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  1. The entire reason behind using the brackets is speed and clean cuts. If you're going to do that then you might as well just skip it and cut it out as if you were retrofitting it. No reason for the brackets doing what you are describing.
  2. I forget how exactly they do it to be honest but basically when they put drywall up they know where your electric boxes are and just stick in a router and buzz around the perimeter, it's a perfect cut. They do the same with these brackets. I imagine they measure but it's been awhile. I don't know why you would ever want to cut drywall from above the ceiling.
  3. The sony is very nice, loads way faster than the denon and marantz units. I sold a bunch of the 1000's, almost the same thing.
  4. technically direct radiating / monopole speakers like the 600m's are more correct for rears. Some people, especially ones that are sitting very close to the speakers, opt for the dispersed style like 402S or 502S in the rear and it works fine for the most part. Sometimes it's better than having a horn fire into your ear from a foot or two away. I will say that most people will use the 500M just to save space though, those are more popular than 600M's for surrounds but if space isn't an issue then by all means get the 600M.
  5. make a ticket, they will talk you through the issue and if that doesn't help, they'll often swap it. Sometimes if it's a new unit they'll tell you to return to the dealer, not sure why, since they just have to swap at that point and it costs extra for shipping. support.klipschgroupinc.com
  6. ScrappyDue and I installed one in a local house. Wasn't my favorite thing ever but of course by definition it's a compromise so it has it's applications. Regardless, everybody needs to get over the heritage thing, ought to be a settled issue by now. If Klipsch didn't have these gateway drugs and new ideas, the real Heritage line would suffer greatly. Instead, it's about doubled in the past year alone. They know what they're doing and believe it or not it's good for the actual heritage line, aka. heritage classic.
  7. They are nice. Most people opt for the rp-8000f but that's mainly based on the looks. the 8000f stands taller and looks more majestic. in terms of bass response they aren't that different. 8000f digs a tad bit deeper and probably has a tad bit more output but the 6000f can hold their own, especially in a smaller room.
  8. Very common issue. I have only had one guy say it was fixed with a different power cord. What we think is happening is the limiter. Pretty much if you play Killshot by Eminem at full crank, it will shut off within 1 second. Klipsch has been replacing the ones under warranty but they ran out of pretty much all of them recently so there is a 2-3 week wait on them.
  9. It's supposed to be literally exactly the same preamp components and I'm pretty sure it's the same amp components as well. Some people will claim to be able to tell the difference but I'd be shocked. The separates gives you more flexibility for upgrading or using EQ's or whatever but otherwise the HINT6 is less clutter, half the power wires, no RCA / XLR, no trigger wire, and like 2/3 the size.
  10. I'm sure some people think it's BS but one thing that Parasound claims to do well is minimizing the upper order harmonics in the harmonic distortion, or however you say that. Basically your 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th order harmonics are supposedly extremely fatiguing if you have any of it at all. They claim to go out of their way to minimize this so it's more pleasant. A lot of people with horns have said that their Parasound gear seems like it sounds warmer than other amps, more tube-like, less shrilly and fatiguing. It's probably due to this aspect.
  11. I think it's actually more like 8. The JC5 is more like 12. It stays surprisingly cool at 8 ohms stereo. Believe it or not they are stable bridging into 4 ohms in which the amp is seeing 2 ohms at that point. They can get pretty toasty in that situation.
  12. If you want rear speakers and you're right up on the wall, you don't have much other choice. Only problem with doing this is with the Klipsch units sometimes you can get weird effects. You can be sitting on one side of the couch and if there is a rear sound effect, due to being in direct line of fire from the tweeter on the opposite side yet under the one behind you, the effect can seem like it's coming from the other side of the room, it's kind of weird. Dolby actually recommends direct radiating monopoles behind you but like I said, if you have no room, you don't have much choice. Bookshelves stick out quite a bit and are awkward to mount on the wall in this situation. In-walls could work. 502S is about the cleanest looking install and is often done like you are talking about, but yeah it comes with its own set of problems in this particular situation.
  13. I've actually seen people build shelves above the towers to place these things on. Short of selling the towers and getting bigger ones, I'm not sure what else you could do. Those really need to be higher than the height of the 4000F anyway so although I'm sure a shelf seems ghetto, it would probably be better than just sitting them on top even if they did fit.
  14. Easily the most popular choice for Atmos. However you can get the 5650's if you want to save a few bucks, they do about the same thing, not much difference for Atmos. The back boxes aren't really necessary all the time. Really needs to be new construction before using them at all. They are for false ceilings in a commercial environment which is required to have these for fireproofing. Typically not required in a residential area unless local codes dictate that for some reason. Really the only thing it's really good for is keeping the back wave from emanating throughout the house, like if you have a bedroom above the theater room, maybe consider it. However, burying the speaker in insulation or using "can light" type of covers can do about the same thing for cheaper.
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