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  1. NOT ANY OF MINE!!! although i will assist as it is my marital duty... ANY ONE KNOW OF ANY GOOD MOTELS IN BOSTON IN RELATIVE PROXIMITY TO THAT AMP???
  2. dude.....you want NO PART of what goes on when we get home... the kind of thing you cannot unsee
  3. i don't see a carver in your list of equipment.... show the advert to your wife.... she'll buy it
  4. SO WHY DOES MKP PULL THIS UP ON MY COMPUTER????? maybe he knows who has the ballzzz to buy it
  5. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! OK. i feel better now. fighting with home health care, insurance, primary care physician...grrrrrr good thing i love mom so much!!!
  6. you would ALL be doing that if you could!! god made your arms long enough. you can't reach unless you are the infamous hedgehog!!
  7. Kathy carries Smith & Wesson with her when she goes to the ATM. She has NEVER has any problems. Smith is on the left, Wesson on the right.
  8. Yup - stick with what you are good at
  9. those hammocks ARE tied to a tree...taking the loooong way around. some trees are bigger than others.....
  10. mark would be the solicitous one....but i ain't running away....
  11. oh...there is ALWAYS a PAYEE...I know cuz i'm the PAYER
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