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  1. Hello all, Pretty new to Home Theater Audio (and having my own space to set up said Home Theater Audio) so just looking for any tips or recommendations. I know it sucks that the couch is pretty much up against the wall, but it won't fit if rotated to put the TV on the short wall. I did move it away from the wall 2 feet, but got yelled at by the wife. It's currently about a foot away from the wall. Receiver used : Sony STR DN-1050 Speakers : 2 RF 42 ii RC 42 ii 2 RS 41 ii 2 RB 41 ii I attached a diagram of the room which shows the current speaker placement's, but I am moving them pretty frequently to try and find the best combo . I have thought about putting the RB 41 ii's in the front of the room and mount them up as Front "Heights". Has anyone tried doing this, if so, how were the results? I would then use the RS 41 ii's as the rear channels. I can still return the 2 RS 41 ii's if that helps any recommendations. Thanks for your time Kyle
  2. Thanks for the input Youthman. My main concern was to make sure that I wasn't going to be doing any damage to either the speakers or the receiver hooking it up that way. If that's the case, I will go ahead and test both ways and see which sounds better to my ears. Either way it is going to be for the short term until I can find a reasonably priced 7 channel + receiver.
  3. I am currently running a 5.1 system on my Sony STR DH550 receiver. I have two Klipsch RF-10 up front, two Klipsch RB 10 (50 Watt) bookshelf for rears, and a Klipsch RC-42 ii for center. Along with a Klipsch SWV sub. (Note: not sure if it matters but the RF-10's and RB-10's were bought on Newegg and look exactly like RF-42 ii and RB-42 ii respectively. Rumors on reddit are they are re-labeled by mistake) I was just given two Klipsch RS-10 surround speakers (50 Watt) from a buddy of mine. (Note: he also got on Newegg and they appear exactly like RS-41 ii) My question is, can I wire up both the RB 10's and the RS 10's into the rear surround jacks? From what I have read online, it is possible, and the only draw back will be lower sound being put out of the 4 speakers. Is this true? I am ok if that is the only consequence, but do not want to do any harm to either the speakers or the receiver. Any input is greatly appreciated. I know it is not the prime situation, but once funds become available I will get a 7 channel receiver in order to properly run the system. Thanks for your time
  4. It's about a two hour drive for the 62 or free shipping for the 42. We'll see how I feel, but might go the lazy route with the 42 shipped to my door. Robo, It's a Klipsch KMC center speaker. There isn't that much information available online. I picked mine up locally on Craigslist is South Jersey. From what I can find, every KMC speaker after the original KMC is Bluetooth enabled. If you do a quick search on Ebay there is one available for about $100 shipped.
  5. Thanks for the input Youthman. Wow. Those pictures really show the difference in size. It's normal versus mini-me I was able to listen to the RC-42 II in store, but have never heard the 62. I guess my only other concern is if I should be worried about the center speaker completely overpowering the two smaller RF 42 II sides? Or would that be a good thing? I'm kind of new into this so again thanks for the comments guys.
  6. I want to get the best setup for my money so some input would be greatly appreciated. I am running a 5.1 setup with Klipsch RF 42 II fronts, RB 41 II for rears, KMC for center, and SWV for Sub. I am running it on a Sony STR DHH550 receiver. I want to get a new center speaker. My question is whether I should get either a Klipsch RC 42 II center speaker or a RC 62 center? The 42 II would be new, and the RC 62 used (like new condition). Both are available at the same price of $140. Does the series II make a big difference? It looks that way when you see it reflected in the prices online. Also, the rest of my setup is series II. If it matters I am in the South Jersey area. Again, thanks for the input.
  7. Sorry about that. I'm located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002. U S of A
  8. I was looking to add both a center speaker and sub to my system the inexpensive way, by hunting on craigslist. I found a Klipsch KMC Center speaker and a Klipsch SVW subwoofer. I think I can get them both for $60. Will these pair well with my KSF 8.5 floor standing speakers and/or does anyone have any input as to whether I should pull the trigger on this deal? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have a pair of Floor Standing KSF 8.5 speakers and would like to pair it with the matching center speaker. I have been looking for awhile for the center speaker, but haven't had much luck (since it is an older model, I'm sure). If anyone has any other recommendations/advice it would be appreciated. Thanks!
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