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  1. Typically it's easiest to match them. You can have different ones but you don't even know if the delay is the same. Just significantly harder to integrate even halfway properly.
  2. All 3 main colors are in stock according to the dealer portal as well as the order girls. The rollout has been awkward but at the end of the day, there are some available. Distressed oak doesn't exist yet it seems. Most likely B-stock exists but it is not in the system yet for sure. New ones seem to be orderable. Can't promise because it's been weird, but, they exist.
  3. Big changes coming to that situation very soon. I've been about the only dealer I'm aware of that inspects them. Going forward, everybody is supposed to start inspecting them, detailing any damage, including both serial numbers and part numbers, and clearly stating the 90 day warranty. If there's a missing power cord on some Sixes or a sub or whatever, it has to specifically say that, for each item. This should be interesting. I'm already doing it but this is going to slow these other guys down, they're not going to like it one bit, they're used to listing ten B-stock speakers at a time and using stock photos and saying full factory warranty. Huge changes coming with that scene. I just don't know how fast they will be about policing it.
  4. Roy claims that you can actually "somewhat" set delays with an analog crossover network. It's just not exact and best I can tell it makes for a ridiculous network. I know nothing about this stuff, I'm just parroting chatter.
  5. Been running into that a lot recently, other people who ship stuff are putting tall things on pallets and not strapping them down properly. Truck driver will slam on the brakes and the next thing I know I have a speaker that is crushed on the side like this. It has happened enough that I had to stop shipping certain speakers like Fortes on their sides for fear of them getting destroyed. Shipped some La Scala's and same thing happened. I just took off driving on a set yesterday to try to avoid it. Happened last week or so with some RF-7III's, something fell on the side hard enough to bust my straps and made them fall over, I had to upgrade to the 1,500 pound ones. I feel like there should be some kind of strapping police that says you have to strap this down but they don't care, if it's a paying customer then it ships, and this is the result. That and boxes getting forked are about the only thing that ever happens. The stupid thing is that both are avoidable, people just don't want to slow down and do it right.
  6. Factory b stock but then something fell on it.
  7. Generally speaking they can be ordered, but this particular one is not for sale though. This was a custom order for a guy who is using 396's for mains but needed a horizontal center channel to put under a TV. Usually the 398 is used but you can't put a grill on that one for whatever reason. I had never heard of such but obviously it's possible.
  8. The entire reason behind using the brackets is speed and clean cuts. If you're going to do that then you might as well just skip it and cut it out as if you were retrofitting it. No reason for the brackets doing what you are describing.
  9. I forget how exactly they do it to be honest but basically when they put drywall up they know where your electric boxes are and just stick in a router and buzz around the perimeter, it's a perfect cut. They do the same with these brackets. I imagine they measure but it's been awhile. I don't know why you would ever want to cut drywall from above the ceiling.
  10. The sony is very nice, loads way faster than the denon and marantz units. I sold a bunch of the 1000's, almost the same thing.
  11. technically direct radiating / monopole speakers like the 600m's are more correct for rears. Some people, especially ones that are sitting very close to the speakers, opt for the dispersed style like 402S or 502S in the rear and it works fine for the most part. Sometimes it's better than having a horn fire into your ear from a foot or two away. I will say that most people will use the 500M just to save space though, those are more popular than 600M's for surrounds but if space isn't an issue then by all means get the 600M.
  12. make a ticket, they will talk you through the issue and if that doesn't help, they'll often swap it. Sometimes if it's a new unit they'll tell you to return to the dealer, not sure why, since they just have to swap at that point and it costs extra for shipping. support.klipschgroupinc.com
  13. ScrappyDue and I installed one in a local house. Wasn't my favorite thing ever but of course by definition it's a compromise so it has it's applications. Regardless, everybody needs to get over the heritage thing, ought to be a settled issue by now. If Klipsch didn't have these gateway drugs and new ideas, the real Heritage line would suffer greatly. Instead, it's about doubled in the past year alone. They know what they're doing and believe it or not it's good for the actual heritage line, aka. heritage classic.
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