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  1. Hi Dinesh, I'm sorry, I would rather not separate the grills from the speakers. I just got these from Klipsch direct, so I would say, if you need grills, call Klipsch, they still have them. My order arrived well packaged in 3 days. Also, BUMP, still available...... Wonderful Mahog KLF-30's + C-7. Also available is a pair of Heressy I in good condition.
  2. Hi dstar, Yes I would consider separating the C-7 from the KLF30s, PM has been sent
  3. I know this thread is getting a little dated here, but I have a pair of Mahogany KLF-30s and a C-7 available in Arizona if anyone is still interested. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/170373-fs-az-klf-30-pair-and-c-7-center/#comment-2146387
  4. $1,100 OBO? Bump
  5. Isn't it though? She's not just a beast in the audio sense, but also in the Mass sense.... Omg it's heavy! Hahaha I love the 2205a, I really hate to see her go....
  6. Good eye Tasdom USN, Roger that, here's the pics. Almost sequential S/Ns LOL.
  7. Hahaha, You're right! I fixed Thanks USN. (BTW, I assume US Navy Retired? Thank you for your service. I wonder if you know some people I know.... LOL) Oh that cat is long gone...... Kicked it out along with the ExGF that brought it.... LMAO (Well, kicked the exgf out, she gently took the cat with her haha)
  8. Listing has been posted to Garage Sale. Thank You all for your advise so far. If anyone has any ideas, successes, or even failures, please let me know. Even horror stories have lessons that we can learn from
  9. Located Southeast of Phx, AZ Klipsch KLF-30 pair, plus Klipsch C-7 Center channel combine to make an incredibly powerful High Fidelity Home Theater or Home Stereo setup. These speakers sound Amazing! This set is used, in Moderate condition. There are some cat scratches on the left side of one KLF-30 cabinet, and some minor surface scratching on top of other KLF-30 cabinet. Center is in Great condition. Also included is a brand new set of Factory Klipch KLF-30 grills, never installed, never removed from factory bubble wrap. I hate to sell these, but I must due to downsizing and moving for work. Listed for $1,300 OBO, very motivated seller. Make a reasonable offer Buyer is responsible for shipping Cost and Arrangements. I also have a pair of Heresy I, Parasound HCA-2205a, Parasound PHP-850, Yamaha RX-v995, and Monster Cable HTS-5000, MIT Terminator 2, and Synergistic Research AC Coupler available if interested.
  10. USN, That's a fine idea Sir, I will put them up in the Garage sale section in a moment. Will, That's actually a great idea! This might be the first time I've wished I was on the east coast LOL! No buyer yet. A few nibbles locally on CL, but only offers of like $250~300 for all 3. They obviously don't realize the sheer awesomeness of Klipsch......
  11. Thanks Will, that was my assumption too. Best 'bang for the buck' and protection... Should I custom make boxes? Like with foam to protect the face and cutouts to not press on the cones? I am in Arizona, a little southeast of Phx.
  12. Thanks for the quick replie USN. That is how I have them listed so far, but I'm afraid that cost of shipping will be prohibitive to any potential buyers. Especially considering the set isn't cheap to begin with. I also want to protect myself and buyer from any issues that could arise in transit.
  13. Unfortunately, I am. I love this system, but I am downsizing and moving for work .
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