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  1. BUCK UP BUTTERCUP!!!! want some cheese with that wine??
  2. thinking you ought to bring that badazz camper to maryland and pick up a couple strangers that might be as strange as you...lol
  3. i haven't been around very long, and i am COMPLETELY NOT technical i.e. i know what sounds good and what doesn't. if you haven't guessed, i am MKP's wife (haha). F*CK convention and everybody else. You speak your mind and when someone is being an idiot, let them, they can't help it. don't get sucked in or offended. opinions are like azzholes, right? we all have one Look at this forum for example. it started innocently enough and then the sarcastic humor comes oozing out of the 4 corners of your screen lol. when life totally kicks you in the teeth and it is so hurtful that you can't talk about it, you can write about it. these forum folks have consistently lifted each other out of pain, despair, hopelessness. i am sooo glad my husband found these people. yea, it is just a forum. but it is not just a forum. there is so much support here. most of the time i don't feel involved. tough. when i think of something funny, i post it. silly pics, etc. we are all imperfect people. be yourself and roll with it baby!!
  4. BAAAAD BOOOYYYYZZZZZZ WHATCHA GONNA DOO?? some of you know what i am talking about. you should be ashamed! Keep an eye on them Travis. It's a full-time job
  5. high of 63 today with Blondie and FAB 5 FREDDIE!!!
  6. MKP and his dad opening their presents. Got them identical drones. starting recording late. once mkp ripped the paper and dave saw what was in the box, he started digging lol!! video-1483992808.mp4
  7. MKP's dad is CRAZY ... he talks like Ozzy Osbourne with all the stutters and self-interruptions in a cockney-type accent that -- even after 28 years -- i do not know wtf this man is saying!! BALLS OF STEEL. this pic from many, many moons ago at Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore MD. Dave is the one reaching back at high speed in the mud -- like he is getting a cup of tea...CRAZY. Did this job 30+ years.
  8. a loooooong time coming!! Our Christmas gifts from our daughter on the top, and to ourselves on the bottom. lol!!
  9. that is really awesome. mkp will pm you in about 20 years. that's about when he will get to it. ha-ha but no ha-ha. that is just how life is at the moment. truly awesome creation. i guess i just don't think that big. you definitely have a talent...and exceptional taste!! i'd be happy with an empty soda can with squiggly eyes lol. your workshop is pretty cool too. maybe a city of tubes and robots.... you are gonna get me into trouble...
  10. no sir.... the brass-ish looking monkey standing up. he is bad azzzz looks exceptionally well home-made. would look GREAT in my office... i collect cool monkey-like things and cool robots. i told mkp i want him to weld me some cool stuff with all the nuts, bolts, springs, sprockets, etc. he loves to weld but there is never enough time. i want him to make us a cool headboard too. never enough time...
  12. a work in process. we did watch a movie and took a nap
  13. NOT....the biggest bedroom on the main floor is now FULL of speakers...MKP -- tell them how many
  14. That ac could affect your health. Gtf outta there. Since you don't really have a timetable, you should swing by our neck of the woods!
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