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  1. 3 minutes to Miller Time

    Yeah I know, its' pretty awesome.
  2. rp-250s side surround location

    The official Dolby recommendations are 90 to 110 degrees back if I remember right. I like them back slightly myself, the separation is more obvious on normal movies. Certain multi-channel music is easier to pull off the panning effects with them being slightly forward though, I've experimented with this and Chris A talks about it sometimes.
  3. Modding KPT-456 to KPT-942?

    It's the same deal, you can do something like order the top end of a 904 (part number 097024000003) which again comes with a driver and bracket like the aforementioned 402 situation. They just don't want to sell the 510 horn by itself.
  4. Modding KPT-456 to KPT-942?

    If you're saying you called me and I said you had to buy a Jubilee or whatever to get a 402 then I don't really agree with that, either I wasn't clear or you talked to somebody else or it was a long time ago when I didn't know what I was talking about. The 402 is easily available without buying the bass bin, you just have to do what @Coytee said and buy it with a compression driver mounted and the stand, which has its own serial number and is a perfectly legit sale. I've done this very thing within the past couple weeks or so. You just can't say hey I want a 402 horn lens with no driver or stand, at least not without proving that you have a Klipsch product with its own serial number that needs a replacement part. You can swap out the 1132's for the K-691 easily as well, doesn't even cost anything extra, just takes a few days for them to swap them.
  5. Klipsch KPT-1802-HLS Horn Subwoofer

    Seems like a perfectly swell idea to me but Bonehead personally told me that they were designed so that the port side of the innards were coupled to the ground and need to stay situated like normal. If I got some I'd at least want to try this.
  6. Klipschorn's custom pair = On order....hurry up Klipsch! :-)

    That would most likely be the rep not knowing who or what to ask, or maybe the dealer not staying on top of it. Nothing really takes that long, especially just seeing if something is possible. Takes longer than ideal to get an exact price on a super custom request sometimes but still, about the worst I've ever seen from question to an exact quote is 2 weeks on crazy things. I've had them quote an entire speaker being totally redrawn in CAD with way quicker than that.
  7. RP-160M’s

    Yeah that's the official Dolby recommendation. You can still use the RP-250S for the rears though, the footprint actually works better for most rooms, kind of need some space to pull the bookshelf thing off. 250S hugs the wall better. The problem I found when experimenting with surrounds is that the dispersed ones can actually bounce off the side walls plus if you're right in front of one and are close but you are in direct firing line of the horn on the other side, some weird things can happen, like a rear surround effect can play but it sounds like it's coming from the other side of the room, just strange. Monopole / direct firing ones keep rear effects actually behind you better if that makes sense. Plus the bookshelves are significantly cheaper.
  8. Picture quality: projectors vs. TVs

    Apples and oranges. Can't fire speakers through a solid wall. If you want acoustically transparent, there are tradeoffs, but, you get away from having a compromise of a center channel below the screen. There's trade-offs either way. Kind of like the old engineering adage: good, fast, cheap... pick two.
  9. Anyone here cook - Pots and Pans discussion

    I went through a cooking nerd phase. Nowadays I use multiple cast iron pots and pans about every day. We have a dutch oven, a fajita skillet which is perfect for two over-easy eggs, a grill skillet, and a big flat skillet. We can cook most anything with those. Also have a set of tri-ply Calphalon which I thought was an interesting design. Aluminum actually is the best conductor of heat, very even, but acidic foods can taste funny plus it's probably not very healthy to eat out of aluminum every day. Stainless is easy to clean but it actually isn't that great at conducting heat. So, you can get pans that have three layers, basically aluminum sandwiched by two layers of steel. We like using those on some things but things like grilling bratwurst still sucks on them, you just burn the bottom, cast iron is better.
  10. Picture quality: projectors vs. TVs

    Seymour changed something on the XD, the width between the lines in the weave varies so some are further apart or closer together than others. Sometimes three in a row are wider. When this happens I can easily see it from 15' away. Also EluneVision is pretty bad about this, certain pale yellow or blue colors like the sky in desert landscape scenes in Star Wars and the texture stands out really bad, was pretty disappointed in that fabric because of this. Vivid colorful scenes or night scenes are never an issue, always has to be very bright very pale solid colors.
  11. Picture quality: projectors vs. TVs

    Biggest difference is the black levels, the new TV's especially OLED have insane black levels that you can't get in even the nicest projectors. Brightness is also an issue although not nearly as much. Texture on acoustically transparent screens can be an issue with bright white scenes. Otherwise if a good projector is displaying a colorful scene it's just as good as any TV but more, ah what's the word, enveloping or something. Easier to get lost in a movie with a projector. With a TV you're still just staring at a small'ish box.
  12. RC-64 ii

    @CECAA850 or @dtel's wife somebody probably needs to move this.
  13. Which In-Ceiling Speakers for atmos sound ?

    Only use those when you have duct work or something right behind the holes and you have very little clearance. If there's no pressing need to use them then don't.
  14. INUKE setup help

    Not sure I can help with this, it sounds like your gain is just cranked to high heavens but surely you've got it at a respectable level. I'm not familiar with Anthem but surely ARC has something similar to Audyssey where it helps you set levels. This sounds like a configuration and wiring issue. I've seen several people in the home theater enthusiast group complain about this. I'd double check the wiring configuration on the speakon connectors.
  15. R-26FA Atmos Speaker

    Well, the whole point of those was to get the Atmos functionality but in a much more affordable package, so I seriously doubt it.