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  1. Thanks Pallpoul, I am looking at a Toolshed Amp from a small amp maker I found online. I'm going to keep my Nova 150 for it's DAC. I'm excited about hearing the tube sound through my Hereseys and soon Forte 3s!
  2. Need some feedback on this bluetooth table top system? How it sounds, ease of use, electronic issues, etc. I'm looking for some large volume in my living space without wiring and an amp. Amazon is selling this little package for under $1000 right now? Since the Fifteens are not being produced and may never be produced, I'm looking for an alternative. Any feedback or experience with the Stadium would be greatly appreciated? Shoot away! Thanks!
  3. I was actually kind of excited to hear them and of the ease of set up and play. I was looking for something in my living space that didn't require and amp and wiring. I already have heritage speakers in my game room with a peach tree audio nova 150. Oh well, maybe I will look into the stadium, looking for something that will give big concert style volume in my living room without wiring? Anybody heard or had experience with the stadium?
  4. Thanks so much Alpha for your information!
  5. Any news on the release of The Fifteens? The only information I am finding says late Q3 release date, anyone have anymore detailed information about when these are going to be available? Thanks for help!
  6. Hello, brand new to the forum. Just purchased a pair of 1978 Klipsch Heresy 1's in excellent condition, with upgraded cross overs. I'm looking for an all around integrated amp that I can play digital music off my iPhone and also add a turntable at some point. Anyone listened to the Peachtree Nova 150 or had experience with Peachtree amps with their Heritage speakers? Thanks for help, newbie to the Hi-Fi forum, looking forward to gaining as much knowledge as possible as I start building my 2.1 audio system.
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