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  1. They are kind of shipping at the end of the month. Only problem is that it's kind of limited and a few extremely large retail dealers ordering insane numbers are getting first chance. So, not everybody is going to have them right when they start shipping. I ordered several but I'll be lucky to be anywhere close to the front of the line. Just be patient, they're coming.
  2. the 280f is almost identical to the 8000f, as far as I am aware most of the parts are identical, the woofers are for sure. about the only real difference acoustically speaking is that the tweeter is vented on the 8000f which is supposed to smooth out the overlap area where the crossover point is. otherwise it's mostly cosmetic. Any significant and noticeable differences when a/b'ing them would probably be due to break-in time, room layout, equipment, or whatever.
  3. There's pros and cons. The pro ones actually aren't supposed to be sold retail, especially not shipped to a customer who contacted you online, so I can't even get them, as they know I'll ship them to people. They sound good and are voiced a little better, less bright up top, but you also lose the ability to pivot the woofer and tweeter which often comes in handy for Atmos. Flipping the tweeter attenuation switch on the CDT's is the next best thing, plus they're easier to get for most people, and you retain the ability to pivot them.
  4. The most popular ones are the CDT-5800-C-II. The CDT-5650-C-II does almost the same thing especially for Atmos and saves some bucks. The reference II like these are a little brighter than the new ref premier stuff but there is a tweeter attenuation switch that you can flip that helps quite a bit at least in my opinion.
  5. I don't agree with this, most all speaker cloth looks like it will rip if you look at it funny. The new Reference Premier is actually tougher than a lot of them. RF-7III, but if you need upfiring Atmos or downfiring elevations, you still gotta get the RP-500SA.
  6. 60 db max out of the sound bar? That's not even the level of a normal conversation. If that's accurate I'd contact your dealer or at least call 800-klipsch and talk to the tech support guys.
  7. Don't get Reference Premier if you have a starting budget like that and can add more later. At least get RF-7III, those are the most popular speaker I carry. Heritage is cool but in my opinion it doesn't make a lot of sense to build a home theater system around two Heritage speakers if you plan to use Reference surrounds. The only other feasible choice in my opinion is a pro system, maybe KI-396-SMA-II. Of course there's 904's and Jubilees as well. Did I read it right in that there is only one long wall that is clean? That room size would be nice if you could put the speakers on a short wall and build a false wall for a projector screen but it sounds like you can't.
  8. which is going between speakers that are $2,000 each. It's not really inappropriate. If possible just get a third Forte, only down side is that if you're using a TV it will be higher than what most people consider to be ideal.
  9. I'm only aware of two others. There has only been one production run and I got all of them except for two that a VP got. Two were sold. There are also four prototypes floating around. Still have three boxed up.
  10. KPT-1502. Gotta rearrange and clean up and make some covers but yeah jubilees and a 1502 for my outdoor system. May or may not plasti-kote it in white.
  11. Like I said before the ones you mentioned will be brighter. Upper treble will be noticeably louder. I'd get the matching ones unless you're on a budget and need to use the current ones.
  12. In regards to the original poster, it wasn't meant to be a poster, it's a canvas, they were developed for the Heritage dealer program, they are supposed to be exclusives. Nobody is going to have a source file and you aren't supposed to be able to buy them. These are the matching LS and Forte ones, I have both.
  13. Poster tubes cost $1.07 each. Shipping the poster tubes to me adds about $1. Unless I order a ton of them they cost $18 each to print. Buying hundreds of dollars worth of posters at a time gets it to $14.40 each. Shipping via USPS costs on average about $8.50. If I send via UPS it's $12-14. Card fees cost me $1.05. Website transaction adds fees but I forget how much. Have to drive to the post office and back to ship. It's not normal but I do have some shipping damage and have to make up for it. If anybody thinks it's unreasonable, do the math. Truth be told it's nowhere near worth my time to mess with them at this price in terms of making money but people like it so I do it. If I ship via UPS and don't buy in bulk I actually lose money at that price, just working for free, and eating the damages.
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