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  1. Some fun listening Been following Stjepan Hauser for a very long time
  2. @Jonah97Welcome! As MicroMara says, it is nice to have a new person participating
  3. sumtin different for me....
  4. Just a few early ones here: Muscle of Love, Love it to Death, Billion $ Babies, Killer, and Schools Out Flac and Wav I think I have all of the albums, Just not the same as a vinyl play
  5. Love it..... To Death Yeah!!!
  6. Gotta get some work done,
  7. My thoughts and prayers will be with you @Full Range
  8. Closing out my day...
  9. YUP!! and thank you for that one
  10. Have to go clean all my YES albums now.......
  11. Good Night George, thanks for joining in
  12. I didn't See Fullrange but Happy New Year to you as well Next up...
  13. Good to see you here George and of course everyone else as well. George will understand this image I think, and I will only say that it does relate to Vinyl and driving my Heresy's here, we will see soon...
  14. Lots of fun...youtube, but time to warm the platters!! Happy New Year Everyone! Forgive the clutter/ mess, goes with re-wiring
  15. Toning it down a bit, boys are napping now
  16. Just gettin started here...
  17. Good Morning @billybob
  18. a little self expression.........
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