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  1. I should rephrase. The room sounds amazing compared to what I expected it to sound like. It's much improved on their temporary home upstairs.. but still needs some damping to make it truly euphoric. Everyone I've had come over for a "beta test" is blOwn away.
  2. Test run went great. The room sounds amazing even with no carpet or acoustic panels yet! The bass has so much more visceral feel to it versus being upstairs in essentially an open room to the whole house. Surround sound is clearly defined but not so clear that you can isolate a particular speaker around you. It's better than I imagined it would be. And will be even more improved with carpet and acoustic panels later. downside: at some point during my enjoyment my left front subwoofer developed a nasty 60hz hum. Called Klipsch and they're sending me a new one- but they're on backorder. Apparently the new style subs have hum problems.
  3. Been gone for 6-7 months! Enjoying my newborn for a while... but got a little progress in while away from the site. To finish: carpet, acoustic panels, theater chairs, and update the A/V rack equipment.
  4. I don't know if this adds to the conversation or is just a sidebar. But I've had multiple interactions with police, like some here have mentioned they have had. I have two short stories, however anecdotal. Same person, Me. Same car, mine. Two very very different outcomes. 1) living in very affluent Naperville, Illinois driving a very large body German car with 5% window tint on each window except windshield I made a lane change without signaling. I was pulled over. I pulled entirely off the roadway. Rolled down all four windows, opened sunroof, turned 4-ways (hazard lights) on, switched engine off, keys on roof, hands grasping door/window sill. Officer approached hand on holster, and saw the keys on the roof. Looked around in my car front and back seat. He asked license and reg. I asked if I may unbuckle my seat belt and then asked for permission to reach into pocket for ID, and into glove box. I opened glove box, asked if he would like to inspect before I reach in. He had a strange smirk on his face and said no, go ahead. I handed him my ID and he glanced at it. He handed it back. Asked if I knew why I was pulled over. I said yes, I failed to indicate my lane change. He then asked me why the windows, keys on roof and all that- he asked if I was making fun of him. I said no officer, you have a scary job- we don't know each other and I wanted you to feel safe. I would like to not be shot today. It was a blunt answer- but very much the truth. I was let go with a warning. 2) same car. Different town. I was leaving work and traveling through the "ghetto" across town to my home. I was at a red light from a two way street onto a one way street. I had a pack of Marlboro red's on my gear selector surround, but my lighter was in my pocket. I raised my hips to access my pocket and lit my cigarette after getting lighter out. After turning when light went green, Window was cracked maybe 2" to ash the cig. I had a black crown Vic right on my tail.. And I mean close! Lights and Siren going. It was an undercover car- the lights were on the sun visors. I pulled over as far as I could due to a large curb. Two officers approached my car. One on the passenger side gun drawn pointing about 4-5 feet in front of him at the ground. Driver cop approached my drivers side and yelled at my car to roll windows down. (I had barely just turned my vehicle off and switched my hazard lights on!) they were there so fast! I rolled my windows down & I was yelled at to get out of the vehicle and lay on the ground. I called back to the officer asking what I had done and why I was being asked to get out. No response.. Well not a verbal one. I was pulled from my vehicle, handcuffed, and put in back of their cruiser. They then searched my entire car.. I was released after about a 30-45min long ordeal. I was told they were looking for weapons because they saw me try to hide a weapon when I was at the stop light. So- my anecdotal evidence says- where you live makes a huge difference in how you are judged and perceived. Mind you- I'm no gang banger looking thug. The closest thing I own to gang banger was the tinted windows or maybe a Mercedes-Benz put crew racing jersey. Not fubu, not white sox hats and whatever else that seem to be stereotypical. Maybe situation 1 was white priveledge? And 2 was just fluke? Doubtful... Seems to happen all to much. Luckily I wasn't killed! It scares me to be pulled over these days.. And I have skin color on my side. I can't imagine the terror in the black community or the police community these days. And those stories 1 & 2 were not that long ago. Sad days. I hope drastic change is possible.
  5. http://fortune.com/2016/01/07/mercedes-self-driving-car/ http://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/mercedes-benz-e-class-gets-nevada-drivers-license/ Or how about commercial use? Self-driving Semi?? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XZxZC0lgOlc https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uwr26H80w44
  6. I have been using MCACC for 5 years and love. It only goes down to 63 Hz for the sub but, it has a way of getting good sound in my room. I've been eyeing the SC 95. When you get over 2 or 3 subs, it is time to invest in Omnimic or learn REW. With MCACC, I like that it stops at 63 Hz. This allows me full control under 63 Hz to get the 8 subs tuned in for a bass. See mine is the cheap-o receiver. 522-K or something like that. It's practically worthless. I can't wait to finish my room and get close to scrappy's level! His room is insane!
  7. I can't wait to upgrade my receiver. It has Mcacc but it's practically useless. It must be their $0.02 version.. It sets speaker distance and that's it. So that would be for delay only I think. I can't wait to have more sophisticated gear to tweak and tune a room to hit its highest potential.
  8. I'm curious how you tune that many subwoofers? What do you use. Im very curious about your configuration.
  9. If you did not have a front false wall- would it make sense to cut holes in your side walls or rear wall and have them hidden with an acoustic transparent cloth or something? Just curious about other possibilities to hide that kind of setup with NOT going I.B.
  10. Not great photography, but it's my little man & Klipsch in background. The better two I want to upload "file too large"
  11. You mean gun control? I don't think it's a can of worms, so much as leadership voids and paralysis at the national and state level. Other countries have faced down resistance and minimized or forestalled mass shootings since 1999, notably Australia. What's the matter with us? The matter with us is the perversion of guns and the second amendment. "Right to bear arms" They always forget the first part of the sentence. "Well regulated" It has a different meaning if you don't pluck out words to fit you intent.
  12. http://gunrundown.com http://www.gunviolencearchive.org Please, tell me again how guns are the answer? All religions have hatred in the roots. Don't point the finger at Muslims, Christians don't have a perfect history either. And since when is it ok to broad brush one rogue follower who has bastardized the religion into something it's not. And there are always cells of a beautiful religion that ruin the image for everyone else. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_organizations_designated_by_the_Southern_Poverty_Law_Center_as_hate_groups Those hate groups are predominantly Christian. But- Christianity when lived in a Christ like manner is about peace, and caring, and protecting the poor and sick. Just like the Muslim faith... And most others. The real issue here is not a religion, or any group of religions as the problem. Instead it's mental instability & the health care system unable to work for/with these people in our country. Mental illness is seen as a real problem with no answer- instead of treating it like the flu, or a broken finger with real treatments. The man was mentally unstable & had too easy access to firearms.
  13. Klipsch copper Jag? Pretty sweet color. I get to stare at this all day.. Lol.
  14. Fantastic Rachmaninov choice. I'm a big fan of opus 16 no. 4. (Can't find the video of some guy hammering away at the keys in his book and piano filled studio apartment. His version has more emotion and better timing in my opinion than Lugansky playing it.)
  15. I'm in the not so exotic and loud crowd. I would like a high gloss piano laquer
  16. No- I was saying I personally thought it seemed fair. Only because my local Klipsch shop has k-horns on display for $5500+ a piece! So, my uneducated used-market mind thought that seemed fair. Apparently I was way off.
  17. Wow. Comparatively that is very high! I'd rather have the k-horns. Thanks all! Thought it was a "fair" price. I've never bought A/V equipment pre-owned, learned something today!
  18. Also- they have it marked at $1495 for pair. Is that fair, or still too high?
  19. Not sure if price was fair. Just thought I'd share.
  20. Odana antique shop in Madison Wisconsin I am not affiliated with the seller, just stumbled across these. Seems like a fair price. They appear to be in "mint" condition.
  21. "Corinthian" leather. Imitation.. Everything
  22. Hahahaha protecting them. That's good thinking .
  23. Well, Ibiza, if it's any consolation WE didn't cover beautiful hardwood floors in every house across America with linoleum. Gee, thanks Boomers for your contributions.
  24. I doubt #7 is the cause. That's an easy test- rap on the catalyst and see if it rattles. In theory the catalyst should rattle more at low RPM because the pulses of exhaust gasses are farther apart allowing a rattle to happen. But the higher rpm ends up being smoother and would not have a rattle because the pulses are so minuscule it is almost like constant airflow. If that makes sense. I do agree with the group above with a detonation issue. It could be bad fuel, too low octane. Or - how many miles are on this engine? Have a tech pull out the plugs and replace, also while the spark bore is open, bore scope the engine and look for carbon deposits. Carbon deposits can get super hot under load and act like a spark plug that will burn fuel as soon as it hits the combustion chamber. I've seen that before on an older engine. Imagine a piece of charcoal burning inside your engine trumping your spark plug. All it would take is one cylinder. So check all of them. Hope that helps! Let us know what was found.
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