 set to large now but I was reading some post that said set large speakers to small and then use the crossover settings. I didn't think I would need to do that because keeping them at Large I get more sound from the speakers and the Sub will still receive bass via the LFE. BTW- you have some awesome speakers! The LaScalas.
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