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  1. Mine also just stopped working, the blue bluetooth LED is blinking fast and here in Europe i couldn't find somebody who wants to repair the unit yet
  2. Hi, i live in Europe. Last year a dream came true when a good friend who loves all of my klipsch speakers got me a Stadium for my birthday. Sadly he died a few months later. Another reason for me to love my Stadium which i enjoy to listen to. This weekend it just stopped working. When i plug in the power the green power LED comes on and the blue bluetooth LED starts blinking fast but never stops. I am unable to switch source and also analog is not working. I have tried the factory reset by pressing both buttons on the back but nothing happens. I have contacted the Klipsch importer in the Netherlands but the say they cannot help me. Maybe someone here has an idea? I really don't want to give the unit to some repair shop who are not familiar with the unit. Thank you... Guido
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