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  1. Hi all, first post. Has anyone tried taking the RSW15 amp apart to get access to the bottom of the two main circuit boards to check continuity on all of the capacitors? I'd like to before sending into EdwardsElectronics, but the way it's all screwed together, I wondered if there was a proper way to disassemble. There's a white plastic support rod about 3/4" tall that is glued to the top board (right in the middle of it) and screwed in by a single screw from the bottom of the aluminum plate (see pic). Appreciate any disassembly tips. 90% of the time it's a bad capacitor(s). (Hey 'scooksville'. EdwardsElectronics was very responsive after emailing through eBay, verses no response via their website phone # or email address. His voicemail box is full. He was, however fast to respond via eBay and was pretty descriptive/helpful, which built my confidence of paying up-front and shipping my amp when I'm ready to.) Thanks all
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