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  1. New Heresy III's

    Update: I've made a few changes since my last post. The biggest change has come from running-in the speakers. With 50-60 hours of use much of what I did not like has gone away. The mids have opened up nicely and treble is smooth too. I am now using a 8' pair of Canare speaker cable and I am enjoying the sound the Herey's are making. Also, I am using a AudioQuest Carbon toslink cable between the Macbook Pro and Naim Unitiqute. I listen mostly to Tidal which sounds pretty good. #Idontknow: I did spend more time with the Yamaha 501. Using the build-in DAC it sounded much better. I prefered the sound of "direct" which bypasses the tone controls. Have not tried bi-wire. It's a great amp for the money... the Naim is just in another class.
  2. New Heresy III's

    My room is small 11x14... would the Forte III be too much?
  3. I'm a week into my Hersey III purchase and I can't help but wonder how the extended bass of the Cornwall's would sound. My room (11x14) is small. Would that 15" woofer overwhelm the space?
  4. Heresy III Questions

    I'm using Naim's Naca5 speaker cable in conjunction with the UnitiQute 2. I'm getting a very dynamic and detailed sound. My only complaint so far is a mid-bass hump (or honk) that I hear on certain songs. Moving the speakers away from the wall does not change it that much. These speakers only have about 20 hours on them... curious to hear what will change at 90-100 hours? The UnitiQute is being fed a digital toslink cable now from the MacBook Pro. This represented a huge jump in sound quality over the minijack to RCA cable I started with.
  5. New Heresy III's

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. 12 hours of continuous run-in helped open up the speakers. Frustrated with the sound of the Yamaha I replaced it with a Naim UnitiQute2 and Naim Naca5 speaker cable. This provided a BIG jump in performance. The bass was still tubby and one-note, I replaced the factory flat metal jumpers with 2 inches of multi-strand 12 gauge speaker wire. This improved the bass and made it much more tuneful. Finally at the advice of the Forum, I spread the speaker out towards the corners and toed them in 45 degrees. Now I think I am hearing what PWK had in mind. My office space is small (11x14), I place a couple of Vicoustic bass traps in the back corner. No doubt the room will need a few more treatments to get things right. Next step will be to get a proper digital cable to feed the Naim UnitiQute.
  6. Heresy III Questions

    My speakers arrived today. Pics here:
  7. New Heresy III's

    My new Heresy III's in East Indian Rosewood arrived today, part of a system for my office. This is my first pair of horn loaded speakers... my assumption is they need some decent run-in time. I've got them running-in all night tonight. So far I prefer them bi-wired with basic 12 gauge wire. I've got a pair of Canari speaker cables on order and will install next week. Amp is a Yamaha 501SL and MacBook Pro as a streaming source. Any set-up advice is welcome.
  8. Heresy III Questions

    Trentster, I noticed your Heresy's are in the corner. Do they perform better this way?
  9. Heresy III Questions

    Thanks for the responses. I went ahead and ordered a pair of Canari 8' speaker cables from Ram Electronics. Only $20 each and they have nice spade terminations. https://www.ramelectronics.net/sss.aspx Looking forward to hearing my new speakers.
  10. Heresy III Questions

    BlueHusky, I'm curious what you power your Hersey's with? This will be my first 99db efficient speaker and I'm already concerned the Yamaha's 85w amp will be too much. Do these speaker sound best with low-powered tube amps? Chris
  11. Heresy III Questions

    Yes, will definitely post pics of the set-up once I receive.
  12. Hey there Klipsch Community, Just ordered a pair of Heresy III Special Edition speakers in East Indian Rosewood for my office. I will be pairing them with a modest Yamaha A-S501SL integrated amp. I'm curious what speaker cable I should use? My primary source will be FM (HD) radio but plan to add digital streaming down the line and maybe a "budget" turntable. Advice welcome and thanks in advance. Chris