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  1. I've been known to take souls as a downpayment.
  2. The SPL is as matched as it's going to get. actually I think these were the spl's, they just happen to be in piano black and a have a pronounced ring. You may see another line that goes beyond the spl line in the future. The ones they mentioned at ces 2018 isn't going to be made as far as I know.
  3. sound wise, the tweeter on the 600m is vented which supposedly makes the crossover overlap section smoother. That's about it.
  4. You can use direct radiating ones on the sides and technically those are most correct for an Atmos system, but you really need some space if you are going to do that, a single horn firing into your ear from 3 feet away isn't exactly the most comfortable thing ever. The 502S is much more comfortable.
  5. I like the 396's myself. At halfway close distances I felt that the 904's were obvious that there was a horn sitting on top of woofers. I just think the 396's are voiced better, the drivers blend together better, the crossover area is more seamless, hard to tell where the woofer ends and the horn begins at closer distances.
  6. Sorry, just seeing this. I don't mess with the cheaper lines much so I didn't recognize these. Sucks that they are wrong, call them out on it. Curious as to why they were switched up though, most people just get the same things everywhere.
  7. Ok, my 2 cents just because I like deep thoughts. Basically if the Christian idea of a soul is true then you have to consider that heaven isn't here on earth, so basically you gotta float off to outer space, and if that is true, if a soul has weight, you'd never leave the atmosphere. So both can't be true. If you want to go down this path there are a few possibilities: 1. A soul has weight but there is another invisible force that we can't describe that sucks your soul out to outer space. 2. A soul has no weight and is free to basically go where ever. 3. A soul has weight, can never leave the atmosphere, and heaven is actually here on earth. 4. Everybody's just making up a bunch of stuff. 5. The "soul sleep" people are onto something. What can't be true is that heaven is in outer space, a soul has weight, and there is no invisible force that somehow sucks the souls up to heaven, although, this is basically what the people who believe in "soul sleep" believes, at least that force is dormant for the time being. If you study the Bible, you could deduct that we actually all go to heaven at the same time, and if so, you would have to deduct that your soul is basically stuck here on earth after you die. They believe that when you die you go into "soul sleep" where the soul still exists in the grave but you aren't conscious. When the rapture comes, all the believers float off to heaven. If they are right then it could be deducted that the soul has weight.
  8. What I meant was that you can't just do whatever you want, it has to be approved, they could have easily shot it down. I've had other ideas shot down. I wanted other merchandise that had the certified heritage dealer logo on it and that was a big oh hell no.
  9. Thanks, yeah I get that a lot. I mean A LOT. I didn't want to rock the boat too much though. I was lucky just to be able to do it.
  10. Yeah, the shocks are pretty nice, that was one of the reasons I wanted a 2019. Unfortunately they changed the color to orange. The blue 2018's were prettier in my opinion. I guess I'm just used to seeing blue Fox stuff, the orange threw me for a loop. They eat up the little things but you can go around a curve and it doesn't feel nearly as sloppy as most lifted trucks with soft suspension would do. There's even a jump mode, the shocks know that you are airborne and change so that you don't bottom out. Pretty wild for a stock truck to have such things.
  11. I've had 7II's and especially 7III's with the first Halo Integrated, HINT6, A23 with a P5, and A23+ and P6, they were all nice, the bass get unleashed, things like Metallica with kick drum flurries are just super tight.
  12. I don't know what all it is but I've heard that almost all of it is specific to the Raptor. I know the body panels and suspension are, those are the biggest things. A-arms should be longer, body panels wider, rear axle should be wider, different gear ratio, custom seats including Recaro's if you choose, some modes on the computer wouldn't be found in a normal truck, I think until the recent 2019 platinum F-150 the raptor was the only truck you could get with the twin turbo 3.5 and the floor shifter but not sure, custom tailgate applique, optional front locker, of course the grill... probably more but the looks and the suspension were my biggest things, this thing is like riding on a cloud, the suspension is insane.
  13. Thanks. This is about what happens when I turn the local fire roads into a baja course. The fender flares and side steps blocks most of it. The wrap actually protects the paint quite a bit from rocks too supposedly so I dont expect it to be too bad in this regard.
  14. This is for all three of you who aren't on Facebook. Everybody else has probably already seen it 200 times so please just ignore. Almost photoshopped my website out but I talked to two admins and they said it was ok so here it is. If there's any issues please just delete, I'm just proud of it but don't want to ruffle any feathers. Basically I kept seeing all these trucks that were representing everything but home audio so I wanted to do the same thing with Klipsch. The below two were my favorite: example / inspiration 1: example / inspiration 2: So I hooked up with a designer and we came up with this based on design styles that I liked, it's actually a rendering but it almost looks real, this truck doesn't exist. This took several proofs to get to this point, I literally threw away about 75 versions of almost the same thing. Matt Sommers provided feedback on some tweaks and approved this design: I finally got the courage to pull the trigger, found a shop in Nashville called the Wrap Lab who had done multiple Raptors and other high end cars so I was more comfortable with dealing with them than the local guys who admitted that they didn't like stuffing the wrap behind anything, they just cut around stuff, and I saw examples of that and it was just as bad as I suspected, so I drove down and left it for a week. installation: Good thing I stared at that pic for awhile, finally realized that the front fender was messed up so that had to be redone: finished except the door handle was wrong, notice the driver side door handle makes it look like you are seeing double, that part of the L and I was about an inch too high, they had to redo it. first look outside the shop: at a local pond: tailgate closeup: at the warehouse: IT turned out great for the most part. If I were to do it over I would try to avoid the door handles if at all possible but they aren't that big of a deal, we knew going in that would be a challenge. The body panels made a few things appear slightly different than I expected but if I didn't point it out most people would never notice. The Raptor is a wide body truck, those fenders are VERY curvy compared to a normal truck, it messed some things up mostly revolving around my website. The tailgate top is twisted as well and I couldn't do much with it. The inside of the front and rear fender and right above the URL was probably the hardest though. If I ever did another one I'd make sure I got actual 3D renderings to be safe. Paint shops have some very good software that they can use to visualize all the curves, it would be more useful than I expected in situations like this. Here are a couple of renderings that didn't make the cut but were made using this software. This truck doesn't exist either, just blows my mind. Anyway, it was a fun project. It was surprisingly nerve racking to turn over a new truck to people knowing they're going to take a bunch of stuff off of it plus not knowing exactly how it was going to turn out. If I had done it a few times before and had an older vehicle I wouldn't care but yeah that was strange.
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