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  1. jg1989

    Wtb klipschorns

    PM sent. I hadn't listed mine yet but I'm considering posting my AK5 walnut khorns purchased new in 2018. Does anyone have any idea what the going rate on a newer pair is? I don't want to impact this WTB thread so please send me a PM if anyone has a ballpark range, thanks!
  2. Bump for price drops!
  3. Bump for price drop!
  4. I had these shipped to me when I purchased them from a member on the Emotiva forums, my best guess is it happened during shipping. I think it could be fairly easily repaired with some filler and a furniture marker but at least it's the back corner! Can't see it when the speaker is placed.
  5. Thanks! Outlaw regularly underrates their amps, I believe the 5000 outputs 180+ watts/channel into 2 channels despite being rated for 120 watts/channel.
  6. Selling a pair of Cherry Cornwall III's, I wish I had room for them! I recently upgraded to Klipschorns and I don't have another room that would do these justice. One corner on one speaker has seen better days, detailed in the pics. Local pickup only, I don't have the boxes to ship these. Asking $2000. Located in Terre Haute, IN
  7. I have a couple extra amps that I'm not using, I've pretty much gone 100% Emotiva with my Klipsch gear. Up for grabs is an Outlaw Audio 5000 and an Outlaw Audio 7140. Both are in perfect cosmetic condition and function flawlessly. Pickup only, these would be pricey to ship as they're very heavy and I don't believe I have the boxes anymore. Outlaw Audio 5000 - $400 Outlaw Audio 7140 - $650 Located in Terre Haute, IN
  8. I was kind of torn about selling this set, but after upgrading to Klipschorns I doubt I'll find another place for them short of buying a bigger house (and that's not happening!). So up for grabs is an excellent set of RF-7 II's, an RC-64 II, and a pair of RS-62 II's in cherry. There are 2 very minor blemishes on the RF-7 II's, detailed in the pics. Would prefer to sell as a set, I no longer have the boxes for these so shipping is probably out of the question. Asking $2500. Located in Terre Haute, IN
  9. Hello all, probably a long shot, but I'm in the market for a single La Scala II Walnut speaker to use as a center channel between my pair of Khorns. Since finding a single is certainly a stretch, I'd also be interested in pairs. Or perhaps someone else needs one and wants to go half on a pair? I'm located in Terre Haute, IN but willing to pay for shipping or arrange some type of transportation. Let me know if you have anything you're looking to part with! Thanks, Josh
  10. Whoops! Terre Haute, IN edited original post to add location
  11. Most of my stuff from the previous post has moved but somehow these things are still available... lots of interest but no takers, so the price drop continues! Strongly prefer local pickup but I do have the boxes, so shipping is an option at the buyer's expense. Excellent cosmetic condition, perfect working condition. Asking $1700 for the pair, someone come get these! Located in Terre Haute, IN
  12. Bump once again for lower prices!
  13. I did find out why I hadn't heard anything, I don't normally spend that much and my bank flagged it as fraud without anybody (bank or adorama) feeling the need to inform me. Got it sorted out this morning and it's supposed to ship today!
  14. I'm kind of surprised they're still available... I had a couple buyers try to pick them up as soon as I listed but both ultimately decided against an upgrade. The Forte III are great but so are the Forte I and II!
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