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  1. With the first speaker taken apart and with a better idea of where we're headed, we will begin to apply each step to all four speakers simultaneously. I have the ok to use my budget to invest in this project...in our own reality show "Flip these Speakers". It looks like we are going to order larger sheets (4x8) of the veneer to meet the La Scala dimensions, so there will be some extra to practice with. A number of years back (this is my 41st year working here) our Clubhouse went through a complete year-long renovation. We moved the wood shop into the gym and the members helped custom fabricate the cabinets, counters and sinks for our third floor arts & crafts studios: woodworking, screen printing, ceramics, jewelry/metal arts (now also bike repair), photo lighting studio and darkrooms (yes, we still process B&W!). I've had a lot of practice with contact cement and plastic laminate, j-rollers and routers but not so much with wood veneers...though we have done some chess boards and geometric inlay. As we are going to be working with much larger pieces of veneer and trying a heat activated glue for the first time your suggestion for a prototype is a good one we'll certainly follow. Thanks for the good thoughts!
  2. Update on our rebuild. Made facsimile labels to preserve the serial numbers as the refinishing / painting will make the stamped numbers even more difficult (if not impossible) to see...this will be the only label on one of the cabinets, on the other three they will be sandwiched between the original labels and the plexi covers (none of our labels still show any numbers). Had good success with removing the badges. Citristrip seemed a pretty safe product to use around kids (following the precautions). After removing what looked like three layers of paint, heat was applied to soften the adhesive (a tip from a friend who rebuilds bicycles) and a tape measure "floss" was used to release. Note: acetone was used to remove residual adhesive from the back and it didn't damage the logo surface, Thanks to everyone for the ongoing advise, making the process really interesting...
  3. Back from the hardwood veneer store (MacBeath in San Francisco) and they have some really beautiful wood... very tempting... but first we'll have to see how we do on the sale of the first pair. Looking at the drivers, I think we should take apart the tweeter to sand off the rust and repaint. Anything we need to be aware of in this process? Should we be concerned about the mildew on the woofer? -Mark
  4. Thanks for the tweeter / Ohm clarification mungkiman... One question: when we pulled out the woofer, the rubber gasket (where it meets the cabinet) is pretty hard and dry. Is this something we should address...replace/rejuvenate? Well, off to the hardwood veneer store today. Looks like folks have had good success with paper backed products and heat activated glue.
  5. Hello Folks, well we have our first speaker disassembled. Tested the drivers with a multi-meter: woofer 3.7 ohms (3.7-4.3 normal), mid 11.0 ohms (10-12 normal), tweeter 6.4 ohms (10-12 normal) looks like this one needs work. Is this something we can fix ourselves with a replacement part? Also, the mid horn has some surface scale (aluminum rust?). We have access to a bead blaster. Would there be a problem if we cleaned it down to bare metal before repainting? When we removed the bottom, a black gooey ribbon gasket was sticking to both surfaces. When we replace the bottom, what is the material used for this purpose. Looks like it was originally attached with small staples. Emailed Bob Crites about the crossovers and we're leaning towards going with new replacements (we can afford the luxury as we're selling a pair to cover costs). Looked at a lot of refinished LaScalas and the kids like a lighter wood (maybe white oak with Danish oil) and a black grill over the upper section...we'll frame the front edges (and below the grill) with 1/2" x 3/4" stripes of solid oak. The lower cabinet interior, back and upper horn enclosure in a satin black. Thanks again, -Mark note to WMcD: the font in my post does have the serial numbers 6 & 8 looking very similar
  6. Hey Folks, update on the project, first crossover AA is out... request sent to Crites for repair options. Label protectors installed... Purchased the long screwdriver to start on the horns. Checking out the veneer suppliers in the area. Photos attached.
  7. Hello Folks, (Bubo) I was hoping someone might tell us how to use this meter to check the ohms of the drivers (and what we should be looking for)... Thanks, -Mark
  8. Hello Folks, Well, we had our first meeting of the "HiFi Carpenters" (name chosen by our members) and did some research on PWK and the history of the LaScala speaker. The kids were pretty impressed with the history and longevity of the brand and the passion exhibited by the Klipsch Community. We started with cleaning the upper compartments with compressed air and brushes...almost blew apart a paper label...so we are fabricating 1/4" plexi covers that we'll attach with flat head screws and cover with painters tape for the duration of the project. We've hit a snag in trying to locate just how the AA crossovers are attached to the cabinets. Thanks for any pointers in this regard, -Mark
  9. Thanks for all the support and great suggestions...I too, had the notion to veneer the exterior surfaces and paint the bass bins black...on board with clear labeling and photos...I've seen crossover kits that would give the kids some circuit board assembly experience but really don't know if this will be the route we take just yet. I was hoping to save the badges (removing paint and detaching unharmed if possible...can you get replacements?) Right now in the Shop we have an old (early 70's) Sansui 9090 running some classic (same period) AR-11 speakers that I've had since High School. Still sounding pretty good and should be OK for the LaScalas.
  10. To answer a few inquires: We are located in San Francisco. We have a well equipped wood shop, belt, orbital and detail sanders, and some experience with laminating veneers... some electronic test equipment (a retired engineer ran a program here some time ago and left us an assortment of tech gear), I'll look to see if our handheld meter can check DC resistance...we have power sources and oscilloscopes...but not the know how to put them to use... soldering equipment and ventilation (from former robotics & stained glass programs)... I pretty sure we'll be able run with your suggestions and really looking forward to giving our teens the (hands-on) experience of bringing these speakers back to life and the experience of High Fidelity sound.
  11. Hello Folks, we took some pictures and found the serial numbers stamped in the end grain (thanks for the location tip). Had to brush out the dust and wipe the surface with a damp cloth to reveal clearly. Numbers are 7P383, 7P383, 8P346, 8P348. Electronics all labeled AA We're hoping to save the name plates. If we can remove the paint without damage, is there a trick to getting them off the cabinets? I'm thinking a razor blade if the adhesive isn't to tough. Anxious to get started...I'll keep you updated with the progress. Thanks again!
  12. Wow Folks, this is great! I'll certainly start with some photos (on some of the boxes the labels have been painted over so no serial numbers there). We're gearing up for our summer program now with a start on the 30th. I'll keep you posted as the project progresses. We're located in San Francisco's Mission District at the Columbia Park Clubhouse...our 125th year of serving youth in SF.
  13. Hey Folks, I work with teens at the Boys & Girls Club and we've recently acquired four very old (in poor shape, paint, rust, etc.) LaScala speakers. Three of the four are "working" (don't seem to sound quite right), the other has no bass. I'm not up to date with all the technical info I see on the posts but believe that with our wood shop we'd be able to refinish the boxes and replace the workings. What we need is a simple list of the parts (and where to order) to make them like new. Thinking we can sell a pair to pay for the project. I've had a pair of these speakers for 40 years and know how good they can sound. Thanks for any suggestions.
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