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  1. Hi, I'm going to buy a new Heresy III for my living room (25m2). I use to listen soul, jazz, soulful house and some lo-fi pop. I'm new with tubes and I tasted Heresy with a Cambridge Audio and with a Leben and there's no comparison... But I don't know if Leben it's too much for these speakers, it cost much more than them. Any opinion? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm new here and in Klipsch world. I'm thinking about to buy a new speakers and some months ago I listened Klipschhorn and I felt in love, its aesthetics, sound, .... I'm living in Barcelona and there's no shops to listen them and compare. I have a room of 25-30m2 (5x6) and I don't know which one could fit better to me. Forte is too much for this kind of room? It'd be better a Heresy? It's for music, mainly, jazz, soul and sometimes soulful house. Could you help me with amplifier as well? Nowadays I have a Cambridge Audio 640a (75wx4), Could it works till I get a better one? Any recommendation? Many thanks guys
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