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  1. New Guy just chiming in as a new Klipsch Quintet V owner with a tx-sr705 running 7.1 for the first time. I had replaced some blown cheap infinity speakers i had been using for 5.1. I had an issue where i would randomly be terrified by a extremely loud Gunshot type noise from all speakers from multiple input sources. i unplugged the surrounds both reg and rear as I was afraid of blowing my new speakers. Internet Research showed it was a known issue with the DSP firmware affecting many onkyo receivers and some others. It was fine with 5.1 but not with 7.1 and had nothing to do with the new speakers. it is sometimes referred to as DTS AUDIO BOMB. you can get the firmware update here if needed from onkyo, and get the files officially from here: put the last letter from your S/N in there) copied from here http://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/1016297-onkyo-integra-direct-firmware-updates-4.html it comes with instructions. Mine was not registered with an email address so i went to the main site and registered and within a minute was able to log in and get the DSP firmware Applied the firmware update and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Dave
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