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  1. Back in the 80's nakamichi made some nice tape decks. How are they with cd and tubes?
  2. Someone on this site gave direction on building crossovers for my cornwalls. This was back around 2002 or 03. Must have been deang. Thanks. They work great.
  3. I have never been real impressed with the sony c333es even after modded. Craig (nos valves) had one as well and we compared the two side by side on his lascalas and could hear no sonic differences between the two and mine was modded. I think that cost me $750 for the mod. Very disappointed. The sony has always been forward and etchy. Now my yamaha is great. Very smooth and easy to listen to but its a player. Would like another changer. Ill check the s1000 for sure.
  4. Never heard of the aletheia crossover networks. Have to check those out.
  5. Havent heard much about marantz. I will check out the yamaha as thats what my system consists of beside my tube amp. Will check on the oppo as well. I would prefer a changer over a player.
  6. yes it does, quite easily. what do you think of the crites crossover networks vs ALK? I see them in your signature. I have home brew cornwalls with inverted horns and heresys. the heresys need crossovers as I robbed some parts while building the cornwalls. I built the crossovers with help from this site using better parts. had a thought of ALKS for those.
  7. I do not know. no stand alone, I can tell you that. I believe the mods where mostly caps. what is an oppo?
  8. haven't been on in awhile, but thought I would see if I can get some good opinions on cd or sacd changers that go sonically well with tubes. need brand and model numbers. nothing too expensive, under $500. currently still using my sony c333es that I had modded back in 2003. its not reading all the disc and sometimes hanging up. would like something sonically as good or better than the c333es. I also have a Yamaha dvd/cd player that's sounds very nice, but not a changer. thanks guys oh, by the way, the home brew cornwalls are still jamming.
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