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  1. most popular receiver for atmos is the denon 6500 since it's the cheapest that can do a full 7.1.4 without relying on external amplification. It's the simple choice. Go bigger or smaller depending on budget and channel necessities.
  2. rp-250s, 20 pounds each 450c, 41 pounds 8060fa, probably 87 pounds, which is what the 280FA was, which I'm surprised you're not picking out since you're picking out the old school stuff on center and surround spl-150, 89 pounds Would you be impressed if I told you I knew these by memory? Yeah I didn't think so.
  3. I've had Roy tell me in private that he doesn't agree with something or that marketing is blowing smoke, but this aspect wasn't one of them. He said that he tried various combinations and when cranked up those flared ports actually had the lowest measured distortion, he seemed to think it was a good idea. I agree that with low to moderate volumes, at least my best guess is that you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.
  4. KPT-310 HF on the 902's that you posted can be ordered separately yes. part number 1015154
  5. as for the $400 jump, they are bigger, there is now a port, they have a much nicer grill, they sound better... something should be expected.
  6. Technically they only went up about 15% with the new models. The Heresy 3's have been $2,600 since probably May. May have went up to 2400 then 2600, can't remember. Klipsch just dropped MAP pricing on H3's so you will probably see some for cheaper but yeah as of just a few days ago the Heresy 3's officially were $2,600 USD.
  7. I'd avoid the wireless ones if possible, I have yet to meet a happy buyer of those, plus you still need a power cord. If possible I'd try to keep it symmetrical but I'm not sure if it is. If you can put the TV on the long wall so everything is symmetrical and you have walls to mount things to, most people would get the RP-502S next. You can also use bookshelves on a stand or towers if you can't hang anything on the walls or run wires through the walls. I'm assuming you can't cut holes in the ceiling for in-ceiling surrounds or Atmos and if so, if the room isn't symmetrical and one side is missing a wall, you'd have to use towers or a bookshelf on a stand anyway. Some people go with in-ceiling surrounds in this situation but you usually can't in an apartment.
  8. matching LCR's is actually superior in terms of audio but most TV guys don't want to do that.
  9. my personal opinion is that rp-502s and rp-402s is better for side surrounds since getting an ear full of horn from 4' away is a little uncomfortable plus it hugs the wall better and makes more sense ergonomically speaking. If you decide to get bookshelves anyway, if you want to hang them on the wall, the rp-500m is much easier since it has a keyhole mount. if you're going to use a shelf or stand and don't care about the footprint, weight, or the price, then yeah by all means, get the rp-600m.
  10. It's theoretically possible but it's a weird deal, it's harder and way more expensive than just ordering speakers with lambswool grills as a custom order. I don't think they like doing it.
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