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  1. This one is a Saturn 12 the other one is Klipsch p312 w
  2. These would look great in that room !
  3. These would look great in the last room !
  4. Hope you have some Cloth under the lamp and other things on your La Scala’s , I had a pair for years didn’t do this and it made stains on the wood . Lost them in a flood but i end up with this
  5. If you can leave one up front and one in the back on the side wall . It looks great and I am sure it sounds great here is some info https://www.ussoundlabs.com/subwoofer-positioning
  6. Beautiful set up , love 💕 It ! Some have it some don’t !
  7. Beautiful set up , love 💕 it ! Some have it some don’t ! 😉
  8. I used to have an Onkyo, I also sold it and got the Marantz Sr 7012 I had a pair of La Scala but lost them in a flood .
  9. Looking great 👍 can’t wait to see it done !
  10. I have my Klipsch P-312W SUBWOOFER up front and my Saturn 12 on a angle in the back of the room I have enough bass I believe can crack my basement walls ! If anyone knows we are not looking for that kind of bass . WE want Bass we can feel in our body even at low volume at times its there but we take it for granted ,it’s amazing
  11. Don’t We all have great set ups 👍 love it !
  12. Great setup ! here is some info I am trying https://www.ussoundlabs.com/subwoofer-positioning
  13. I feel maybe one or even two special chairs of different Character Would be find , but to set down and watch a movie one need to feel comfortable And yes relaxed But not fighting with it seat ! Lol 😂
  14. That’s was updated if you look at the new picture. The picture you are taking about was my first rack then I made it bigger. thanks also ! This is the new one ☝️
  15. This isn’t a L- shape , it’s a C shape sectional and it has power seat to even lay down 😉
  16. No it doesn’t but it’s a great chair to set in when Listening to music !
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