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  1. jg1989

    Reference Premiere Speakers

    I have a set of reference premiere speakers that I really don't have space for, and would therefore like to sell. (2) RP-280f (1) RP--450c (2) RP-160m All black (not the new glossy piano), all perfect condition. No scuffs, marks, scratches, or blemishes of any kind! Asking $1300 for the whole set. Local pickup only as I no longer have the boxes, and I prefer to let the buyer audition whenever I sell speakers. 47807 Pics available upon request, I'll attempt to upload some when I have a chance in the next couple days. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hello all! I'm selling a few extra things I have sitting around. First off is a brand new in box pair of black RP-160M bookshelves. I got these as part of a bundle with some RF-7 II's and an RC-64 II but I already had a pair of them, so I don't really have a need. Asking $350. Can and will ship at buyer's expense. I also have a couple brand new in box WA-2 wireless subwoofer kits for use with the reference series subs. I bought a couple R-115sw's and they came with them but I prefer a wired connection. Asking $60 each, will ship at buyer's expense. Last but not least I have a pair of Cherry Polk (eww I know) RTi A9's that I ended up with as part of a trade and I really have no space for them. Plus, I'm sort of a Klipsch guy. No idea what these things are really worth, but MSRP looks to be $1500/pair. The previous owner either had them shipped or knocked them over, and unfortunately they have a couple dings in them. The worst by far is next to the middle woofer on one of the speakers, but all drivers are absolutely flawless. I have a couple pics to highlight the damage, luckily it's mostly covered by the grills. If there's any interest, I'd strongly prefer local pickup in Terre Haute, IN. Asking $600 for the pair.
  3. jg1989

    Heresey IIIs In Black Oak SOLD

    I'd pick these up in a heartbeat at this price if I had a way to transport them, but I don't think my mustang is going to be too accommodating
  4. jg1989

    newbie klipsch RF-7ii's, RP280's

    Glad to see you went with the RF-7 ii's! I was going to chime in and say that I've owned both systems, including the exact setup you were considering from the reference premiere line, and it just doesn't compare to the RF-7 ii and RC-64 ii. While they're great speakers and I was happy with them, the flagships are outstanding speakers and I was ecstatic with them. You might check asd for the center channel, Mike has the lowest prices I've seen for A stock Klipsch stuff and the customer service is top notch. Also, in case anyone is curious, I drive mine with a Denon x4300h and Outlaw 7140 amp.