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  1. Conviently I came across an Academy center near me the other day. Thanks for the help guys; I’ll go with the Academy instead!
  2. I recently stumbled across a great deal for an RP 250 C and I was wondering what your guys’ thoughts were about combining it with forte fronts. Currently, I have Fortes in a stereo set up (mostly for music but are also hooked up to the TV). I’ve heard that you want to keep your front 3 speakers consistent, so I’m hesitant. So what do you guys think? Should I keep my fortes in a stereo set up and wait until I can afford a dedicated home theatre arraingment or should I add the RP 250 C to my current set up.
  3. I picked up a pair of Forte I's for $450 this afternoon! They sound great. I am very impressed--loving them so far. Thanks to everyone who informed my decision. Have a great day, all!
  4. He has not changed the ad at all. It was always $575, but agreed to the $450 I offered him originally.
  5. Since then we have been angrily emailing each other back and forth, and I have to say it's been very fun. Here is my favorite response he has had. "Selling these is at the bottom end of my to do list as I am swamped with other things. Rather than drag mine out of storage I found pics that best represented them. I did not pick a mint set, but rather ratty ones for the only reason that they also have a mashed dustcap like those. Mine however are close to mint with perfect grills and the buyer (anyone but you) would see have been obsessively cared for and actually in far better condition than the ones shown. I edited my ad, feel vindicated, then stop emailing me. But also know before you started your crusade last night I was ready to accept your $400 and move on. Well done Joan of Arc, well done!" Strongly considering emailing him from a different email and offering $400, but it would be hard to give my money to such an a-hole.
  6. He responded, people! "Let me know when I have to report to the internet police. I default to my first assessment, high maintenance hand holding is what you require. Go elsewhere."
  7. I will approach this situation with caution. I just emailed asking him to explain himself, and I will let you guys know when/if he responds. My only thought is that he claims to be in the middle of a major home reconstruction and that "carting" the speakers out would be a big hassle, so maybe he was too lazy to "cart" them out to even take photos. But again, I will approach the situation with caution and if I do end up meeting with him I will bring a friend or two and meet in a public location. Seems like such an obscure product to scam on, also it was like he didn't even want to sell me them.
  8. I just did an image search on google images with a photo the seller provided, and I found the exact photos that he used in the ad at http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649356899-klipsch-forte-ii-in-oiled-oak/. Needless to say I am very unhappy. EDIT: He photoshopped out the US Audio Market logos as well.
  9. Holy crap--you guys are right. They are the Forte II's. Seller actually mentioned something about how the Forte I and II were "essentially the same with differences around the edges," and he doesn't even know which speakers he's got. How about I send his email on over to you guys AFTER I buy them. LOL
  10. I'm not sure exactly what he means. In the description he says, "1 passive radiator has a wrinkled as shown." I've attached the picture he provided. I've been studying it for a good 20 minutes, but I cannot see what means.
  11. It sounds like I will be going for the Fortes due to everyone's input! Thank you to everyone who replied! I just found a pair on Ebay for $400 plus $50 shipping and there are in near mint condition. If I can talk the owner of the pair on Craig's List down to $400, which pair would you guys recommend? Again, the pair on Ebay is near mint condition, and the Craig's List pair has a small chip in the veneer (which doesn't concern me) and a one of the passive radiators has wrinkled. Does the wrinkling concern you guys? I think it's a non-issue, but I am unsure. Sorry for asking so many questions, but I am a beginner. I really appreciate everyone who has helped me out.
  12. Thanks again for the responses, guys! @wvu80 That is very interesting info! Thank you! So, $450 is a darn good price it sounds like. I have been emailing back and forth with the owner of the Fortes and I asked him a few questions about the speakers. How old they are; if upgrades have been made; who the previous owner was. This was his response: "These are at the bottom of my to do list right now and high maintenance hand holding isn't on it either." So I might be going with the RF 82ii's if I can't get my questions answered in a respectful manner. Forte owners, have you upgraded the crossovers or do you like the stock ones just fine?
  13. Thank everyone so much for the quick replies! Music is my main concern right now. While I may be connecting to the TV I probably will not be getting any more speakers to set up a surround sound system anytime soon. I've read a lot of about people installing crossovers into their Forte I's. I'm in contact with the current owner right now. Are there any specific questions I should ask him, and would there be any upgrades I would need to make if they are full stock?
  14. Hi guys, I am buying my first set of Klipsch speakers off Craiglist. I can buy RF 82 ii (pair) for $450 or Forte I (pair) for $450 as well. The RF 82 ii's are practically new and come with all the original packaging. The Forte I's are with their second owner right now. From the Craiglist ad: "Great condition, dusty from storage when picture taken, clean now and look very nice. They work fine, no rubs, buzzes, or broken parts. There is a ~1/4" veneer chip on 1 base and 1 passive radiator has a wrinkled as shown. 2nd adult owner, not abused, no pets, and a non-smoking home." They look gorgeous in the photo with an oak finish. Obviously I should listen to both to see which I prefer, but I would love to hear your guys' expert feedback. Thank you, James
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