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  1. Hello , i just received and unpacked my RP 260. After a few minutes i noticed a light scratch on one of the two woofers (image attached). Surely sending them back is not an easy option as i am from Greece and the speakers came from Austria. My question is what happens in that case? Should i still contact the dealer? Does this effect the sound at all ? This is the most important question. Thank you
  2. Hello . I haven't bought any receiver yet. I am between Pioneer VSX-1131 and Yamaha V681 . I really can't decide. The specs are identical except of the calibration software. I read like 50-60 threads all around the web to find the best match for the Klipsch but i have seen all kinds of suggestions Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon . Everyone says another opinion. Unfortunately i cannot find any of those two in a local store to test them with the speakers. My last search is to see which brand is more reliable. Else i cannot find any other way in deciding
  3. I don't know yet. I ordered them yesterday. So i will have them in a couple of weeks. Listening the R-28F and the RP-250F in the store i was amazed. I hope i won't be disappointed with the RP-260F I like the fact of the dynamic sound and how much different they sound from other speakers. I've heard the Dali Zensor 7 as also the Zensor 5 and other speakers. Most of them have a very generic/default sound. Good speakers (Dali) i must admit, but they sounded like all-purpose speakers for music. On the other side Klipsch was amazing. I could hear all the details. I was listening to the live of Hotel California and it sounded much different. Like a remastered version. Very nice. I will drop a few lines once i receive them with my thoughts.
  4. I finally went with the RP Series and ordered following: 1x RP 250c 2x RP-260f 2x RP-160 I now have read somewhere that there are some deals for Klipsch, like free subwoofer . I could not find anything in the European region. Any ideas about this ?
  5. Hello. I just came back from the store and listened the R 28F as i wanted to hear how a bigger woofer and the khorn sounds. I must said i was blown away by the sound compared to Dali Zensor 7. Now on topic, lets forget the R 28F. I am finding at almost the same price the following speakers: Klipsch RF 82 II and RP - 260F The horn as also the woofer seems to be made from the same materials (different size) . Both are rare firing. I think that i can be sure that if i liked the R 28F i will like also any of those two mentioned. Yes the RF 82 have 25 Watts more but that is not something i do care about. Further info: The speakers will be mainly for Blues/Rock music I plan to match them with two RP-160 for home cinema, but priority is music. Lets take space/room size out of the equation 1) Which of those two speakers would you recommend and why? 2) Is there any difference in the RF and RP series ? 3) Which is a better match to the RP-160 ? 4) Does any of those two speakers have a more pronounced highs ? 5) Please suggest other bookshelf speakers if you think that the RP-160 would not match with the RF 82 or the RP 260. Maybe something from the RB series. 6) Is it a "must" to match the woofer size of the towers with the bookshelf ? Thank you in advance
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