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  1. Good luck with those. I have a pair of 2017 Heresy's I would like to sell. Boston area. pick up only. make an offer.
  2. Consistent weaknesses in the speakers. Could that be described as a "fuzzy" or "raspy" sound? I have had my Herseys replaced by Klipsch and though better than what I first had(I guess) ,they sound fuzzy/raspy/like there is no real sound with some music at times(is this the delineation and decay?). I've been disappointed with these speakers since, well, day one.
  3. Today I got an e-mail from Klipsch support(they have been very nice) that said:"It looks like we might have sent the wrong type of parts for you. There's actually fully enclosed replacement tweeters and midranges we can send that you would not have to solder to get the speakers fixed." So that is what happens next for me with the speakers. Try those. Also, I have a coworkers, Polk Audio speakers playing on the Yamaha amp with the old Gerrard turntable and it sounds very good. Now, I know it is a Klipsch issue.
  4. I wanted to give an update on this ongoing issue. I have tried a different turntable(Garrard),not much difference, if any. Klipsch Support has been working with me, and had me buy an inexpensive amp(Yamaha). That did seem to help, maybe a little, but not the issue at all. Now, Klipsch is sending me 2 new tweeter and 2 new Mid-Range diaphragms. I'll try those next. At this point I am so disappointed and discouraged(blah, blah,blah). I don't think there is anything wrong. I'm just not digging the sound(I can not imagine who would?). Oh yeah,I sent the Music Hall Turntable back to be inspected, by their repair guy, in Indiana(who told me it is probably not the cartridge). I sincerely appreciate all the replies,feedback,etc. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks. Yeah,I don't know what to do. It is far from figured out. Not sold on the speakers,one bit,or anything I have. One frustrating mess I've created.
  6. This is going to create an avalanche of I told you so,but I am embarrassed to say: I tried the speakers on a 10 yr old, inexpensive, JVC Receiver. CD sounds fine,turntable is even more distant and unlistenable. So umm,yeah the speakers are fine(I guess), and the turntable is not working properly or something. Sorry everyone and thanks.
  7. Yes,I would be happy if they sounded good. :-)
  8. Yeah,but what about half of them that do not sound good?? Is this a common problem(some sound good, but some very bad)? If I play Miles Davis music it sounds good/decent. I give up.
  9. No, this was never sorted out. Some recordings are ok,some just not there. Lost sound,muffled.CD player does about the same as turntable. Unhappy klipsch customer.
  10. Thanks for all the advice everyone. The change I have made is bringing the speakers out in the room more,out of the corners(this has helped). And checking wiring. I am limited with space. Room acoustics are not helping. Some recordings whether it be CD or Vinyl do the muffled thing more than others. Now,I know some recordings are better than others, but, it happens frequently(muffled or dropped sound). Both speakers are working. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks,everyone. Today I am going to try a different amp/receiver. I apologize for coming here and basically bashing these speakers. I think a lot of factors are working against me(room acoustics,speaker placement,etc.). There are sometimes they sound decent,say with Jazz or Classical. But if you play certain records or cd's, you will not want to play anymore. Too discouraging. I am located in the Boston area and I do not have anyone to assist me. Thanks again.
  12. I have had the receiver tested out by a reputable stereo repair place(stereo lab cambridge,ma)since this dilemma. They said it is fine. I tried some cheep speakers on the receiver and they sounded small, but not muddled like the klipsch
  13. I tried the Pre Amp inputs (Low-High). Not much difference. Almost sounds like it is fizzling out at times. Yeah,I did call Crutchfield. They are going to charge me about 3 or 4 hundred restocking fee to send them back.
  14. Hello all. I have a pair of Heresy III. I got them on a recommendation from Crutchfield. They sound like they are playing through a mattress. Or missing sound at times. I have a Scott Stereomaster 340B Receiver & Music Hall 5.3 turntable. Speakers are placed on the floor. What can I do to make these sound better? Such a bummer
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