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  1. Willland thanks for your info about the Heresys. Ya I was told it wouldn't work at a shop that sell Klipsch . They said that i should just buy the new   RP-140SA.

    it would be a better choice. it sounds that the heresys would be an overkill ? Being a great set of speakers i would like to bring them  into my system something old

    and great that would even make it sound outstanding but  ,do you think it wouldn't make a difference over all ?  

  2. Would a pair of Heresy's work good for atmos ?

    of course I would make stands to have them kind of laying down like monitors pointing to the 

    ceiling . I can get a pair at a very good price?

    or would it be a waste of money large.IMG_5258.JPGlarge.IMG_5257.JPGlarge.IMG_5256.JPG

  3. Hello 

    I have a chance to buy a pair of Klipschorns that are about 30 years old but  look and sound new for less than I  paid for my RF7 -11 

    Right now i have two RF-7 11

    Two RP 250s

    Palladium  P-312W SUB

    RC64-11 CENTER

    The room is 25 by 35 but the screen and the front  speakers will set between 13'  at the front  with two speakers on each side .thats where i have the RF-7 11 RIGHT now .

    with the sub in the middle . If i do pick these up i could but them in the same place but also have room in the back and that is 18' across  but also my RP 250S are there .

    does anyone believe this would be a very much an over kill ? would the Klipschorn and the  RF7-11 just be fighting with each other or would i be crazy not to buy them ?

    I am lost in what to do buy them for myself because it will work for great sound or buy them to sell in which i would have a hard time to even do that. 


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