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  1. Thank you all for great inputs and comments. The reason I just want to go with one 12" (at lease for now) is because my wife does not like too much bass. Many people on this forum would perhaps understand my situation. So to keep peace with my wife I am fine with one, preferably 12inch So far I have suggestions for: Newer model of
  2. I am looking for some recommendation for a sub. Really appreciate if you guys can share your thoughts and help me pick the right sub for my setup and requirements. Here are the details: My speakers setup would consist of: - RF-62 II for front LR - RC-62 II for center - RB-61 II for surround - Marantz SR7008 Receiver My room is around 20ft x 15ft with three side walls and one side open to kitchen. I am looking for a single sub, 12" between $400-$600 range.
  3. The other decision left now is which subwoofer to buy for the setup. I will search the forum
  4. Based on the comments, I am planning to go with SR7008 frome A4L. They have it for $899 and $60 for 3 years of warranty from New Leaf service pro. http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/marsr7008/marantz-sr7008-9.2-network-home-theater-receiver-with-airplay/1.html#!warranties Does anyone have any experience with their extended service plans? Are they any good?
  5. @@MetropolisLakeOutfitters - Thanks for the information, I will avoid abesofmaine then.
  6. @@IbizaFlame, @@MetropolisLakeOutfitters, @@Scrappydue, @@Schu, Thank you for your inputs, I think I should get a SR7008 based on your comments. I am looking for the best place to buy now possibly with 3 year warranty. So far what I see is A - $960 (refurbished with 3 year warranty) - Accessories4less.com B - $1099 (new with I think default 3 year warranty) - abesofmaine.com C - $1199 (new with 3 year warranty) - safeandsoundhq.com Does anyone have any experience with abesofmaine.com? And is it worth considering the new vs. the refurbished when the price difference is $140 between them?
  7. @@IbizaFlame, @@Jim, @@Schu, @@Scrappydue, @@MetropolisLakeOutfitters, @@FuzzyDog, @@K5SS, @@wvu80, Thank you guys, this forum has proved to be a wonderful resource for me and I am really thankful for your inputs. I want one final advise, which one of these two receivers would you go with? - SR6008 - SR7007 Considering there is only $100 difference between the 7007 and 6008. Which one do you guys think would be better with RF-62 II Surround 5.1 setup? The 6008 being the newer year model contains some new features whereas the 7007 have more power. I don't plan to update my speaker for a long time so which receiver would work better for the current situation? Please share any thoughts you may have to compare these models. I plan to make the final decision soon.
  8. Thank you all for the suggestions and replies. Based on the recommendations, I think I should go with Marantz. I am still not sure which one though. Below are what I am considering: - SR6008 - SR6009 - SR7007 - SR7008 Am I right in assuming that the sound quality would be more or less same in all these models? The obvious differance that I can see between SR6000s and SR7000s is of the channels and power per channel. Also that the newer year version for each of these series offers wifi/bluetooth. Please help me decide between these receivers.
  9. I am really tempted to get the Marantz (SR7007) one . Does anyone have any experience with the refurbished units? Do they work well specially because the warranty is only for a year? The Yamaha A1020 also seems good, anyone have any experience with this model?
  10. @@wvu80, Thanks for the advise, I searched more about 727 and found a lot of people complaining about the HDMI problem. You are right and I am passing on it.
  11. Thanks for the response guys, I really appreciate it. How about Onkyo TX-NR727 ? I am hoping I can get something good in around $500 budget but if there is a better deal than I am ok to spend little more.
  12. Derrickdj1 & Willland, thanks for the reply. I am located in the SF Bay Area, California. Any particular receiver model that you would recommend from the above mentioned Brands?
  13. Hi, I am new to the forum and need some help setting up a home theater for watching movies as well as listening to music. I want the advise on which receiver to buy for powering the RF-62 II 5.1 setup. I tried the Sony STR DN840 but wasn't happy. My budget is flexible and really depends on what would work best for the setup. Can you guys please recommend which receiver would work best for the setup? Thanks for the help in advance!
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