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  1. Thanks, but I already ordered the 1060.
  2. Mike, You think like me. And thanks to your post, I went back and looked up the previous year's model, the 1050. I had not even considered it, and it looks like it is basically the same as the 1060, has the features I want, AND is $300 cheaper! Only problem is Crutchfield does not stock it any more. Decisions, decisions! I'll check Amazon.
  3. EJC...nice setup you have. You know, I was looking early on at the 860, but as I did my research, I noticed other folks kept pointing out that the Aventage series of Yamaha was better because they used better parts and built a stronger receiver material-wise. And then I read that the 860 and below are built the same as the RX-V line, hence the reason for the 1060 being 10 pounds heavier than the 860. Whether or not this difference equates to a better avr, I can't say. You obviously are happy with yours, and that's what counts. As far as the power/features, the two models are essentially the same, and the 860 is $400 less! Maybe you or someone else can chime in here and discuss the differences in depth. I agree with you about the frustrating life cycle of the upgrades in these units...reminds me of the car industry.
  4. I appreciate everyone's ideas and recommendations. While I have not been able to test nearly as many receivers as I would have liked, I have been able to listen to several manufacturers and have decided to stick with Yamaha. Mainly, I liked the sound. Many folks have convinced me that features are more important than wattage. Since I will be keeping my 5.1 setup for the foreseeable future and would like to have a 4K capability, I finally decided on the Aventage RX-A1060. I was leaning heavily on the RX-A2060, 2050, and 3050 models. But the 1060 gives me enough of the features I need right now, including multiple pre-outs, multiple HDMIs, HDCP 2.2 for 4K, multipoint YPAO, and iPad controller and setup apps, while also keeping me in the $1000 range of my budget. In addition, I also plan to use my Yamaha M-45 power amp to drive the front RF-3s and relieve some of the 1060's workload. I plan to buy it through Crutchfield so I can take advantage of their return policy if I don't like the receiver. Anybody think I am making a mistake, please speak up. Thanks to all.
  5. Question for you guys...I have a Yamaha M-45 (125w) that I have not used for years. I used to drive my La Scalas with it, so maybe that will answer my question. I now have Klipsch RF-3s, along with RC-3 and RS-3s (5.1ch system). I am shopping for a new avr and wonder if my amp would be sufficient to power just the fronts while the avr powers everything else? I ask because some of these new avr receivers are low on power. Thanks
  6. USNRET....thanks...that appears to be a plus for the Yamaha from what others have said...friendlier interface and navigation screens
  7. derrickdj1...thanks, that was my plan also. While I mentioned the a2060 above, I am also looking hard at your suggestions, especially the SC-85 thru -99, and maybe the -77. I have decided that even though I only operate 5.1 for now, common sense says to go ahead and get a receiver with the newer technology so I don't have to go through this dance again in the near future. Problem is that most stores, including Magnolia, don't carry these older models. But as you said, the new ones probably sound the same, only difference are the latest upgrades. I have also been watching Accessories4Less for any deals...and ebay has some of my choices for good prices new.
  8. Still shopping...keep the suggestions coming. Looking hard at the Yamaha rx-a2060.
  9. Thanks guys. After some further study, I think I have narrowed down my choices as follows (in no particular order): Yamaha RX-A2050 Yamaha RX-A3000 Pioneer Elite SC-85 Pioneer Elite SC-77 Denon AVR 4520CI Denon AVR-X4200W Several have more gadgets than I need now, but good for future expansion. All under $1000 (refurbished)...awaiting in stock status.
  10. Just checked and every model you listed is sold out....in you experience, how long does it take for them to restock?
  11. Thanks Ibiza for the list...I will check them out. You mentioned you are not a fan of Denon and Onkyo...any particular reason, or is it they just don't appeal to you sound wise?
  12. Thanks guys. I chuckled at the "rant" responses. As to Yamaha, including, but not limited to, the Aventage line, let me ask why many here and other places are not going that route? I see some concerns that it's too "bright" or not "warm" enough. I realize everyone hears things differently (mine is decreasing with age), and/or their listening environment is unique to them. Or is it a quality issue, and other brands have surpassed what Yamaha is now producing? It appears from what I have read that the sweet spot for my speaker configuration is in the 100w neighborhood at a minimum. Just as with speakers, some receivers are more energy efficient than others, thereby preserving more wattage for each channel (Class A, A/B, D). Unfortunately, finding that information about each model is elusive. Or am I putting too much emphasis on wattage output? That being said, I would put my price range in the $500-1000 range, new or refurbished. Not really interested in buying used from someone unknown to me. Several have said they have had a good experience buying from Accessories4Less. So a couple of questions. Is the warranty they quote a factory warranty or from a 3rd party? Also, many models are out of stock. How often are they restocked? I would also like your opinions (if you have the experience) on YPAO vs Audyssey room correction. I understand YPAO comes in single and multi point styles, while Audyssey comes in basic, XT, and XT32. Is it true that XT32 really shines with 2 subwoofers? Also, must I perform the room correction seperately for surround sound and 2-ch music listening?
  13. Thanks for all the replies, so let me respond. It almost boils down to "I don't know what I don't know". I am 61 and over the years I have seen new technology come and go. What I have learned, from examples such as Sony Beta vs. VHS, Bluetooth vs. HDD, Plasma, etc, is to wait and ensure the new technology actually takes hold before jumping to the "latest/greatest" and possibly wasting money. 4K and all it's associated effects, such as Atmos, appear to me to still be in the early stages. Therefore, I choose to wait until it is well established before I participate. As I said earlier, at this time, I am perfectly happy with 5.1 and a 1080p tv, even though most of what I watch is not broadcast at that level. That was my intent when I used the word "basic". It's the lack of HDMI that limits me. As to Yamaha products, that is the brand I am most familiar with. Not to say that Denon or Onkyo or whoever might not work better. And I am also aware of Accessories4Less...looks like some good savings there....so I am also not opposed to buying refurbished. Thanks also for the eBay reference. Because my speakers are so efficient, I believe something in the 100-125w range would suffice, as long as it would be able to sufficiently power all 5 channels at once...maybe that is where my M-45 may assist. From what I have seen so far, most newer receivers today have most of the new gadgets, with power output seeming to be the main driving factor in pricing...higher the watts, higher the price...unless you consider a refurbished or earlier/discontinued model. What is producing overload for me is that folks are recommending so many different models from different manufacturers. I was hoping for was some kind of general consensus on a few models...a trend if you will...for me to choose from. Maybe I should just use the "buy/try/return" method to see what best works for me. Sorry for the rant and please keep the suggestions coming. Thanks.
  14. Not at this time...I am pretty basic right now, but like I said, something more advanced may be down the road. Thanks for the Aventage recommendation...I have been considering them.
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