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  1. Hi, I'm a senior who worked into electronic industry , sold musical instruments and audio-visual, printed circuits boards and components. Denon and Marantz are the same company made in China. I had lots of Marantz amps and receivers since 1970's But... AV receivers SR6003, SR6005, SR7006, SR7008 and bluray players BD5005- BD5007 with lots of problems turned me off. I was told to consider Yamaha Aventage receivers by Marantz dealer lol. I bought Yamaha RX-A2050 5 years ago = Fun without shitt 😉 I recently upgrade H.T. Yamaha Aventage RX-A2080 + Rotel RB1552 MKII on Klipsch RF7 MKI , RC64 center and 4 x RS52 = 5.0.2 Atmos All my klipsch bought used in mint shape and with Yamaha "natural sound" technology , music or movies are WOW!!!! Yamaha Aventage RX-A2080 ; 4 years guarantee is a much better built Equipment and less expensive. Large and useful display. I bought a Aventage RX-A 780 with Focal Chorus 726 + Rc900 and RS 900 + 4K TV for family room and the fun goes on!
  2. Hi there, There are few things but very important you need to do to get the natural sound from your receiver. Manual speakers set up prior to auto set up YPAO being the most important. You need to configure the low frequencies manually since there is no subs, just like I do with my RX-A2050 and adjust the low frequencies at 31 hz for the RF7 or front speakers. (AVR is factory set up at 80 hz for subs use, and that cut your low frequencies.) You might have to test several front speaker positions to get the best of them. They need space , so get away From rear and side walls. The rear port will do a better job. minimum 7 feet apart from left to right, oriented as a triangle focused on your main listening position. Indicate speaker configuration, and real distance for each one from your main listening position, small or large, and start the auto set up with the microphone; I do use microphone adjustment at several seating locations, on top of furniture cushions as body equivalent the raise the mic to ear level to simulate realistic acoustic. When it's done, don't move anything or re-do the auto set up. Any change of speaker of furniture placement will affect the acoustic and sound image. Then switch program selector on remote for 2 channel stereo for Music and memorise on one SCENE button . RF7 reproduction is far better in stereo (or direct sound.) When it's perfect, the singer will be like at the tip of your nose...it's real cool Please use the Klipsch cables to hook up your RF7; KRSW1210 . (You would'nt climb a mountain with cheap harness...) And use HDMI hi speed Monster cables platinium to get the most of your 4K video signal . That seems basic but it's a good start. This is a fantastic receiver full of possibilities you can discover by reading and testing them. Have fun!
  3. Hi guys, I was looking for comments on Marantz vs Yamaha but I think here is an interesting set up I'd like to share. I had my first marantz in 1970 but many other stuff after, until I divorced and renew with new technologies like Home theater in 2006. After Pioneer I switched back to Marantz SR5003 , and then a SR6005 with failures replaced by the company with SR6007. I upgrade to SR7007 and finally SR7008 with other failures, until I was told to discover Yamaha RX-A 2050 ready for Atmos and DTS-X. Sorry folks but Marantz was a nightmare; even the BD5005 can't play 3D adequatly. The company again replace mine by BD5007 . They were kind to replace and repair their products but it's not the goal when you purchase so call good Equipment. I'm a technician,I know how to use and care about these Equipment. So after all these adventures I live dreamlife with Yamaha aventage high end receiver. It is matched with RF7 I got used pair in perfect condition and plugged with Klipsch cables. Samsung 65 in curve Js9000 serie high end UHD TV set with the new Sony UHD 4k UBP-X800 which read everything you throw in with all features you need to feel movies or music. Of course all Klipsch; center chanel RC62, RS52 surround and RS42 for presence or Atmos . No need for subs since the next house still shake from the previous klipsch sub I had sold since the police warned me when Iron man was saving the world from the space invaders :-). RF7 dual 10 in. woofers works as low as 31 hz perfectly. The Yamaha aventage RX-A2050 is constructed with the ultimate design any audio engineer would like to get ; Professional studio sound with peace of mind. The receiver allow me to adjust the acoustic environment I could'nt do with a basic two channel stereo receiver. But need to take care of parametric to get the low frequencies , since they're all convince we'll hook up subs . My living room is not a perfect room but the technologies allow me to have real fun watching movies or listening to music. Audio visual technician in the 80's I'm now in the industrial automation world and appreciate technologies like Home theater as well as great music from any source , even SACD. We are so far away from the first family TV 1958 and the first stereo system in 1961. Believe me, I'm a passionate Klipsch fan and my girlfriend who sing classical songs share it with great respect for Klipsch .
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