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  1. RF-7 III amp pairing

    Not too big at all, they would be great. I have them myself and am having great luck with a Parasound Halo P5 and A23 which is within your budget. Don't really need a sub if you get a preamp with tone controls, I have all the bass I need and I'm an old school bass head.
  2. R-112sw in cherry

    Nope. This is an exclusive, buying club probably.
  3. New to Klipsch - Advice Needed Please

    450C is the only way to fly unless you are stuffing it in an entertainment center and don't have room. Assuming you'll end up with reference premier mains at least. If you think you can afford it at all get the RC-64III with the idea that you'll end up with the RF-7III.
  4. RF-7III review, for whatever it's worth

    Note to self: do not A/B these with Jubilees. Oh my. I will say that Parasound Halo gear does seem to help. Currently have Dave Matthews on them, a Marantz SR-7011 is powering them. Not quite the same. RF-7III + Parasound A23 + Parasound P5 is where it's at. Marantz receiver, not quite so much.
  5. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    Mine were made in 2009 and it's the same.
  6. Jubbed up 5.1 to 7.1 conversion

  7. RF-7III review, for whatever it's worth

    250S for now.
  8. Rp-140sa not impressed

    Because in the 280FA's the drivers are inset and encapsulated in foam, there's no direct line of sight from your ears to the drivers, it keeps everything you hear coming from the ceiling rather than partially coming from the speakers.
  9. RF-7III review, for whatever it's worth

    Not in my living room for 2 channel. Don't really feel the need to with either of those.
  10. RF-7III review, for whatever it's worth

    Depends I guess. Fortes have more pronounced upper midrange. I like the RF-7III better for rock music.
  11. Rp-140sa not impressed

    Really need 4 of these, 2 doesn't do much. Sometimes they can be localized as well so the effect is kind of killed. I like the RP-280FA's better.
  12. Interesting comment by Ed at SVS

    Most people who use multiple subs that are different or located around the room will have a capable external DSP that ought to be able to fix this with software. I can do this with a click of a button. Short of that yeah it's probably a good idea. DSP's introduce different delays and the difference could potentially be bad enough for two subs to partially cancel each other out.
  13. CES 2018

    Various boutique amps, pretty sure ToolShed will have a custom amp there.
  14. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    Original RF-7's had some kind of unnatural bump in the low treble that made them very fatiguing to listen to. Tons of people were desperate enough to go for the resistor mod to try to tone it down. RF-7II's were an improvement on this but was still fairly bright and could still be pretty fatiguing with higher volumes over a long period of time. The horn had this hot spot if pointed right at your head, midrange wasn't the most accurate, it was a cool speaker but still had some flaws. RF-7III cleaned up the midrange, imaging is way better, no hot spots, no harshness, fatigue is pretty much gone, it's just a significant upgrade. Anything that could have annoyed somebody with the RF-7II's is now gone. An all new compression driver was used and it's pretty magical.
  15. CES 2018

    I don't know how it works, I thought anybody could go.