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  1. $2100 OBO, local Northern Virginia area. First of all, I just want to say RIP Bob Crites. Amazing man and master speaker craftsmen. On the plus side, his son is running the business and replacement parts are available if needed (knock on wood). This design of his seeks to combine the upper/mid-range horn magic of the Klipsch La Scala and the deep, extended lows/bass of the Klipsch Cornwall. These speakers are behemoths. Around 120lb each and very large cabinets to house their impressive horns and 15" woofers. Because of this, I am limiting this to a local sale (NoVa, DC, MD). Demos welcome. Very efficient and almost beg to be paired with SE and/or tube amps. Basically anything other than the standard unfinished birch turn each pair of Cornscala in to a one-of-a-kind item. This set has a beautiful black walnut veneer/finish and the front has a nice midnight black paint. I had custom screens installed over the 15" woofers to protect them. No other pair like this exist in the world. Rated 7/10 for age and a few very small marks if you inspect every surface closely. I am the second owner, had them since 2015. Internals: Selenium D405 midrange drivers with M2380 Horns CW1526CF Woofers CT125 Tweeters Upgraded crossovers
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