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    Thank you for your opinion.
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    What center would produce the best sound? The RC 62II or the RP-250C for the RB 61 II speakers?
  3. Just got back from FRYS. Heard the RP-250C vs the R25C. Man what a difference. No comparison. Their recommendation was to buy a pair of RP-260's then the RP-250C with the RB61's as the rear speakers. The other option was 4- RB61 II's with the RP-250C. What would sound more full remembering that I bought the Sub R12SW Sub. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the idea. I found a pair for $325.00 new. The RC 62II is $349 and the RP 250c is $369. Would I gain better sound from the 3rd RB 61 in the middle? On another note, I just noticed your equipment list. Wow!! Ok so I am a Disabled Vet that has a limited income and I have been trying to piece this system together. While I have some interest in this thread, I am looking at ditching my Harmon Kardon AVR 630 for a new Denon or Yamaha Receiver. I was trying to stay around $500. Which would be better with the set up I am trying to put together? I apologize for so many questions.
  5. Am I to understand you correctly,ditch the center speaker and go with a third RB 61 II for the center?
  6. I have a pair of Book Shelf RB61 II. I just bought a R12SW. I want to buy a Center. Torn between the RC-62 II or the RP-250C. As a side note, I may upgrade later but I doubt it. If so the RB-61 II's would be my rear speakers. They are only $20.00 difference. Which would you buy? Thanks
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