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  1. Thank you very much for sharing. Mine has actually been delivered today - I am going to setup everything tonight!
  2. Great to hear - thank you so much. I actually too have a closed cabinet with glass doors. At first I thought the drops were because of the cabinet, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I've already spoken to Axiim about shipping to me in the Netherlands - they can do it. Too bad I'll have to pay import fees... For me the challenge will be connecting my Yamaha CD NT670 which is a network player that doesn't have HDMI out. It doesn't produce any video signals since it's a music device. I found a converter for RCA --> HDMI which I'm going to test with the Klipsch first.
  3. Thank you for this extensive post. How are you experiences now? Still happy? Despite the steep price tag I am seriously considering this. I am looking into connecting my Xbox One X for 4K movie playback into this as well.
  4. Hello everyone. After a reshuffle of furniture, I reconnected and booted up my Klipsch Premiere Wireless system again. I have a setup existing of 4 shelf speakers, standing next to my TV and behind my couch, and one subwoofer. Currently, the speakers behind me only produce sound when set to SIDE. However, from a position perspective, they are more REAR. From what I remember from my old setup, they were always set to rear and produced sound. They even "mirrored" stereo sound from music (Network stream, Spotify). My questions that I need help with: Do I lose out on sound when my speakers are set to SIDE instead of REAR? Should the speakers behind me, be set to SIDE or REAR in a 4.1 setup? How do I get the speakers behind me to "mirror" stereo sound? Thank you very much! Willem
  5. Who can help me with a surround issue for the Premiere Wireless? Recently I upgraded my 2.1 setup to a 4.1 setup. My old setup consisted of two RP-140WM (bookshelf speakers) and the RP-110WSW (subwoofer) and I upgraded by buying 2 additional book shelf speakers. My issue is that I have no sound from the rear speakers. The sound DOES work when I test them from the Hub menu. Each individual speaker is capable of producing sound. They are all set to their correct positions. I checked both on the speakers rear and in the Hub menu. This is my equipment: - LG UHD LED 4K TV 55UH615V (Netflix app, Youtube app, etc.) - Xbox One S (4K blu-ray, games) - Xbox 360 (games) - Humax (cable TV) Both the TV and Xbox One have no surround sound. The TV is connected with HDMI ARC to the Klipsch Hub. HDMI-CEC is on. I have stereo sound from everything the TV does natively (Youtube, Netflix, etc.). But no surround sound at all. I have checked to play content marked with the 5.1 symbol on Netflix. The Xbox One S is connected with optical/toslink to the TV. Again I have perfect stereo sound. Just no surround sound. In the Xbox audio settings I have set optical audio to "Bitstream" and for the bitstream I chose "Dolby Digital". Choosing "DTS" makes no difference. (The reason I have not hooked the Xbox One S to the Hub, is that it has no HDR pass-through) In the TV / AV settings of the Xbox One I have set the audio to surround. The console had to reboot, but nothing changed. Does anyone have an idea what I can try next?! PS: if there is an existing topic for this, my apologies!
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