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    Need info

    Would this power cable work for my Klipsch p-312 sub the name of the cable is Yulong CP1 High Purity Copper Power Cord 4ft length?
  2. I having trouble finding if this Sub cable would work for my Klipsch P-313 Sub ? i don’t want to buy if it doesn’t fit . does anyone know ? The name of the cable is Yulong CP1 High Purity Copper Power Cord - , 4ft length
  3. Put a new sub in with my system, Mosscade Saturn 12 works Great with the Klipsch p-312
  4. charles m


    I heard the pioneer elite It sounds great !
  5. Yes , that's it lol I just wanted to upgrade the receptacles to my audio to make sure they don't fail . i also seen some on he end audio some that go for $250 to over $500 lol I guess they can hear grass grow l lol I also was at a audio hi five store the other day and they had a used TT selling for $29,000.00 does anyone want to buy it ? Oh it's in Canadian dollars so that would be cheap to most of you guys lol
  6. charles m


    That's guys I going to do my work ! I do like Marantz.
  7. charles m


    Doesn't the class D run less hot ? I went and listened to the pioneer SC-99 it sounds 100% better towards the Onkyo TX -NR 747 that I shouldn't of purchase . Yes I need to go the hear the Marantz also ..... thanks
  8. I feel the sub should have its own separate receptacle for it has its own amp but that's just my feeling . To many things plugged in can cause things to go wrong . and yes the hospital grade is a up grade , you don't want it to fail .
  9. charles m


    So the pioneers a lot better than Marantz then ? Class D is better !
  10. charles m


    Or the Marantz SR-7011
  11. charles m


    Thanks for the info , are they in line with the Marantz SR-7010 , not sure would would be better?
  12. charles m


    Just want to know about quality and what kind of Rateing it might be ? I setting up 9.1.2 Atmos .
  13. charles m


    For now I am using a receiver and would like to upgrade . Would like to know if anyone used or has a Pioneer SC-99 Elite ? If some knows about this Receiver what's your play on it ?
  14. Beside I have my sub plugged into a separate receptacle not a Power conditioner for I heard they can kill a sub ! I use up grade hospital receptacles
  15. I always shut down my sub and it's a P-312 . I just don't like to leave it power up even if it does have a auto shut down of not . If it's shut down less things to go wrong !
  16. I would love to get one of the RSW 15 but I do live in Canada . I did buy one from a guy a few years ago from Massachusetts and had it shipped by Fedx but I believe he was so closed to the border he shipped it to me from the Canadian side . I paid by PayPal and all went well . No problems ! Years later I lost it in a flood! Ya if we could make a deal that would be great ! Are you willing to ? I would give you a offer in private as in a email . Get back to me .
  17. Well the guy sold it out from under me ? oh well going to be looking !
  18. I went and picked it up , what the hell now I got 55 feet of cable and $495.00 lol thanks guys
  19. charles m

    Sub cables?

    Is there and differents to use a good hi Quality sub cable that the run is 50 feet that cost $500 or just use RG6 cable in which is coaxial? I getting that RG6 for long runs are best ? If that's so .... I can pick up 55 feet with the ends on it for $5.00 right now , used good site !
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