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  1. Unfinished needs to not get recommended to be honest. Just pretend that one doesn't exist.
  2. I've asked the powers that be at Klipsch to make a matching horizontal Heritage center channel, hopefully they will someday.
  3. Well... considering that piano black is hard to sell, and SPL-150's aren't exactly flying off the shelves, I'd say that a piano black SPL-150 probably just about fits their description pretty well. I've bought 50 R-115SW's at a time before but I'd have a hard time justifying stocking these.
  4. You probably want the HF, not the MF. 097074000001.
  5. dynamic eq makes things more lively at lower volumes, most people prefer it on. rolling off the top end can in fact kill the klipsch sound if you get too aggressive with it. Audyssey pro is bad about this. It's more comfortable but it doesn't seem to consider the character of the speaker very well, it just kind of neuters them.
  6. EQ helps, a house curve in general where you slope down the top end and/or a little notch around 3-5 khz helps quite a bit. Audyssey pro and the new user definable curves in the audyssey consumer has these options for a reason.
  7. I'd get the 504C if you can fit it, everybody ends up there anyway. the 404C and others are good for some situations where height and/or width makes the 504C impossible to pull off, and it saves a few bucks too. Otherwise no reason to mess with it. I'll stock like 30-40 rp-504c's but maybe only two rp-404c's, it's that lopsided.
  8. https://hugeoff.com/ I use this site all the time, perfectly legit. If you get a few you can get coupons for $3 each, it's a no brainer. You can actually get a Lowe's coupon then print it out and take it to the Home Depot who will honor it, then just print another one and use it at Lowe's. Probably use the same one again at HD as far as that goes.
  9. It will work fine, it's a popular combination.
  10. they do sell the boxes, I have the part numbers somewhere, ex-VP Steve Jain had some he was trying to ship so I looked into it. Getting them to you may not be the cheapest thing ever tho.
  11. Sorry, busy weekend. I'm available, 270-556-8427
  12. I've been known to take souls as a downpayment.
  13. The SPL is as matched as it's going to get. actually I think these were the spl's, they just happen to be in piano black and a have a pronounced ring. You may see another line that goes beyond the spl line in the future. The ones they mentioned at ces 2018 isn't going to be made as far as I know.
  14. sound wise, the tweeter on the 600m is vented which supposedly makes the crossover overlap section smoother. That's about it.
  15. You can use direct radiating ones on the sides and technically those are most correct for an Atmos system, but you really need some space if you are going to do that, a single horn firing into your ear from 3 feet away isn't exactly the most comfortable thing ever. The 502S is much more comfortable.
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