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  1. That's interesting Charles, I haven't heard that before. Do you know how a power strip can kill a sub? I'll def look into switching over to a separate outlet if it's a real danger. The hospital grade outlet is an interesting way to go. What about them is upgraded over standard receptacles? Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. I do have question for the more experienced guys though. I currently have my HT system running through a surge protector that is controlled by a remote outlet. This way I can technically leave everything plugged into in the "ON" position and have it all turn on or off via the outlet remote. I noticed that with the sub, if I have it in "auto-on enable" on that it doesn't work when the sub is turned back on with the system. It's only in sleep mode and to activate it I have to re-plug in the RCA input. BUT, if turn "auto-on" off and just leave all the power flow dictated by the remote outlet, the LED status is green and ready to go with no problems. Once figuring this out I've been running it for the last week or so. My question is, can leaving the sub (or the rest of my setup for that matter) be damaged in anyway from this? Or is it totally fine to have it done this way? I really wasn't a fan of having to re-do the RCA connection to activate the sub every time
  3. Just wanted to update with my sub... got back the amp and input panel from Edwards, right at about a month from the date they received it. I did an initial setup, with nothing bolted back into the box yet (except for the amp) to make sure a basic connection was working. The driver seemed to be playing my source material, so I disconnected everything and put the sub back together. Re-connected the power and input lines, and the sub kicked on and is back to working! I'm so stoked to have this thing working with my system now, and Edwards did an amazing job with the repair! My input panel had some heavy damage to it, but he was also able to replace all the knobs and switches, and everything works flawlessly now I am one very satisfied customer, and look forward to several more years of enjoying this sub. Definitely recommend Edwards for any electronics repair you need!
  4. I had the same experience at first... calls, no response... emails, no response either... I was however able to text him at the number for the shop (99% sure that's just his cell number) and he responded pretty quickly. Seems like a nice guy that just enjoys repairing old/vintage electronics. Mine has been there about 2 weeks now, so hoping to get it back first week of April and fire the sub up again
  5. Thanks waddisme! That's great to hear. I finally got my sub back from the speaker shop and took it apart. Actually purchased the sub repair with Edwards last night. Going to send out today. Hope it does the trick! When I pulled the input panel off I was able to discover that there was a lot of damage to the buttons and knobs... damage I'm assuming happened during shipping when I first received the sub. Hope Edwards can repair this too! I'll update with my experience when I get it back. There's another RSW-15 near me that someone is selling that also seems to have a bad amp. He'll sell for really cheap so I'm considering picking it up and having it repaired too! Then maybe sell it or keep it depending on how I like having 2
  6. Hi Amstaff, I am in a similar boat as you were with an RSW-15 that has a bad amp. Been looking at Edwards Electronics as well for the repair, based on your review! When I looked at the place Klipsch recommended, Sybesma in MI, they wanted about $300, with no guarantee of repair! After seeing your great success with Edwards, I'd like to use them. I contacted them by email and phone (left a message) but haven't heard back yet. I guess I'd like to talk to somebody there to get a "warm fuzzy feeling" before blindly sending my parts over there. My question now that you've had it back for some time, how is it working for you? Would you think buying the extra year of warranty is worth it for this sub? Thanks!
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