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  1. I would say the RF-83s are a solid, special speaker. I feel it’s more. “Grounded” sound meaning it’s kinda a sound between the two towers and I can at times hear it from top to bottom almost where the three woofers are. The three woofers seem great with music and drums. I mean at times it seems like it has more bass than the 7s, it may not actually but the way it hits you and fills the room. When I feel that way, I switched to the 7s and ran the same song or scene, the bass was there and strong, but noticed it more on 83s because it just hits you at times. 

    The 83s seem to have more control of the high notes. It’s hard to listen to jazz or classical on the 7s. I played the same song and the Violen sounded more bitey or top heavy on the 7s. Maybe the 83s are more balanced or have more mid bass/mid range sound. I would almost say they are quiet for a Klipsch speaker in a good way because it is not fatiguing.

    With all that being said, the RF-7 IIs seem to have a larger sound. The sound comes off the speakers and fills the whole wall up to my vaulted ceilings. It seems to just be evey where. So this was especially good for movies for more of a surround experience. bass is strong and more deep maybe is the word instead if the 83s being more tight and the three woofers hit you at once. 

    All and all, both are great speakers with just a bit of a different sound. My best summary would be the 83s seems to have more controlled balanced sound with 3 woofers that just hit you and definitely sounded good with more music types. Maybe a little quiet but you May never notice it unless next the 7s. 

    The 7s have a larger sound stage, and because of that, more higher top end. Great for movies, good for some music but certain songs can have too many high notes that to me sound better on the 83s. Definitely great movie speaker for home theater. Dual 10” woofers have great bass, just not as directional as the 83s to me.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, xo705cf said:

    I agree I like being able to use my phone as well...  Did you bother running dirac or are you just using the default setting on the 777?  Also by chance did you find those 83’s on Facebook marketplace somewhere in Florida?   I saw some on there but now they’re gone I’m wondering if you were the one who picked them up?

    Yep, picked them up in Florida on Facebook market place. I waited too long on the last pair so I snatched these up. 

    I ran Dirac with all positions and it did a fantastic job. I turned it off today to compare the 7s and 83s and it still sounds great even without it. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, xo705cf said:

    Got ya...  Are you still liking your 777 just curious, I ended up buying a 758 and like it overall so far...

    Yes it’s awesome! My old receiver was 10 years old so I like having the blue os sound through my phone. It’s just balanced and all the problems I had with my Onkyo or Audysse are not on the Nad. Plus, it just gets the center and bass right from the start. 

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  4. 5 minutes ago, xo705cf said:

     OK the question begs to be answered which ones do you think sound better ?   Are you keeping both pairs or do you plan to move to one or the other?  Either way nice gear and set up!!!

    My plan was to bring my old Onkyo 805 out of storage and use a Bluetooth device to use my phone to play music and place them in the dining room and have them as a second set of speakers. But I like them a lot and wonder if I should keep them in the main set up and move the RF-7s to another room.


    They sound special. More grounded, nice chest slam since they have 3 woofers. The 7s have a larger sound, and bass is there, just not the same chest slam. More like deeper down bass if that makes sense. Also, the 83s seem a little more balance maybe more mid sounds. They do blend perfectly! 

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  5. Last years reference models are good for clarity if you want to upgrade your system. They are last years models so you can find them at good prices. Rf-82 IIs and RC-62 IIs would be a good option. I got the towers and center at frys for $550 until I upgraded to the Rf-7s. 


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  6. It’s great the speakers are in the center and not too close to the side walls. That way the sound can fill the room properly and not have a bad reflection from the wall. Mine opened up when I moved them away from my walls. Looks like a nice theater, you just need a popcorn maker and some movie posters now! 

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  7. I had a receiver for 10 years the Onkyo 805. Great receiver, but I had some issues like quiet center channel and great bass, but never really from the center channel or surrounds. So I delt with this because it worked and didn’t really need an upgrade. Then, I got my new NAD 777 receiver. Now, my issues with the Onkyo are gone. No more quiet center channel and the bass is great from the speakers. More balanced sound. Glad I upgraded, plus I like streaming music via Bluetooth which I couldn’t before. I say go for it, you can always use the other one as a spare or if you get a second set of speakers. Most places have a 30-60 day return so if you don’t notice a difference or like your old one better, just send it back. 

    You May want to consider the NAD 758, it’s onsale now 400 off so should be a similar price to the Marantz but you get Dirac live room correction. Like I said mine sounds more balanced and has great center clarity. Look at the reviews.



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  8. 28 minutes ago, tubetwister said:

    My problem is we have about a $600 credit coming from Crutchfield. And we are hoping for a good Black Friday sale on some 7's...or maybe those never go on sale?

    Did you call them? They usually can’t advertise a discount but can tell you over the phone if they can sell them below retail. I had a gift card and got my receiver from world wide stereo and they gave me a good price off of retail for it. But I had to get the price over the phone. 

  9. On 11/15/2019 at 3:06 PM, dtel said:

    Yes call and get a price no matter what your looking at

    Batman is not Bruce Wayne but @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, now you know the true identity of Batman.  

    I got an Svs pc-12 plus and Klipsch the one from him, great prices. He’lol send you a quote and then you buy it because it is too good to pass up. So be careful! 


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  10. Short answer is yes. Especially if you already have the upgrade bug. Once you get the 8000s then you will think what about the RF-7 IIIs, just get them and be done with upgrading. I went from the synergy F3 the older model of yours to the RF-82 IIs and at first it was more clarity and an upgrade. Then, I realized I wanted more. I endend up getting the RF-7 IIs and was glad I did. Just a larger sound and incredible bass out of those dual 10” woofers. Now, I sold the RF-82s at a slight profit so it was no big deal. Just get the higher model, you will be glad you did.


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  11. On 11/2/2019 at 11:12 AM, jordan122345 said:

    Okay that's good to hear and also glad you mentioned putting the 62s on the sides not the rears. It looks like the specs of the 52s and 502s are pretty similar. I wonder if there is any difference in the tweeters then?  Thanks for the input

    It really won't show it in the specs, but the tweeters were redesigned. The new tweeters use a rubber material instead of plastic to reduce noise resonance. I really haven't had a good opportunity to compare the new to the old, but everything I read say they are smoother sounding. I don't know if it is only the material they changed, may be they changed the crossover too to make them sound smoother? The good thing is you do have both versions. Maybe you can comment on a comparison of the two. Im curious of the difference myself.  

  12. Not much sound comes out of the back so I would suggest putting the RS-62 on the side and RS-52 in the back. Most tracks are in 5.1 so you can get a better use with this arrangement. Really, I feel it is just personal preference which ones you use and decide to keep. The new reference premiere speakers have a new rubber horn. It really doesn’t matter too much if the surrounds matching the front speakers. With that being said, if you can hear a difference between the old horn design vs the new design, then you may like the new horn more and want to get another pair. If it sounds about the same to you, keep the RS-62 and RS-52 because you will have a bigger speaker and better surround effects. I love my 4 RS-52 IIs  with my RF-7 IIs. 


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