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  1. Tried speaker inputs, but same result. The volume knob does change the little bit of sound.
  2. Fuse looks good and has continuity. What are my options for repairing the amp? I'm not in a large city so unlikely to be any local options, do you have any recommendations? Am I better off just putting money towards a new sub rather than try to repair this one?
  3. No buzz on the buzz test, couldn't hear anything when I would touch the RCA posts. wuzzzer, not sure on the frequencies, if there is a better one to try I'm happy to.
  4. Negative on that, was part of a set I received from friend but he hadn't even had the sub connected in years. Probably 15 years old.
  5. I was using "Ultra deep bass test" on youtube, should be hitting those low ranges pretty strongly. For connection I've tried the following: Denon AVR-1706 receiver sub output -> left/right RCA in puts on sub and... iPhone -> lightning to 3.5mm -> 3.5mm to left/right RCA inputs on sub Identical results for both, very quiet and muffled sound. The receiver does have a sub option and I've made sure it's on, the front speakers were set to large so I changed to small but no change.
  6. Anyone aware of issues with the RW-8 being extremely quiet? With the volume turned all the way up and all my other speakers unplugged I get only a very quiet sound and slight vibration. Phase is at 0 and crossover knob is in the middle. I'm new to audio stuff so not sure where to start on troubleshooting but I assume the plate amp is the source of the issue. Both my receiver and iPhone as inputs have the same issue. Any suggestion on things I could try?
  7. I've tried a laptop and a phone as my source, and two difference receivers. It is producing some sound, when I have the receiver do a speaker check and it cycles through each speaker I do hear the sub grumble. All the other speakers are set to small as well.
  8. The room is about 10x20, I literally have to put my ear inches from the sub to hear anything. I did adjust the receiver to recognize the sub, as well as give it a boost of +15db in addition to the volume on the sub being all the way up. I don't see any high level output on the sub, just in. I'd eventually like to use all this why my center/floorstand speakers if I can figure out what's wrong.
  9. synon

    RC10 issues

    My new to me RC10 center speaker sounds muffled, not crisp at all. It has dual 4" speakers, however they do not sound symmetrical. The right speaker puts out more volume and more mids/highs, the left speaker more lows at a lower volume. Is this normal??? It doesn't sound quite right to me, at least on it's own with no other speakers hooked up. I visually inspected the crossover, nothing leaking or bulging, but beyond that I'm not sure how to troubleshoot the problem. I did switch the speakers with each other, same result, could this be a problem with the crossover? This is my first time owning a center speaker, so I'm not sure what I should be expecting out of it. Receiver is a Denon AVR-1706.
  10. I recently acquired some new speakers from a friend, one of those is a RW-8. It had been several years since he used it, but he said it worked great. Power light comes on, but it's extremely quiet. I've tried the LFE port, a mono cable to the left or right channel, and a Y-cable to the L/R channels which seems to be the best, but even when I turn the volume knob on the sub all the way up it's very difficult to tell it's producing bass over the other speakers (bookcase KSB 1.1). If I disconnect the bookcase speakers and only have the sub connected, I can turn the volume on the receiver up and get some decent sound out of it, but as crazy as it seems... I don't want to listen to JUST the bass. I've maxed all the volume controls for the sub on the receiver as well, and the sub still barely audible over the other small speakers. Any suggestions? I only know the very basics, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here. I'm using this with a Denon AVR-1706 receiver, I've also tried it with a Sherwood RD-7106 with the same result (connected to sub pre-out).
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