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  1. Thanks for all of the great info! I'm going to list them locally and see what happens.
  2. Hey guys and gals. I have upgraded my speakers and now I have a full set of 3's to sell. They are in like new condition and I have owned them since new. 2 RF-3's, 2 RS-3's, and 1 RC-3 in ebony. No scratches or dents. The only visible wear is on the RF's grills. I have moved them around the country a few times over the years. I have no idea what they are worth now a days. Any input or offers would be great. I'll post some pics over the week.
  3. I have been leaving it on, but now I have the auto feature working. I don't need to use a y adapter. I have 2 sub outputs on the receiver and after I calibrated it last night it sounds great!
  4. Thank you for all of the input. With all of your help I did solve the auto on issue. After digging in to the setting for the sub. I found that after the auto calibration the sub output was at -10 db. Which wasn't enough to wake up the sub. My settings are the usually THX type settings. Size and crossover settings. I will need to tweak the system and re-calibrate it, but now I know why it the sub would stay off. I did try and calibrate the sub both the "Sony" way and the "Klipsch" way noted in their owners manual and neither are perfect. I'll need to work on a happy medium. Sony's setup is turn the gain and cut off to the max level on both and let the system adjust as needed. That's where the -10 db came from. Klipsch says to let the system handle most of the setting making sure the crossover settings in the A/V unit are set to the normal crossover settings and adjusting the gain in the A/V unit to match the speaker levels. Do any of you guys out there have a better way to perform a good calibration? I'm currently running my original R-3 speakers from 1999. RF-3, RC-3, and RS-3's. They have been good to me, but I have ordered a full set of the new RP speakers. RP-280F's, RP-450C, and RP-250s's. It will be a 7.2 setup with 2 of the R-112SW's. I went with 2 12's vs the 1 15 inch sub. I always run 2 subs in my setups. So with that any input from you guys would be great. Thanks again.
  5. I just got my new R-112SW this week and love the sound, but it won't auto power on. I have a new Sony STR-DN1050 running the show. I have the sub hooked up to the LFE port and I have tried multiple sound fields that are putting out a signal to the sub. Any help would be great. I have just been leaving the sub on for now.
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