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  1. This is my first New Marantz receiver SR-7012 and I can assure it’s great for Music and Home Theater 🎭
  2. As you might know I went with the Marantz SR7012 . I happy with it and it sounds great with Klipsch.
  3. I been working on the sound with the NEW Marantz sr 7012 , I am happy with it The sound is great . It’s truly sounds like a theater now ! I also know there is better stuff out there but it comes to a time where my ears can’t hear grass growing ! It’s blows the Onkyo out ! The Marantz how i see it works well with Klipsch’s!
  4. charles m


    Nice would love to own these , I am in Canada 🇨🇦
  5. Does anyone know how many pairs of these were made ?
  6. I have TWO RF7 II RC 64 II CENTER TWO RP250S REARS KLIPSCH P-312 SUB Klipsch Heresy Mosscade Saturn 12 Subwoofer Klipsch IC-650T ceiling speakers I do have Bass and thanks for the info . the link doesn’t seem to work . Yes there is going to be adjustments , I am here to learn so give me the info please.
  7. I have the Sub to match these but I am in Canada and $6000 usd is $7493.87cad is a bit high for me . The Shipping would also hit hit a few dollars. I would love to own these !
  8. It sounds great and I believe I will be happy, for how long I don’t know lol ? the two independent Bass outputs is a must ! I am glad I went with this !
  9. Acv02 so do they sound good on Klipsch? I will soon find out I need to get at setting this up . I did had a cheep Onkyo TX NR 747 but it did sound good but not great. on the othe hands others couldn’t believe the sound . I was kind of pissed this morning that Best Buy , they are selling the Marantz SR-7012 at their stores here in Canada. Well here in Canada we consider Best Buy Product are junk! they are selling them for $2500 plus tax . not a bad price but the good side I got mind a few hundred Less . That’s why they call me cheep Charlie....lol
  10. Well I did a full turn around and said no to Pioneer, Onkyo , and even Anthem . I went back to Marantz and picked up the New Marantz 7012 ! What the hell I haven’t even takin it out of the box yet . I hope I made the right choice but I feel I did ...... well I do respect your opinions and yes please giv it to me lol
  11. Ok I understand that , but there is 9 channels and they says it is 140 Watts per clannel I can see it would drop that low ?
  12. Are you saying the Yamaha is not even close to a 140 Watts , I believe the pioneer elite 801 is !
  13. I here the pioneer is better ? That is your info ?
  14. Been looking at receivers from Onkyo Rz , Anthem , Marantz, and I came back to pioneer SC LX 801 . the price is ok considering the price for anthem or Marantz. anyone out there still believe in Pioneer? went to a sound room and it sound great but the speakers they used where worth about $18.000.00 but I do believe it would sound great on my klipsch’s. So does anyone have some info ?
  15. Cecaa850 so you know about the Sub setup ?
  16. I just can’t believe the sound ! I am not sure but I might even say it sounds better then the Klipsch p-312 ....... maybe lol
  17. Yes I got it used from a shop called the Audio room very hi end place . The new price when it came out was $2700 usd and that was about 5 or 6 years ago . They had this kicking around in the shop .they where up grading the showroom and of course I seen this thing setting there and ask them if I could hear it so they did and I went home with it for about $500cad ! I believe it was a great score !
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