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  1. https://www.decorpad.com/bookmark.htm?bookmarkId=54447 check this out - just add some farmhouse handles of whatever length you want and rotate that center door - boom.
  2. some of those pictures it almost looks computer rendered. like the way the subwoofer in the background is just....off. something looks weird about it. or the way the soundbar is sitting. maybe they superimpose the products but the furniture is real?
  3. i think timbre matching is truly only a concern for LCR -- i matched my front and rears. RF7ii for L/R and RF7ii for L/R rear. then i added R5800w into the side columns and CDT5800 for ceiling.... i can't tell during movies which is the 8" driver and which is the RF7 with dual 10's..... the rear's matching the front is WAY overkill. it's quite a statement when you walk into theater - so that's worth something. but timbre matching - i think is best left to LCR. if i did it over again - i'd use a wall mounted or in-wall for my rears, like another set of R5800w.
  4. well my anxiety & impatience was all for nothing (again) av7706 showed up weeks ago first MM7055 showed up on Friday, tracking shows the second will be arriving Wednesday. rack mounts for both mm7055 and for the av7706 are there too. XLR cables on order = thursday and AC Infinity cooling fans = Friday and i get a two day weekend this week! score! time to hook everything up, route wires nice and pretty - (that no one will ever see) and fiddle.
  5. stay away from bipole and dipole - that's correct. i would use the r41m for your side surrounds. - you don't *need* to have the surrounds match the LCR. It's not likely you'll have timbre issues with such ambient sounds compared to having matching LCR.
  6. thanks @Paducah Home Theater that makes more sense. I just wasn't sure if my dealer in Rockford, Il was blowing smoke saying they had no tracking on anything. They've always been easy to deal with and trustworthy - this experience just seemed 'off'.... but if that's how things are i didn't want to pester them and be 'that guy'
  7. @314carpenter holy cow! i had no idea. that +suez canal --- man oh man... i'll just keep practicing patience. i'm just so darn giddy to try out atmos for the first time! dernit! 4 years of spare time building this theater and i'm soooo close. hah! yet so far. 😭 😂
  8. @The Dude the PRE-Pro i ordered months ago -- which that came in. sweet! and the amps showed in stock when i ordered them - 3 weeks ago. seems like a slow ship for something in stock. again -- just being impatient. wouldn't be the first time my dealer 'forgot' i had equipment ordered and it was 'found'. but i've never ordered anything from Marantz, i didn't know what a normal lead time was.
  9. Just curious if anyone (maybe @Paducah Home Theater ) knows what current lead / shipping times are on Marantz gear? I ordered a Pre-Pro AV7706 and two MM7055 amps. the AV7706 is finally back from 'out of stock' and the dealer has that, but still no word on the MM7055's...... just getting impatient. 😭
  10. room treatments - maximize what you have, and then think about upgrading equipment. (with the added bonus that the room treatments will help the new gear too!)
  11. @CECAA850 During testing and setting up the curve.... I later went back upstairs and my wife said the birds outside were flying frantically and they would land on a tree branch and looked like they were distressed. — mission accomplished? Lol
  12. I was aligning and doing all that work with the wrong microphone selected. d’oh switched & deleted all PEQ and EQ and such..... ended with this.
  13. @CECAA850 i also had a thought.... i have the Umic-1 set up, but i have this weird feeling that my output / input in 'preferences' was being weird. i had to keep going into correct it - a few times during my sweeps it would boot the AVR off as the output field and it would do frequency sweeps from the laptop computers 🤣. talk about underwhelming. 🤣 and a few times it kept saying the 'input' field was something called a 'realtek'. I still was getting my REW chartings.... is it possible this thing is using a different microphone and just flat out cant 'see' below 35hz ? maybe it's overriding my Umic selection and using the laptop microphone?? --- but, if that's true, why does the <35hz not feel as powerful as >35hz. the graph i see does seem to line up with what i feel & hear. i'm going to re-check this tonight since it kind of makes sense.
  14. sp1-4000 -- i left every knob alone from factory except the gain, i turned it to ZERO and then slowly turned it up. ON-AUTO-12V = Auto GAIN --- 3RD White dot LF ADJUST -- Fully to the right (CUT-BOOST) CROSSOVER -- Fully to the right (60-120-OUT) DELAY -- Fully to the right (0-20MS) SUBWOOFER RCA - LFE INPUT i don't have any filters engaged that i'm aware of. this plate amp from speakerpower doesn't have any places to toggle any sort of DSP (that i know of, just knobs) only filters are in the MiniDSP that i created. i checked low-pass and high-pass filtes. checked PEQ that i created to flatten the HUGE output compared to the <35hz region.
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