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    Klipsch 2x RF-7 II, RC-64 II, 2x R-115SW, 2x RS-62 II, 2x RB-81 II
    Marantz MM8077 Power Amp, AV7701 AVR, UD7007 Player
    OPPO BDP-105D Player

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  1. Well, great news. I changed the house WiFi to 5 GHz and haven't had a single burp since. I'm super happy with the results, and life is great!
  2. Really appreciate the feedback and ideas. I'm gonna try hard lining the subs to see if I can eliminate any of the audio components as the source of the problems. I do play audio from my computer from time to time to the AV receiver via an ASUS Xonar U7. Hopefully this experiment will point to wireless interference rather than the music sources. Metropolis, I too have experienced the sub threshold behavior. I'll have to run tests to see when they are silent or not. Thanks again everyone for the support.
  3. Got my 7.2 system set up <huuuge grin>, and am experiencing an interesting behavior of my dual R-115SW with the signal being delivered via the wireless WA-2 subwoofer kits. Every now and then, when nothing is playing, I'll hear a strange and very low "burping" (perhaps 3 or 4 short bursts of low frequency blips in rapid succession and then nothing). I'm wondering if it's because of the frequency spectrum used by the WA-2's. 2.4GHz is pretty busy in my area. I enjoy the convenience of the wireless adapters for the subs. For now, I just turn off the subs when not in use. Anyone else have this experience?
  4. Hey there. My first post/reply on the forums. I've been enjoying my RF-7 II's, and have been driving them with a Marantz MM8077. I've tried two paths so far: Path 1: OPPO BDP-105D through XLR to Marantz MM8077. Result: wicked awesome sound (although even at volume 1 on the OPPO, the details are quite audible) Path 2: OPPO BDP-105D through HDMI to Marantz AV7701 through XLR to MM8077. Result: the "Music" mode is too heavy on bass. The "Pure" mode is better, but quieter than Path 1. Either way, I'm extremely happy with the performance of the RF-7 II's. Everything (even at loud levels) is performing well. I don't know how much more I can crank it without breaking the glass in my house or my eardrums... ;-) I'm going to expand the system to a 7.2 over the next week or so. Had to figure out what speaker stands to put the remaining speakers on! Haha.
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