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  1. Have tried Google, no luck. Can't find reconing kit anywhere. And I'm also looking towards replacing the woofers with some matching speakers. Does anyone know of any good replacement speakers? Sent fra min CLT-L29 via Tapatalk
  2. Have no sound other than from the tweeters. And when I move the woofers membrane I can hear it scratches against something. I'll shall try to put in a advertisement for use woofers. But, as my location is in Norway (Europe), there aren't probably many sellers that are willing to ship abroad /international. But of course, worth a shot. Sent fra min CLT-L29 via Tapatalk
  3. Thanks@MicroMara Have sent a request to simply speaker. Hope they can help. But, it seems like there's only woffers for RF-7 mk2 and 3 available. So I don't have my hopes up yet. Thanks again. Sent fra min CLT-L29 via Tapatalk
  4. Hi I have gotten hold on a pair of RF-7 from 2005. They are in a really bad shape, so I got them cheap(?), about $150 for the pair. Had to take them as is. So, now I have checked the technical state of the speakers, and this is the list: Tweeters measures fine in to 8ohm. All the the bass/mid drivers are measuring as defective, except for one. The crossovers seems to be fine, but haven't measured any components on them. So, if I'm correct, I'll need new replacements for the bass/mid drivers. Question is, are there any place to new one's? If so, where's that. And yes, I have checked at speaker exchange. If there are no new genuine Klipsch speakers available, are there any other replacement parts available? Any tip is most appreciated! Sent fra min CLT-L29 via Tapatalk
  5. Many thanks RandyH. Then I'll be using the K-48 from the KP-115 for the time being. Thanks again for your input! [emoji120] Sent fra min CLT-L29 via Tapatalk
  6. I remembered it wrong, the woofer is a 4ohm driver. The speaker is 8ohm total. So that's explaining why the seller of the used K-48 is selling. He has an K-48 now, seen pictures, and want the original driver in. Question is, go for the used K-48, new one for Chorus II (cost $100 more) or just use the one from my KP-115 that's also marked K-48? I have read here in the forum that there aren't really any differences between K-48 other than manufacture, that they are build to same specs. Can anyone confirm or not that that is the case? Sent fra min CLT-L29 via Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the input. I'm hoping that the crossover is fine. To me it seems like the units have been driven hard for a longer period of time, the voice coil is lose from the defective K-48-EP driver. So, I'm actually more concerned about the woofer that's measured fine in to 8 ohms. What's the actual status of the that driver, and how long will it work?Just have to try out and see I guess. I have the possibility to buy a new K-48 for Chorus II or a used K-48 driver from a lascala pro model. Would any of these two be a good replacement you think? Here is some pictures of the speakers: Sent fra min CLT-L29 via Tapatalk
  8. Hi I have a pair of KI-362, haven't testet them yet so I'm quite excited. Anyone with any experience on these puppies? Intended use is as front LR in mye home theater setup. I swapping these in for the KP-262. Anyhow, the reason why I haven't tested them yet is that they have blown up tweeters and a blown up woofer. The midrange I suspect to be in fine working order as both of them are measured to 16 ohm. The tweeters I have gotten a hold of, the K-79(2-ti). But the woofer I'm not sure, and hoping for some expert advice. I have the KP-115 subwoofer, this sub have the K-48 woofer. The question is, can I use it as a spare for the one that's blown up? The woofer in the KI-362 is marked K-48-EP. Would it be possible to use the KP-115 K-48 woofer, and have the same perform as the original woofer and next to the working woofer? Sent fra min CLT-L29 via Tapatalk
  9. Thanks again, now I feel pretty excited to listen to them. And I have to race home from work to try out these gems, before the kids and wife comes home.
  10. @JefDC Thanks for the pdf! Much appreciated. @rockhound How does the fact that the speakers roll off early in HF sound? Does it, in your experience, have any practical meaning or impact on the sound? Is the Klipsch KI-262, https://www.klipsch.com/products/ki-262, a new version of the KP-262? Does anyone know?
  11. Hi I have recently bought two pairs of the KP-262. Haven’t heard or seen these speakers before and was hoping that some of you could have the specs, or even better a pdf spec sheet on them. Thanks in advanced. Tony (From Norway)
  12. With local pickup, £33 for four capacitors.
  13. Do you mean better value as in build and material quality, or do you mean measured values? (Sorry, but I have to take it in with teaspoon, have a slow mind) And in the schematics the capacitors are with 2uF, those I linked to had 2,2uF, would that have something to say?
  14. Takk, I think.. But the Crites capacitors seems quite expensive, with shipping and taxes it will be roughly £90. Wouldn't these be just as good, if I got the specs right: http://www.dynabel.no/selvbygg/delefilterkomponenter/kondensatorer/mundorf-evo-oil/kondensator-mundorf-evo-oil-22uf
  15. Forgot to thank you guys for your previous post. Thanks for tips and schematics, appreciate it. One more thing, thinking on swapping out the capacitors, as one of your tips, what capacitors is recommended i the reasonable price range? Or should I just buy Crites sonicaps kit right away?
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