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  1. Thanks Wuzzzer, yes I forgot to mention it's going to be a 5.1. thanks for providing info for both setups, Gary
  2. Question for rear speaker location for surround sound. What would be in a smaller room (15x15) the optimum height and distance apart from one another for my rear speakers. Thanks in advance..
  3. Thanks ok that makes sense, thank you!
  4. Thanks Majestictone, I'm 80/20 the other way so I'm gonna have an emphasis on how good an amp pushes the RF-7lll I have. I am clueless on what I can use for speakers on a music orientated amp, can most amps accommodate a sub woofer or 2 woofers, can they work with centre channel speakers or is there any advantage to use a centre channel speaker if indeed you can? Any thoughts on the above us appreciated. Thanks, Gary
  5. I was looking on the back of the Monolith 9X that there are no subwoofer outputs. How would I go about connecting 2x SLP120 subwoofers since those subs are internally powered? Thanks, Gary
  6. Thanks, I'll look into those ones as well!
  7. Thank you, I will check it out!
  8. Thanks MC, I'm in the Vancouver area. I will check out that site "Canada Audio Mart" Thanks for your help and good luck with your search. How much power are you looking for in your 2 channel amp? Gary
  9. So you're 4700 is 125 watts, how much wattage are you thinking you need for your speakers? Gary
  10. Majestictone are you thinking the 4700 us too bright for your system? Second question, what exactly does that reference mean in relation to what your looking for in an amp? Thanks, Gary
  11. Hi Ceptorman, thanks again for your expert advice. I would be listening to vinyl, CD's, and streaming. I can get a real good deal on a new Denon 8500 ($3000 cdn) ($2400 US). It's rated 150 watt in Stereo do you think that would be enough to get the most out of the RF-7lll speakers? If it is enough then I would be able to just have this one amp for all my needs..if I were to go this route if I understand this correctly the SLP12's or SLP15's have their own built in amps so in stereo I would hear the towers and the amps? Is there any reason or is it possible to bring the centre channel into the music scenario? Sorry for all the questions as I am a beginner on all this and appreciate listening to advise from people with your experience and knowledge. Thank you Ceptorman, Gary
  12. Hi all, I have the RF7lll towers. Want to add the RC64lll centre, also the RP600m, and 2 subs not sure if it will be 12s or15s. The room is 300 sq ft and listening to music is my main desire. Can you all recommend an Amp that will work for this 5.2 and give me the power to drive the RF7lll's. Thanks all, Gary
  13. ToThanks Ceptorman and Amstaff, I am in the Vancouver BC area, I purchased my speakers from a company in Maple Ridge ( Vancouver suberb) called Haney Sound and Appliances. I tried to get car at Klipsch to get their recommendations however was unable to get anyone by phone or email. I really appreciate your help. Ceptorman, those recommendations sound excellent I will be checking them out. My main use will be to listen to music over movies however I will be doing both. Any recommendations you might have for an amp for these speakers as a 5.2 system? Thanks again, Gary
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