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  1. Maybe something like that above @Deang ^ ?
  2. https://uk.farnell.com/eaton-bussmann-series/bk-agc-2-1-2-r/fuse-cartridge-2-5a-6-3x32mm-fst/dp/1150579?ost=2.5+amp+agc&krypto=DtXDoHUENo32CvEVtohZynmncYqSt9q45AndKNscqXu8hgLhWwe%2BMxJu8vTf3aJHLh1uPu88Fdpe6UybM2kATPRoAb1SqOii%2BqbYULscK9X0I0e4uIp%2Ft6OFNSBc493w0qPrMJudwI7bba%2BPvjDHVTs00JsEouyeBI%2FLaSDKaXsX4J%2BOjWtpIoUGD4CI1W8Yct380f%2FlJ0BdVmXAhLb6XHn%2FwUkAESdQbix95aZUsHZorB1gEGL0p2OxM5r70R3FDF5OFTCQ0J4SNzAAT6DiZ2Do3N%2Bo5sy0wvwEBjk1WbkcY4AbRfMJ6ZO4gvKDzYGhxEDJj3ZpQhH68U%2Bo%2ByiQ9uNhgE7jC4qdaMR3l0cCysUBtqyC7kLNSWHeyOJ0tlftQ7%2FkkJTFndV9L5aNQTGbwqU79xxaTTHxAQIFvypUiSvC1jacIFMZzS7HJRHoIgOzsPo8riiptGRGyQ0tdaUoew%3D%3D&ddkey=https%3Aen-GB%2FElement14_United_Kingdom%2Fsearch
  3. @Deang thank you sir, I'll have a look this week and let you all know how I got on. Thank you all for your kind help
  4. Fortunately I just started work for a company that does studio/pa hire and repair so I'm hoping some of the guys there might be able to help
  5. @Westcoastdrums man, it was so difficult getting 2 pairs of them to the UK and a pair of Belle Klipsch, all working fantastically except for this one.
  6. Am I best emailing Klipsch direct and asking exactly what kind of fuse and buying from them or will I find similar in UK, again sorry for my ignorance.
  7. Thanks gents, I'm in the UK so sourcing things is not always too straightforward
  8. @Khornukopia yes there are, do you happen to know what type of fuses they are as they are kept at a venue and not at my house. Thanks
  9. @wvu80 thanks, I'm really terrible with forum workings, but with help like this I'll get there, than you
  10. @wvu80, ah yes that would make sense as the invoice is from 1994. Thank you
  11. Thanks, I don't remember ever having them loud enough to blow driver so yes maybe check crossovers. Do I need to check any fuses, excuse my technical ignorance, I'm just a music lover:)
  12. Hi, one of my Klipschorns bass drivers is not functioning, I'm not sure of it's age but the serial number is 104398457. Any thoughts of things to try first and any idea how old they are. Thank you
  13. As always, thanks for all the excellent feedback. This really is the best forum
  14. If I If I move all four speakers in or out the same amount to form a square as it is now, just larger or smaller, won't it just get louder or quieter ? Thanks for any help
  15. Hi I was just wondering, my Klipschorns are on a base as pictured, the base is filled with Kingspan and false corners surrounding them. If I wanted to have them permanently on castors would this affect the sound at all? Any thoughts. Many thanks
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