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  1. Selling all my theater room. Had all 8 towers ran as a 7.1 with 2 of them as a double center. Pulled them when i switched to la scalas in LCR and never hooked them back up so they must go. Prefer to sell them all as a bundle but may split up. Asking price is a starting point. I know market varies. (4) Klipsch km6- military version of kg 5.5 excellent condition 2 have boxes (1) Klipsch KMC- military version of Kv2 good condition, small ding on rear, have box (4) Klipsch KG 5.5 Black- 10/10 electronically. One pair has crites crossovers and tweeters. Both sets could use refinishing as the edges are worn and previous owner glued ports in one pair but it will clean off. (1) Klipsch Kv 3 Black- Excellent condition. Located in jacksonville, Florida. Will deliver with-in an hour of Jax or between Jax and Tampa for the right price if you buy them all. $2000.00 OBO https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/393487928097296/
  2. Pm sent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Needing something I can use as a pre that is also capable of analog in. This puts the peach tree and bifrost out. The oppo looks great but it is more than I want to spend right now and a sonos will be handling my streaming. I'm leaning towards the emotiva but strongly considering the marantz. I just don't have enough information on the marantz from real world use compared to the emo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. The emo is $399 right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. That is why I'm looking at both of these units. They both can function as a pre and headphone amp. No one has anything to say about the marantz hd dac1? Chipset is from their reference line, porthole design matches the rest of my equipment and I can use the remote bus..... But the emo had a great price point and seems to be somewhat smarter in some aspects. Had to look up the oppo. It looks nice but it's priced outside of my budget. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My interest in the marantz is almost all of my equipment is marantz and I would be able to use the remote bus to control the ud player. The interest in the emotiva is the price and favorable reviews it has received along with input and output options.
  7. Just giving a quick update. Didn't have to order any sockets, just swapped the front socket out for the bad top socket. Put in some new Mullard kt88s and we are up and running. Still not getting much bottom end out of them but I believe it's a source issue that I will be correcting shortly.
  8. The time has come to do some equipment upgrading. I'm splitting my 2 ch rig off from its current source and wanting to give it a dedicated dac to feed the Dynaco mk3s into the la scalas. Current setup was a zone out of my sr7007 and wasn't the greatest. Sources will be either a ud7007 or 5007 from marantz for discs, United audio dual 1229 for vinyl, a sonos for streaming and possibly a Mac mini for my digital collection. I am considering 2 dacs and cannot find any comparison threads between the two. Marantz hd-dac1 vs emotiva stealth dc1 Does anyone have any feedback on these two. I cannot find any threads on any forums where tether are compared to each other.
  9. I spent some more time tonight researching and looking up output transformer issues and replacement sockets. I'm wondering if they sockets weren't worn out to start with and by cleaning everything I removed the corrosion that was making the connection to the tube. Either way the sockets now need to be replaced and they are inexpensive. I'll order enough to do both amps and have a couple spares and start with the first amp and see if this does it. Have some more researching to do. I would post pictures on here but there is an issues with the tapatalk app. It keeps giving me a login error so it will not let me add photos. Looks like the clowns at tapatalk are blaming everything on everyone having outdated forum software when even their own forum has the same issue.
  10. Auditioned the amps for about an hour. The sounded great. I don't know much about brands but he had a tube cd transport ran into an emotive xda1 into the amps playing through pioneer andrew jones bookshelf speakers. I put 10 hours or more on them over the next three days. They sounded amazing, just no bottom. Unfortunately the ugly duckling was used as a partial trade for the dynacos. The recipient really didn't want it. When I found the amps I sent him a message and didn't hear from him for a week, then we spoke over the course of a couple days, I made my offer and a few days later he got back to me and said he really doesn't want any more vintage gear, but he also doesn't want the dynacos to sit so he will accept my offer if it means they are getting used. He didn't even want to hear it when I brought it with me. It was really hard for me to get rid of the lil amp but it was the only bargaining chip I had.
  11. Been a long while since I've been in here , see things have changed a lot. Looks like this is the right place to ask so here it goes im long winded so skip to the 4th paragraph below this one if you are not interested in the particulars Picked up some mk3s over the weekend to run the la scalas with. finally got rid of the ugly duckling, my old '58 Lafayette stereo 236a. Hooked up the dynacos and let them warm up, then brought the marantz up to play some tunes. First thing I noticed was the amazing separation of instruments. Second thing I noticed is wtf did all my low end go. The old ugly ducking was an integrated so I had the bass bumped up just a tad on it and it would rip Sheetrock off the walls. The new dynacos.... Let's just say my tone death wife said they sound like shhhh...gave them the weekend and yesterday to convince me they had something hidden that I was over looking. With over 10 hours of listening in i finally gave in and started bumping up the bass on my preamp to get some bottom back until I ran out of adjustment. Something's not right. on the old stereo 236 i would generally listen betwee -30 to -12. with these amps -60 is loud- 44 in uncomfortable. after i reset the tubes in the sockets it calmed down. Did some research and made some phone calls. Amps have RCA tubes on asc rev9 input boards with the dynakit parts differential bias kit. sovtek 6550s on the power., rubys on the back end with dynakit parts 30/20/20/20 multi section cap and it looks like a good amount has been replaced inside along with new binding posts and rca input. from what i have gathered even though the 6550s are more detailed with less low end i should not be completely lacking in bass.. I was told by a few people to swap to kt88s and ditch the rubys for something better but to first reflow all the solder and reset the bias so i did. after i reflowed the solder i reset both bias pots( factory and differential) on both amps per bbcu1 directions and plugged the amps in to bring them up. within a minute they started arcing and sparking so i quickly shut them down and took them back to the bench and pulled the bottom plates, one amp blew the fuse but the other didnt. set them back up on the workbench, plugged in a load and shorted the input as directed. set the amp up so i could see the guts and flipped the power on. armed with a Flir thermal imaging camera i sat back and watched. it was very uneventful for the the first minute then the socket started arching across 3/4/5 on one of the power tubes. cut the amp off immediately. Set up the other amp and the same thing though it was arcing across the socket over the center of the tube and poped the fuse that i pulled out of the first amp to power this one up. What gives? what did i unleash? the only thing i can think of is i put a dab of dielectric on the pins to keep the corrosion away. would that have caused this or did reflowing the solder "fix" something that been hidden. I checked for shorts and dont see anything. pretty disappointed. been wanting these guys for years and now within three days i let the smoke out. It would be one thing if i had no business turning a screwdriver but im pretty sure i can make it through i can make it through the day without the urge to lick windows.
  12. Glws wish I had the funding. It's a good deal
  13. You could always ship it down here for a long term demo[emoji1]
  14. Last time my daughter touched the av rack I almost lost a tube amp. Last time my wife touched it the we had to buy a new blueray player. I stopped off at the local high end shop where I had a sit down with the guy I bought some of my stuff from. Told him what's currently running and how and what my plans were and the zones I was adding. He said control4 would run it the way I want but not to buy it until I had all my equipment and zones ready or else I'd be spending more money on more programming and possibly more modules. Then he said what I didn't want to hear " find a used harmony on eBay to get you buy until then"
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