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  1. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Forte III

    I have a customer that uses a PrimaLuna. Sometimes at least. He moves stuff around quite a bit.
  2. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    New Heresy III speakers arrived damaged... WWYD?

    Don't speak for us, I ship Heritage, Professional, and RF-7III's all the time, never had a problem, because I do it the right way. It's still possible for damage to occur even with freight, but realistically speaking only two things are going to happen, either something is going to tip over and hit it, or more importantly, the forklift drivers are going to stab it. They stab my reference premier stuff pretty often. I wouldn't mind having them double boxed for extra insurance against this, but this is much different than surviving a 3' drop to a corner or down a 20' long UPS slide, which is the biggest problem here. It's not Klipsch that is getting stuck with returns when this happens. Klipsch always sends out Heritage via freight. If a dummy-head dealer decides to ship it back out via UPS, that's on them for taking that risk. I actually do agree with you on some things but not with Heritage. It's the things like RP-260F / 280F, and especially R-115SW subs that are the problem for us. There should be no reason why an R-115SW or Reference Premier tower should not be able to be shipped via UPS but they will half destroy the things nearly every time. At best the boxes will look like hell. Even if there is no corner smashed up or big hole in the box, they can get dropped straight to the bottom of the box which will bust the plinth in half because it's just styrofoam instead of the more cushiony foam that will absorb an impact. I have to ship the 15's on a pallet to ensure a safe delivery, which is very wasteful considering how much volume I have. SVS has much better packaging, PB-2000's can be sent with UPS with no issues. Same with the monster Parasound amps, they are double boxed with some strong cardboard, just never an issue at all, even after they make multiple trips across the country. We're talking about 80 pound very awkward boxes and they're perfectly fine. But no with these 115's I have to use freight, which not only costs more, but I have to pay for a $15 pallet with every shipment on top of that. After considering the pallet and wrapping, it might cost me $160 to ship an R-115SW properly. I can ship one via UPS for half that though, and I've moved 20 in a month before. Do the math. That's potentially about $20,000 a year down the tubes at that rate, just from this one item. It's a big deal. What is no fun on top of this is that technically they don't adhere to UPS standards, which includes 2" foam all the way around, and when you make a claim, UPS will argue this point upon inspection, so it's harder to win a claim than it should be. Some online dealers don't even try to make a claim, they'll just play a numbers game, they'll send some of this stuff out and if it's damaged, they'll just send another, without asking for the original back. So yes a proper box could be made for a fraction of this cost and avoid most of this while providing a better experience to the customer. I just don't agree that they need to do it on Heritage as to enable people to ship the things via UPS ground.
  3. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    New Heresy III speakers arrived damaged... WWYD?

    This is what happens with you let UPS ship Fortes.
  4. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    New Heresy III speakers arrived damaged... WWYD?

    Well, mostly true, but I at least know how to handle it like a pro. So here's how this should go: 1. The dealer should ship Heritage speakers via freight, period. 2. The trucking company will call you to set up an appointment. You have to be there when they unload it. 3. Inspect the boxes immediately with the driver still there, before you sign. 4. If there is any significant damage to the boxes make the driver note it on his form at the minimum, no matter what. 5. If at all possible, open up the boxes and inspect the actual speakers while he is still there, at the minimum if there's a big hole in the box or whatever then look and feel inside the hole, see if there's any chunks missing out of the speakers. 6. If there is anything at all wrong with the speakers, then right then and there refuse the shipment. Let the trucking company deal with their own ineptitute. 7. If this is not possible, then at least you noted it on the form. Get them inside, get them out of the box, and inspect. 8. If you find anything at that point, contact the dealer, who will then make a claim with the shipping company. 9. Either way, at this point you should have a new set of speakers sent to you while the dealer goes after the shipping company. 10. If you want to bypass some of these steps, then pay extra for white glove delivery service. Certified Heritage Dealers such as myself have to be able to offer this as an option. When you deviate from the steps outlined above, it results in conversations like this.
  5. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    New Heresy III speakers arrived damaged... WWYD?

    Is that how they came? Well there's your problem right there. Any dealer that sends out Heritage speakers via UPS ground ought to be horse whipped.
  6. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Marantz SR5012 with Klipsch RP-450c

    I wouldn't worry about the center. I'd be more concerned about the in-ceilings. 4 overheads work better than 2. If you're going through all that trouble you might as well get a nicer receiver and do four of them.
  7. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealers

    I'm just not convinced that's the case. Last I heard the Hope plant is pretty much maxed out, they are doing as much as the union will allow. They crank them out as fast as they can.
  8. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealers

    What there is a decline in is people who want a dedicated 2-channel setup period. There's a ton of Heritage and other expensive gear going out, but most of the time the customers want it to pull double duty. Even if they want it to sound good for 2-channel music, they are also using it a home theater rig. I don't think that automatically means that the popularity of expensive speakers for music listening is declining, it just means dedicated 2 channel rooms are in decline due to home theater being more popular.
  9. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

    I like Dido.
  10. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealers

    Eh, depends on your definition. I don't have an online store but yes I do well with referrals from my friends and am eternally grateful for them. I actually have zero complaints about the internet, the existence of it is nothing short of a miracle and because of it we are living in the golden age of entrepreneur-ism if that's even a word. I don't even agree that it in itself hurts brick and mortar stores. The only thing that hurts stores in my opinion is rampant abuse of advertisements with discounted prices including B-stock and used equipment, especially on portal sites like eBay and Amazon. Some manufacturers are improving this quite a bit, some not so much. Denon for example is so bad that I don't even try to sell anything below $1,000, I just tell them to go elsewhere typically, which is a ridiculous thing to have to do but it's happened multiple times just this week alone. Accessories are horrid, they aren't as protected and you can get them dirt cheap if you buy a ton of them, so things like projector mounts are often on big sites for cheaper than cost if you go through a distributor. I mean ideally you'd be able to tack on a few accessories along with a larger item and make extra money but some of these sites make that extremely hard to do. Realistically speaking though, these things are not problems that are inherent to the internet, the same thing could have potentially happened with mail order or a simple magazine ad with a phone number. Consider that Sony is actually really good about policing these things, Sony dealers can still make good money due to a lack of some of the aforementioned issues, so I don't believe it's inherent to the internet itself.
  11. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Wow, that sounds exhausting.
  12. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Choices Choices, R-28F, RP-280F, R-25C, R-15M; Help!

    @moray james I'm sure you're smarter than me on this stuff but look at the breakup measured in aluminum vs. titanium vs. beryllium. Aluminum doesn't look superior to me but maybe I'm misunderstanding. http://www.vueaudio.com/beryllium/the-use-of-beryllium-in-transducers/
  13. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Choices Choices, R-28F, RP-280F, R-25C, R-15M; Help!

    You sure about that? Beryllium is what is much higher. I was under the impression that aluminum is actually lower. There was an article somewhere that actually measured all this stuff with a laser, I'll try to find it.
  14. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Choices Choices, R-28F, RP-280F, R-25C, R-15M; Help!

    The 280's are less harsh. The aluminum tweeters of the cheaper line can be more fatiguing. This is very important to me. If you went that direction, try to plan on getting a 450C to match at least eventually.
  15. MetropolisLakeOutfitters

    Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealers

    It's like that on everything, and yeah the internet is to blame. I feel sorry for doctors where every other patient has a medical degree from WebMD. I taught myself how to sell by being a trailer dealer for 16 years. That scene has the same things going on but is way worse. Welders are the worst trailer customers you can imagine, they will nitpick everything about the product, and everything you say turns into a "gotcha" game where they're luring you into saying something wrong so they can point it out, all of which revolves around making themselves feel smart. I've never seen anything like it. Stereos are a cake walk compared to trying to sell a trailer to a welder. Second worst is independent transport companies, like these "hot shot" guys that haul small loads everywhere, they know everything. The worst I've had with stereo guys are amp snobs. They'll call you up seemingly just looking for somebody to argue with.