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  1. glass with thick curtain is still not good ? My wife prefer a glass rather than a solid wall ><.
  2. Thank you so much. I actually think abot separate by thick cement wall but My wife do not like haha ^^
  3. i probably separate the room as attached file and also install curtain. Is it good idea?
  4. The left wall is cement wall. I think I will probably invest a little bit more to separate the room by mirror and install curtain . This can isolate the sound to be not disturb neighbour . Is it a good idea?
  5. How about using option 2 but separate the room by using thick curtain ?. The room will be only 3.2*3.5 m
  6. 4*6 m is kitchen . can not place ^^. The side wall is more important than back wall?
  7. My room layout is attached file. Option 1 or 2 is better for sound ? The room height is 2.5 meter. Thank you so much ^^ Is it good idea to use curtain to separate the room?.
  8. papkung

    R115SW *2

    If i place dual R115 SW for my room as attached picture, is it a good plan?
  9. papkung

    Square room

    My current room is 3.25 *3.52 *2.5 (H) m. Is it considerd as square room that the bass is bad in this room.
  10. papkung

    Suggestions...SVS PB/PC2000 or Klipsch R-115SW

    Does it sound good for your PC 2000 in your room
  11. papkung

    Suggestions...SVS PB/PC2000 or Klipsch R-115SW

    Nismo Are you using dual r 115 SW? Is it good ?
  12. papkung

    112 SW *2 Vs 115 SW *1

    Love it
  13. I sit around 2.7 m away from screeen
  14. papkung

    Upgrade to 440C?

    I see most people use RP 450 C together with RP 280 F not RP 250F
  15. papkung

    Upgrade to 440C?

    I am quite sure people will try to lead you to the bigger center for sure.