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  1. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Klipsch KL-6502-THX as surrounds w/Forte Fronts?

    Fortes and heresy with THX is one thing. Reference and THX sounds quite a bit different and is nothing that I can recommend. If you have RF-7III you need to get the new RP-502S.
  2. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Klipsch In-Ceiling Speaker PRO-18RC Setup

    Did you read the owners manual?
  3. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    New RP line up!

    They vented the tweeter which supposedly makes it smoother at the crossover overlap area, most everything else is cosmetic.
  4. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    New SPL-120 vs R-112SW

    probably will be
  5. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Forte III or RF-7 II/III

    Biggest difference is that the RF-7III is more aggressive on the bass and more forgiving in terms of fatigue, they're just pleasant to listen to even in a reflective room. Fortes are cool and well designed, dig deeper, have a more Heritage-y sound, probably brighter, bass isn't as aggressive.
  6. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    2 R-115SW's vs 1 SVS SB-16

    two R-115SW's will run all over a single SB-16 at 20 hz. SVS is usually more reliable and for music it will be tighter and more accurate though. Pros and cons of each.
  7. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Bridged mode...

    Owners manual. Page 11.
  8. MetropolisLakeOutfitters


    I haven't compared them directly but generally speaking the new finishes are way nicer, plus this new one has a switch on the crossover so if you want to hang it on the wall instead of opting for upfiring, the response is optimized. No way it's not better with both these aspects in mind.
  9. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    What is the difference between RP280F vs RP8000F

    I'd get the new ones, they aren't that much more expensive and the finish is much nicer. Easier to find matching stuff to go with it in the future as well. They sound similar. Woofers are literally identical. They may have increased the box size a little. Tweeter is vented now, supposed to be more linear. That's about it.
  10. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Looking at speakers and receivers and I’m lost

    The new reference premier line is out, if you're starting from scratch anyway I'd recommend looking at those, such as the RP-6000F. Also unless there is a space issue and the 440C is all that will fit, try to get the 450C or new 504C, most people end up there anyway, might as well save money and do it from the get go.
  11. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    first real world pics of the new ref premier gear

    It should work just fine. The only significant thing that's being changed on the sound is that the new tweeter is vented, which is supposed to make it more linear. That's about it. I don't think there's any significant changes in terms of where the crossover is or changing the level of the tweeter or whatever. The finish is a different story, you may want to grab the current style just so the finish matches. The new ones have a matte black baffle instead of the brushed vinyl, and the veneer on the side has grayish silverish streaks instead of purple-ish burgundy-ish like the old ebony. Looks quite a bit different although the basic shape is the same. I'd be much more worried about that than the sound. I grabbed a few extra 450C's recently for situations like this.
  12. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    first real world pics of the new ref premier gear

    I wouldn't expect too much more on top of current street prices, most smart retailers are already mostly out and Klipsch is definitely out of some of the popular items like 280F's, hard to have a clearance sale on a bunch of stuff that you don't have.
  13. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    RF7II vs RF7III vs RP8000F vs RP280F

    Sorry, got surprisingly swamped the last several days for this to be August.
  14. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Is it possible??

    Yes, the new 7's are super nice, everybody is going nuts over them, it's a significant upgrade from the last ones. You may want to consider the new RP-502S surrounds, I just got 24 pair of those in, pretty much the same as the 250S but they look significantly nicer in my opinion and don't cost any more. Also don't forget that Parasound just came out with a fresh 5 channel amp, the Halo A52+, all the cool kids are getting those.
  15. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    first real world pics of the new ref premier gear

    I like the Parasound naming convention myself. When they have a minor update but don't really change the underlying product as in this case, they just put a V2 or V3 at the end of it. So you have the 2250. It gets updated, it's the 2250 V2. Same with Emotiva. You've got the XPA-5 but the latest ones have a Gen 3 at the end of it. Simple.