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  1. Jubilee bashorns you say, hmm. They must take up larger foorspace than a pair of Khorns? I´m all set for selling my La Scalas and try to fin a "real" pair of Khorns. They are out there. I think it will not be worth the hassle to build them. If I would deside to try to sell Khorn clones I think they will be poorly recieved on the market. A fun build thou. But Jubilee is a different animal... They are not to be found in my region. But they look huge, I don´t think I have corners for them to fit nicely. For now, this weekend I will get my dream amp, McIntosh Mc275. Will connect it to either my Forte 1 or my Chorus II, depending on who sounds the best. My Chorus is on a remake. Previous owner painted them black, a nice walnut speaker haha. So, after sanding I will oil them. Hopefully I will have them up and running next weekend. I think they will look the part. So exited haha.
  2. Hi, I have a pair of La Scala and I´m considering to build a pair of Klipschorns, using all drivers and crossover from La scala. AL-3 filter. I know it is the wrong filter but I figure I can use it to start with. All wood carpentry will be CNC machined so I do not worry about angles, they will be as precise as the blueprint says. I thoughts, ideas about this? What am I missing? Is it a good idea, at all? The thing is that Klipschorns does not come out for sale in Scandinavia very often, so, why not use my driver and build a pair.
  3. I like Large, not harsh, great dynamics, a strong low end & extension (sub), sounding speakers. Just like La Scalas🙂. But I obviously need a sub to get great bass extension. If I can get more of any of these parameters by changing filter, maybe I should have a go.
  4. I will look inside EU, better prices. No extra taxes or customs. Skickat från min Pixel XL via Tapatalk
  5. Do you have scheme for AA? Skickat från min Pixel XL via Tapatalk
  6. I have been thinking of that solution as well. 4,5k x and a Crites tweeter. Reading some good things about that combo as well. Can you explain what you didn't like about it? When you say "refined sounding", I'm struggling to get that means in a bad way 🙂. Since I bought my tube amps they really bloomed out I think. They wasn't bad sounding before but now they are doing it right somehow haha. Can't put my fingers on it though.
  7. So it's not that big of difference between AA & AL3 sonically? Skickat från min Pixel XL via Tapatalk
  8. I actually do like how it sounds! Just wondering if I were missing out on something [emoji846] Skickat från min Pixel XL via Tapatalk
  9. All drivers have been replaced and sound like they should, I think [emoji846] Skickat från min Pixel XL via Tapatalk
  10. I'm afraid I won't like it after a rebuild haha. The thing is that my speakers worked at a discotheque before. Since then me and previous owner have been trying to put them back to original shape. Don't know if anything else except caps goes bad if they get to much power and perhaps amplifiers that ar clipping. And I changed caps.
  11. Hi everyone, I have a pair of La Scala with AL3 filter. I did a re cap and think they sound really good. But... I keep reading that sooo many recommend AA-filters. What difference is there between my filter and AA, sonically. I used Audophon, medium to low price caps. Should I do anything or just keep enjoy my speakers as is?
  12. Opening an very old thread here.. Anyone know how to get hold of a horn like this? I bought a pair of La Scala that came with a pair of Eminence APT-50. I think that they sound ok but I would like to have them installed inside the speakers as original. Mine are mounted on top. It does not have to be these fancy wooden horns, I just want them look original. Any ideas? Skickat från min XT1635-02 via Tapatalk
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