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  1. Yeah I like the wire terminal change. Realistically speaking most of the time it doesn't matter at all but I think it makes them seem more normal to home guys. That walnut turned out really nice.
  2. I'm late to the game, can we just post a challenge any time? How about some 90's. At one time in the early 90's, Bass Player magazine ranked Les Claypool and Flea to be the top two players out there. The question is... what two instruments did they primarily play and love before picking up the bass guitar?
  3. It's confusing. The first iteration of the 280FA's were real wood veneer. If you wanted the veneer to match on the center you ordered the 450CA. That's all it means. These are being phased out and the new 280FA's are the normal ebony vinyl that's on every other reference premier speaker. You'd just get the 450C to match those.
  4. rp 260

    It would be fine. If it were me I'd at least bump up to the RP-450C and R-115SW if budget allows, preferably two R-115SW's. Those towers are all you need if you're using subs. The 15's just dig quite a bit lower, you're going to outgrow that R-112SW. I have four 18's in a similar sized room and want more.
  5. Boom.
  6. rp 260

    Klipsch support on the 800 number would probably tell you no but I think you'd be fine as long as you don't get too crazy with it. You'd have to spend quite a bit to jump up into the 140 watts per channel range but even if you did you're only looking at a what, 1.5 db gain? Sooner or later you're going to want to upgrade based on features but I wouldn't make it a huge priority based on the wattage alone.
  7. The 140's work well but nobody is happy with two, you really need four... and realistically if at all possible you really need the RP-280FA, it just works better than the 140's, which can give away its location sometimes. The 280FA has the components encapsulated with a box lined with foam, the only sound you ever hear is what is coming off the ceiling. 280FA is way better than 280F's plus 140 modules.
  8. No, don't do this. These enclosures are mostly only for fireproofing commercial installs where by code it's required in a false ceiling, as well as keeping the back wave from disturbing the upstairs in residential installs. They aren't meant to be bolted to concrete with the front alone supporting the speakers. Best case scenario it would be super ugly and ghetto even if you got it working. Find you a cabinet builder or somebody that builds sub boxes for cars and just make a thin plywood enclosure that looks halfway nice if you want to do this. Maybe loosely put some insulation in there to absorb the back wave.
  9. We talked Stephen into going.
  10. They've been discontinued for awhile, this was just a limited run and I'm surprised it's been going on this long.
  11. I'm doing my part. I know it is entirely possible to order them with the new Forte III matte black finish with no flypoints. Actively trying to order some. But, if my wife can literally tell me that it doesn't matter because we just sit around and listen to them in the dark anyway, then well, it probably doesn't matter.
  12. I thought they sounded great on movies, I didn't run a bunch of different types of music through them. I did play Dave Matthew's concert blu ray, that was excellent. Roy (the designer) is big on playing Bonnie Raitt through speakers for testing the voicing and he seems to be quite proud of how these turned out. These are the same compression drivers and horns that are in KPT-904's and I've heard Nils Lofgren and lots of other stuff through those, they sound great and aren't fatiguing.
  13. I usually listen to stuff way lower than most everybody here, they're just not an issue at lower volumes. If it were I wouldn't be in the process of trying to get some for my own setup. These just induce zero fatigue and sound correct. Rock music is insane on them, all the stuff that makes rock music come alive is really detailed on these. At higher volume they still sound controlled and accurate. It's cool listening to them out in a field and all, but pop them in a treated room and compare them to other typical consumer speakers side by side and you'll realize how nice they are.
  14. There's always a fine line between actually testing speakers, showing off your speakers, and just listening to your favorite songs. 1. Metallica, "One", Through the Never version. I want to hear the guitar seamlessly panning, James's voice should sound growly and correct, not weird, shouty, or like there's an unnatural resonance. Double bass should sound super tight and not sloppy. The snap of the beater on the skin of the kick drums should come through the horns nice and thick and snappy, not weak. 2. Genesis, "we can't dance", various. This album is like a midrange torture test, lots of airy effects that should sound amazing but can sound boring. 3. James Taylor, Carolina in my mind. I've heard him live, up close and personal, and it was magical. It's a simple song but I know what it should sound like. I always pop this one in to see if it can do my memory justice.
  15. They are actually all like this now. The old style had terminals on top but not anymore. I had a custom request to move the location based on pictures of the old style but they are all like this now. Something to do with the production line plus commercial guys were asking for the same thing. They apparently switched pretty recently and Aaron here got an old stock unit so his was on top, but going forward they will all look like this.