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    Miami, Florida
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    Living room:(2) La Scala, (2) R-15m, RC-64 ii, (2) RS-42, (2) Onkyo SKH-410, (2) RF-7 and powered by an Onkyo TX-NR838 and Emotiva XPA-5.

    Dining area: (2) Conwall ii, (2) Heresy, and powered by QUAD ii tube amps/PeachTree DECCO

    Master bedroom: (2) KLF-30, RC-7, (2 )RS-3, SW-112 and Marantz SR-5003

    2nd Bedroom: (2) Forte' ii, (2) Industrial Heresy-HIP, RC-3ii, and Marantz NR-1601/DYNACO ST-120

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