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  1. We sold this pair which covered parts cost for all four. Thanks, it was fun and satisfying to see just how perfect we could make them. Learned a lot about the process and came up with some nice techniques. Hope to lay out in words and photos the whole three year journey,
  2. The pair pictured have been spoken for and the price covered our expenses. The pair for the Clubhouse is more kid-proof: grills attached with screws, plastic edge protectors and a good quality wall paint to match the newly remodeled games room (SF Giant Pablo Sandoval's Foundation supported the effort and he came to meet the kids at the Grand Re-opening). The speakers sound great as a public address system and the movies the members watch have that full theater quality sound... the La Scalas fill this large room beautifully!
  3. Hey Folks, we finally finished the refurbishing of the four LaScalas at the Boys & Girls Club. I've attached a picture of the pair we're selling. Thinking I may post the photos and story of the whole process... it only took three years! Thanks for the great advice during this journey, -Mark
  4. Well Hello Folks, It has been a while, In fact... it's taken years to finally wrap up our four LaScala projects. It really helped that I retired last October (43 years) and became a volunteer with just a few projects to focus on (the sweet life!). Things couldn't have gone better... a beautiful pair now sit on the stage in our newly remodeled games room. The second pair we made to sell and pay for the parts for all four... so a bit more attention to detail, i.e. the walnut bead molding toe kick and grills held in place with magnets hidden behind the veneer. I just have the one photo now but will post more photos with details soon. Thanks again, you guys got us off on the right foot! -Mark
  5. Receiver's back from the technician and the balance problem is solved. Cartridge is sounding pretty good too. Now it's time to clean-up some old vinyl. 'till next time...
  6. Well, while the receiver's being checked out (found a near by technician working from home) I'm using my older Sansui to play vinyl through the LaScalas & SVS subwoofer. (forgot how heavy these receivers are - 50 lbs , especially with three flights of stairs!) Though the Geodisc (found used on eBay) helped with the initial cartridge adjustment and smoothed out the pretty harsh sounding highs I'm feeling it went a little too far and I'm missing out in some respects. Downloaded another protractor from Vinyl Engine which I'll try today - sifting through a lot of info. Hope to zero in soon.
  7. Thanks, I'll give the tape monitor a try to check the balance. Not sure I'm ready to take any switches apart. I do have a nearly identical Sansui 9090 (a year older 1975) I can bring home from "work" (I'm retired but still volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club)... while I pick one of the local vintage repair shops to check things out.
  8. So, had some fun today aligning the cartridge/stylus, leveling and checking the tracking force with good success - sounds pretty sweet over the whole album. Except... But back to the sound leaning left (or weak on the right). I tried swapping between the two phono inputs with no improvement. Tried spraying Deoxit on the source selection switch (pulled the knob and sprayed from the front panel - can this help?). No help. Guessing it's something inside the tuner (1976 Sansui 9090DB). Should I open the unit and try cleaning the switch from the inside? Any other ideas? Thanks.
  9. I swapped the phono cables and the unbalance did not switch with this change (still heavy on the left). I've Deoxited the RCA connections. I've assembled the necessary tolls to go for cartridge alignment and will go ahead with this process... cleaning as I go. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hey sorry for calling the cartridge/needle assembly just the needle... the whole thing was replaced and installed by a turntable specialist. But, I'm not sure how much attention went into its alignment. I will check the connections. Headed now to the Vinyl Engine and will let you know how things go. Thanks!
  11. Hello Klipsch Forum Folks, with my new SVS sub-woofer added to my LaScalas (thanks for the great suggestion!) my dear wife saw how much I was enjoying revisiting my music collection (CD's these days). She surprised me by having my long disabled turntable repaired and the needle replaced for Christmas. (Pioneer PL-630 & Grado G+ bought in the 70's). Upon listening to my early Mobile Fidelity discs I was left with the nagging feeling the stereo was leaning to one side. Listening to other sources of the same albums did not have the same unbalance. After some trouble shooting I'm thinking it may be that the needle/cartridge needs adjustment. I've done some research and see a wide variety (and price) of devices for this purpose. So, I guess I'm looking for some confirmation that I may be on the right track and then some suggestions as to a good way to start the process of making things right. Thanks for your thoughts, Mark
  12. Well, stayed on top of the delivery service used by the SVS folks (starts with F and ends with X) and sure enough our particular driver has some aversion to ringing door bells. Fortunately, I found my box with the cables for the SB-2000 on the sidewalk, again! Perhaps these drivers have more than they can handle this time of year? Anyway, the good news is the subwoofer integrated seamlessly into my system... kicking myself for not adding one years ago. Hearing all my music with new ears. So much so, I have my turntable (Pioneer PL-630) in the shop (actually a local working out of his apartment and just on turntables) for repair right now. Thanks you all for the great SVS recommendation and support with hook-up (just went with the simple two cables main out).
  13. First, thanks to all the folks who sent me suggestions for possible DIY subwoofer designs. Many seem quite doable with our wood shop and know-how. I'm planning to volunteer to help the kids wrap up the LaScala projects starting in February (finish by summer?) and start the subwoofer then. Will keep you posted. Second, this last post has me wondering. Will there be a problem with the length of the cable (12m) I need to connect the subwoofer? I ordered the SVS brand SoundPath. The size of the room and the door way I need to run up and over don't leave me any other options.
  14. We had a close call last night! Went online yesterday morning and read to expect delivery of the SVS Subwoofer by "end of day" so my wife and I made sure one of us was around all day. We could see at the tracking service "delivery pending". Checked periodically during the day and one more online check just before going to bed (11:30pm) and saw package "Delivered"! Went right downstairs and there sitting on the sidewalk outside of the gate of our apartment building was the SB-2000 box, large subwoofer graphics and all! I know for sure this box would not have been here this morning if left out overnight. I filed a complaint with the delivery company. They said the package had been signed for (some jumbled letters of my last name) and that "safe" placement was at the discretion of the driver!? Well, at least it did arrive before the end of the day. Also, sorry to say, ordered 12m RCA cables and 1m cables arrived... so set-up will have to wait a few days.
  15. When finished, our Teen Center will have a sound system the envy of all the other Clubhouses in the City. It would be fun to follow-up with building our own subwoofer at some point. Is this a subject discussed on the forum?
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