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  1. Sorry it's confusing lol. Here's a better breakdown: 1) Originally had an RSW-12 sub that had recently stopped turning on. I sent the amp to edwards electronics for repair. 2) While it was being repaired, I bought a set of RF7 towers, an RC7 center and another RSW-12 sub from a local guy who was selling them on ebay in great condition 3) The sub I purchased is the one that has the issue described in this thread. I was thinking since my newly repaired amp was on it's way back, i could get the original RSW-12 sub working and see if it had the same issues as the new one I just purchased as a troubleshooting method. So here's an UPDATE: 1) Original sub with the newly repaired amp had a similar hum when plugged into the receiver. A day later, the receiver stopped playing audio completely. The UE22 error on the ELITE receiver is still present. I reset the receiver back to factory defaults. Same problem. 2) Bought a new Denon AVR-X3300W receiver from crutchfield that was just delivered. Everything plays perfectly. The sub issues I had with the purchased sub is gone completely and the newly rebuilt RSW-12 sub plays awesome also. So i'm chalking this one up to a failed receiver.
  2. Ordered a Denon AVR-X3300W today. Should arrive Friday. Between this, the newly repaired RSW12 subwoofer amp and the blue jeans isolator, I should be able to find out what's wrong with this other RSW-12 sub.
  3. Oh one more question. Back in the day, Monster power regulators used to be a big thing in Ultimate electronics. Do I need to start thinking about proper power regulation in my system other than a fancy power strip?
  4. Thank you for the amp suggestion! Yeah the receiver does have most of the feature's I'll use. I wanted a pre-amp out in case an amplifier was needed. I haven't owned speakers this powerful before and at 250 watts RMS, I really wasn't sure if i could find an amp to power them appropriately at a reasonable price. I honestly have zero experience with separate amps.
  5. Hey guys, My Pioneer Elite VSX receiver just died with the dreaded UE22 error. Thinking about buying the Denon AVR-X3300W receiver for 600 bucks. Im currently using 2x RF7 towers 1x RC7 center 2x RS25 surrounds 2x RSW12 subwoofers (maybe just one in the future). Thinking I can bi-amp the front towers if needed. What do you guys think of this pairing and the receiver in general?
  6. Oh I was also able to reproduce the noise using the short method mentioned earlier. I just grabbed a spare RCA cable and connected the center peg with the outer ring using a screwdriver.
  7. well I just received my original RSW12 amp fully repaired so I was going to hook up that sub to see if it has the same issues as the one mentioned. I also bought a blue jeans isolater. However, the pioneer receiver I have no longer outputs sound lol. I guess the UE22 error I've been having finally killed the receiver looking at at purchasing a receiver now to get back to isolating the sub issue
  8. That's a good point, I haven't done that yet.
  9. Alright, before i did the frequency sweep, I decided to play around a bit. I kept the sub set to "No", the Front set to "large", but instead of keeping the huge RC7 at "large" i changed it to small, then changed the frequency from 50hz to 80hz. This adjustment effectively doubled the bass that the towers are putting out now. I was actually a bit startled and thought my sub magically turned on. Then i switch the Auto Surround mode from 5ch Stereo to Dolby Music and got even more improvement. They sound very well balanced with healthy mids now. I'm not sure why setting the center to "large" had such a negative impact. It is a HUGE center channel with powerful woofers of its own, but who knows.
  10. Ok guys, I grabbed that huge sub, hauled it upstairs and tried the "short" test and it appeared to only let out a "hum" which would increase in volume as you raised the volume of the sub, but the loud, insane max bass belching was gone. However, when i brought it downstairs, it behaved the same way. The only difference is that I used a flathead screwdriver in my previous tests to connect the middle pin to the outer ring and I used my keys to do it this time. So many i goofed the test. In any case, I plugged it back into the receiver and got the same massive bass sound upon turning it on. Also, it doesn't matter whether the red or white RCA of the splitter is plugged into the sub, both of them alone will produce the same results. I'm thinking it may be the sub or it may be some insane grounding problem with my house and maybe some kind of in-line device will take care of it. No idea. I'm still waiting on my second RSW-12 amp to be repaired so i can try a different sub woofer.
  11. Yeah i can do that, i have a media center connected to the receiver. If the mids are picking anything up, would you suggest that I have, perhaps, a "frequency deadzone" or something of that nature?
  12. Looks like the jumpers are is good shape and tight. I didn't think it mattered which input I plugged the speaker cables into. I believe they're plugged into the LF on the RF7's. I'm going to adjust the room size in the receiver and set it to Direct Sound to see if that helps. I wonder if the receiver could just be bad?
  13. Oh and I agree with the rest of you, I find it hard to believe these RF7's aren't putting out some very fantastic bass. Holy crap, I can't believe I didn't think to do that subwoofer crawl. I've always noticed that over the years, there would be a place in the room that the bass just comes alive from the sub and then another where you would swear I had no sub at all. I'm going to try this if I can get one of the RSW12's working.
  14. Thank you guys, I appreciate the feedback! To give you a bit more information, I've been a Klipsch owner for about 15 years, using this setup: RF15 Towers RS 25 Surrounds RC25 Center RSW 12 Subwoofer I've only had two receivers in that time, the first being an ELITE receiver very similar to the one I have now. A year ago, the RSW-12 stopped registering sound to its "auto on" feature. Shortly after this, it stopped powering on altogether. I just now decided I would sent the amp and input panel to Edwards Electronics on ebay to repair the amp and return it to me. While I was waiting and on ebay, I saw a set of gently used RF7 Tower speakers, an RC7 Center and another RSW12 sub for only 1100 bucks. Pickup only, but in my city. I met the owner the other day, he's a huge audiophile, and picked up the speakers. I hooked everything up and it worked great for about an hour, until I started adjusting speaker settings and sizes as well as frequencies in the receiver to dial in the sound. The subwoofer started letting out max bass non stop. I'm currently troubleshooting this here: While the sub is disconnected as I try various things, I decided to try to configure the RF7, RC7 and RS25's as if there were no sub-woofer to see how much bass those 8" woofers can give out. That let me to this post Oh, to make matters worse, I'm getting this dreaded UE22 error on the receiver (started a few months ago). I've read that this is the beginning of a receiver failure, but I haven't noticed any particular issues with it other than the flashing error on the display.
  15. Good idea, let me try that
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