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  1. Coytee, No, he had (best I can remember) 3 Heresy's and 2 K-horns. I purchased the K-horns so he could upgrade to the Jubilee. My better half loves the K-horns as I do, but us "poor folks" are going to have to wait a little while before upgrading any more of my outdated equipment. I love my dogs, but they snore worse than I do.
  2. Glad you got those sold as well. The K-horns I picked up from you are keeping me entertained. Some day when my boss gets over the shock, maybe I can do some additional upgrades. So I'm wondering, how much better do you like the Jubilees?
  3. Paul.R.Brewer

    SOLD!!!! 2015 Klipschorns - black and mint! $4,900 OBO

    I'm an old man, like my father-in-law said "I won't buy green bananas at my age".
  4. Paul.R.Brewer

    SOLD!!!! 2015 Klipschorns - black and mint! $4,900 OBO

    Trentster5172, if you would like to call me, we should be able to figure this out. I have a high school graduation to attend starting at noon but should be free after 6PM (Central Time). My phone number is 479-409-8201. The best part of this whole thing is that I would be bringing these speakers all the way back to the state of their birth. It will have to be a road trip combined with a short vacation, and a sanity check might be required at some point.
  5. Paul.R.Brewer

    SOLD!!!! 2015 Klipschorns - black and mint! $4,900 OBO

    Are these still for sale? I might have found a way to make it to Idaho.