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  1. more RF-7III pics

    The compression driver is just in a totally different league than the 280F's. They're voiced similarly at low volume but higher volume these stay smooth and the listening fatigue is nearly nonexistent compared to other similar models. I think the bass is better as well, kick drums just have this commanding and super tight presence that I don't believe is there with the cheaper models. May be related to the new enclosure tweaks, not sure.
  2. cherry Forte III's w/ lambswool grills :)

    The dark spot is a knot that draws attention to itself. The light spot to the right of it is where somebody picked at it with their fingernail.
  3. cherry Forte III's w/ lambswool grills :)

    I think black is worse about this to be honest. Shows dust much worse.
  4. cherry Forte III's w/ lambswool grills :)

    What do you think?
  5. Klipsch rp-140 SA.

    Does that mean it's more or less a vaulted ceiling? These don't get along with that situation very well.
  6. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    I don't even know what DSP could be bought that isn't made overseas either in China or some other Asian nation. Pretty sure Ashly is although it may be Japan, new ElectroVoice stuff as well I believe, most every amp with built in DSP's that are easily programmable are the same way, the new Klipsch amps are for sure... what similar DSP is out there that is made in the US or Canada?
  7. Klipsch R-115SW boomy

    That's just how these are really. Boomy isn't totally accurate the way it's normally used though. Usually a boomy sub is considered a one note wonder and has a big peak around 50-55 hz like a lot of the cheap $180 subs do. These aren't really like that but what happens is that when you spank them, they have coloration and possible ringing up high like above 80 hz, possibly as high as 120 hz. If that's what you're noticing then I can only agree with you, it's not some of the things you're trying. About the only thing you can do is keep the crossover point low. They are great for home theater but aren't my favorite for music because of this.
  8. Newbie Setup Questions

    Yeah that's about the most mismatched proposal I've seen in awhile. Three different lines, three different timbres, and three different finishes. Goodness, where do they find these guys. I've never heard of new RF-7II's being sold for that price for two. Maybe they're demos, otherwise I'd make sure that wasn't for one, which is a pretty normal price right now, everybody is authorized to advertise at about that. Also see if you can hold out for the RF-7III. If you get the 7II or 7III, don't settle for anything less than the matching RC-64II / 64III center channel. Stay away from that 250C if you get decent towers. There is actually a great deal on the RP-280FA Atmos enabled speakers right now, one of those and an RP-450C would be nice if you decide against those 7's. Either way, get the RP-250S or at least RP-240S for surrounds. They're nice. Gotta get some sleep right now, PM me again tomorrow if you want.
  9. RC 64lll

    Yes they are more laid back and should better match the 280's as compared to the RC-64II. Black is shipping right now, other colors will follow soon.
  10. more RF-7III pics

    I have, the midrange still stands out, just more pronounced on the Forte. I think Fortes are probably more accurate and is awesome for blues guitar and female voices, but I did really like the RF-7III for higher volume rock. Metallica on these is very nice and I don't say that lightly, I also have Jubilees and KI-396's I can compare to.
  11. So, what do you know? (audio expertise)

    I know how to sell it.
  12. more RF-7III pics

    Oh it's true, you can really tell it too. Harder to move around.
  13. more RF-7III pics

    I'm really digging the RF-7III. Bass from kick drums are surprisingly tight and punchy. The new horn just isn't sharp / bright / fatiguing like the old one could be, just not an issue at all, you can really crank them. Upper midrange is more pronounced on the Fortes which is awesome for blues guitar and female vocals, things like that. At this point I'm liking the RF-7III better for rock especially at decent volumes, at least when there isn't any EQ involved. Just buy both.
  14. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    The calculators say that the wavelength of 80 hz is 14 feet. That ought to mean that you only need to be 7 feet off to be completely out of phase. Even being 3.5 feet off is a quarter wavelength and could be significantly detrimental to the output at the crossover frequency. It is easy to be off by that distance and the results is not out of line with what I was seeing.
  15. more RF-7III pics

    Yeah, A23. The veneer is super sharp.