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  1. Mercedes-Benz & Berater is German for advisor. I am a service advisor for Mercedes-Benz dealership.
  2. Trying to get pics to post from phone..... (Testing, testing..1,2,3.)
  3. To give an idea... I was planning on doing an Oppo straight to Emotiva mono blocks when the theatre build is done. Maybe I'm running such cheap equipment right now that is the issue?
  4. It's a pioneer cheap-O!! Its a VSX-823. The bluray is a Sony BDP S590 I know my receiver is a lowly piece. But I had to put my electronic purchases on the back burner and rush out and get a matching RC64 and rear RF7ii's since Klipsch decided to discontinue them. I thought picking up the subwoofer yesterday would help take a load off of the baby receiver and reduce hiss. I think it did, but I also think I'm in the first few days of feeling that big 15" sub.. So it's probably psychological at this point. My speaker wire to each speaker is 14gauge, BDP > AVR is HDMI, Even if I switch the AVR to a no input channel, it then has a hiss that will increase/decrease with volume knob. (Can pictures be posted on this forum when using iPhone?)
  5. Here's my set up... So far Four - cherry RF7ii's One - cherry RC64ii One - R115sw When listening to any source material- dvd, bluray, cd, appleTV The towers & center all exhibit a Hiss... Kind of like static that's being masked by whatever I'm listening to. I have not done seperate Amps yet... Waiting until I finish my basement theatre build before I plop down money on seperates. When I do amps- will they help with the hiss? I can hear it clear as day during quiet sections of music/movies at 13 feet away! Should I do mono blocks for each tower? Center? Or just mono blocks across front 3, and stereo Amps for rear RF7ii's and (eventual) RS62ii's ?? Any advice on people that have tamed the RF7ii hiss would be great!! (Just signed up to post this-- not sure how to add pics yet.)
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