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  1. No unfortunately don't have any Choruses, holding onto my RF-7s and RC-7.
  2. Selling RSW15 and pair of RS7 surround speakers. RSW15...2 minor surface scratches on RSW15 on top less than 1/2" long. Speaker screen mounting posts were broken but repaired with epoxy. Works perfectly. $800 RS7... never used, one nick on top surface of one RS7 less than 1/8". $500 for pair
  3. She's agreed to do a false wall approach but this won't be the typical fabric screen false wall. The room has to look like a normal room and be able to support a home theater. I plan to have the projection screen and projector be hidden via motorized mounts. Place the RF-7's and RC-7 behind the false wall and may get the SVS Ultra PB16 to complement it. The false wall has to look like a normal textured drywall. Can do the speaker grills cutouts in wall with acoustic fabric but rest of wall has to look like a living room. Behind wall will be storage for AV rack and ease of wiring, so leaning towards being unfinished wall. What is the best way to construct this wall, drywall with OSB and sound deadening foam? I'm worried about how the sub will resonate in the room behind the false wall. Room size behind false wall will be around 4x20.
  4. She doesn't ever want to see them again. She's already gotten a renovated kitchen, new fridge, new minivan, and soon a renovated guest bathroom in 2017 alone... The speakers are her pet peeve.
  5. Initial approach was the layout facing the windows (gaps in walls). Blue is the couch. But the more I think about it, perhaps a false wall with speaker fabric would work better since it can also include the subwoofer and AV rack. I'm still designing the dimensions of the room so it can still be flexible. Bottom part is open to the dining room so it is not a fully enclosed space.
  6. I am in the process of doing a 20x22 ft two floor room addition to my house. Main floor will be opened up into an open room. I currently have the RF7s, RC-7, RS-7s, and RSW-15 sub. My wife hates the look of the speakers and wants them hidden or gone. From what I can see, I only have two options with retaining the speakers. Build them into a custom entertainment unit with fabric cloth and plug the vents. Or build a false wall with speaker cloth and mount speakers behind it. Room will have windows, a permanently mounted TV and a drop down projection screen to hide away. What are your thoughts in how to deal with this situation? Or just move towards the new reference premiere architectural speakers and mount in wall?
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