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  1. Spark12

    La scala's

    These are still for sale, thanks.
  2. Spark12

    La scala's

    Pm sent, a90, thanks.
  3. Spark12

    La scala's

    Hello, sorry I haven't been around here for awhile. The la scalas are still for sale. I've answered the emails I've recieved. I'm about 2 hours from brooks vile. These are very nice. I also have a brand new never opened lg e7 65" in the box I'm going to sell and a black rc7. Thanks again.
  4. Spark12

    La scala's

    Thanks, yes they look good. All original, took good care of them. I will be going to Indiana for a couple days if anyone wants these. I also have a black rc 7 , works, looks great, thanks.
  5. Spark12

    La scala's

    Sorry, haven't replied. Been getting emails, but I haven't sold them yet.
  6. Spark12

    La scala's

    These have all original components, AA crossovers, from original owner. Very nice shape. Wife says they are too big. Price drop to 1350, thanks.
  7. Spark12

    La scala's

    Sorry, yes fabric in the bins.
  8. Spark12

    La scala's

    No fabric in bins. Wow, that was quick, I thank they may be sold, thanks. No eBay here,
  9. Spark12


    Selling a black rc 7. Works/looks great. 425.. Located in sw Florida.
  10. Spark12

    La scala's

    These are original with AA crossovers.
  11. Spark12

    La scala's

    Evansville. Depends on where.
  12. Spark12

    La scala's

    Yes, I'm selling them. Highest bidder sorry, jk.. 1450. Located in sw Florida. I have a house in Indiana as well, could maybe help move. Trying to load more photos, thanks.
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